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3-30-2009 -  Lights in Sky
Prompt Flood Of Calls In Md., Va., N.C.

3-19-2009 -
Was 'burning fireball' in the sky a UFO?
Essex Echo - Basildon,Essex,UK
Paul Joslin, from Crays Hill, near Billericay, is a budding UFO tracker. Together with his group, the Unknown Phenomena Investigations Association, ...

A House Made of UFOs and Math Puzzles
io9 - San Francisco,CA,USA
By Annalee Newitz , 3:00 AM on Wed Mar 18 2009, 19 views If you've ever wanted to live in a crashed UFO, this is your dream house. ...

3-19-2009 - UFO In Her Eyes is on alien territory
Metro - London,UK
UFO In Her Eyes pushes the idea again, this time in the format of a state security investigation following a UFO sighting by a peasant in Silver Hill ...

Sci-fi adventure “Race to Witch Mountain” is pleasing family fare
Catholic San Francisco - San Francisco,CA,USA
There are some very funny jibes at UFO conventions, with Garry Marshall a standout as an eccentric UFO expert. In the course of the story, the doubting Seth ...

3-19-2009 - UFOs photographed over London
Telegraph.co.uk - United Kingdom
Strange shapes have been photographed hovering over London leading to speculation they could be UFOs. By Sarah Knapton Derek Burdon was left stunned when he ...

3-19-2009 - Mourners celebrate life of UFO authority
Portsmouth News - Portsmouth,England,UK
By Jeff Travis More than 120 mourners celebrated the life of a much-loved computer and UFO expert who was found dead in the sea. ...

3-19-2009 - The Fischer building
Detroit Metro Times - Detroit,MI,USA
It's called UFO Factory. Inside there's all forms of fantastic. Comrades Warren Defever, Davin Brainard and longtime Detroit artist and musician Dion Fisher ...

3-19-2009 - Amazingly clear UFO passes STS-119, NASA TV video.
Allnewsweb.com - Sydney,NSW,Australia
While watching live footage of the STS-119 Space Shuttle mission he/she noticed an extra-ordinarily clear UFO pass by the craft. The stunned viewer managed ...

3-19-2009 - Terry Waite backs McKinnon
Register - London,England,UK
McKinnon claims he was only looking for suppressed information about anti-gravity propulsion systems and other UFO technology he reckons is being held from ...

3-9-2009 -
New UFO sightings being reported across tri-state
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
"Since my first paperback was released, UFO eyewitnesses from all over the tri-state area have kept my phone ringing! Just last week I interviewed a man in ...

3-9-2009 - That Guy: UFOs and Bigfoot - the Kiwi connection
New Zealand Herald - New Zealand
With Kiwi know-how, I will meet and challenge many of the "acclaimed experts" on matters as diverse as the pyramids, the Bermuda triangle and UFOs. ...

3-9-2009 - Truth Commission petition gives mandate for UFO disclosure
Examiner.com - USA
A broad mandate can expose Bush administration abuses including suppression of UFO information. The Senate Judiciary committee hearing held on March 6 ...

3-9-2009 - Japan: UFO seen and photographed by famous singer/actor
Allnewsweb.com - Sydney,NSW,Australia
Recently Japanese media widely reported a UFO sighting that occurred in Tokyo. Famous Japanese Heart-throb pop singer and actor, Oshio Manabu 30, ...

3-9-2009 - Streiber to sign 'Critical Mass' in Scottsdale Saturday
Examiner.com - USA
The Scottsdale signing is an opportunity for valley UFO watchers to meet Strieber, who has carved out a career examining the unknown country between the ...

3-9-2009 - UFOs back over Salt Lake City
Examiner.com - USA
SALT LAKE CITY, UT -Following dramatic UFO sightings Feb. 27 over the city here, another series of objects was seen here again by the same witness. ...

2-25-2009 -
UFO 'looked like a plane on fire'
Helensburgh Advertiser - Helensburgh,Scotland,UK
But now he is looking to hear from anyone else who saw the strange phenomenon which he now believes was a UFO. Lewis Graham, a graphic artist, ...

2-25-2009 - UFO's in the Sky? Probably a Comet
Today's TMJ4 - Milwaukee,WI,USA
Could it have been something from another world, a UFO? "Somebody saw something," said Waukesha

2-25-2009 - Couple see UFO off Herm
Guernsey Press and Star - Guernsey,England,UK
By Jess Stevenson A UFO has been reported off Herm. A local man and his wife saw it as they stood at Castle Cornet . The man, who has asked not to be named, ...

Top physicist believes that UFOs are real!(And that they have ...
Examiner.com - USA
by Patricia Ress, Omaha Paranormal Examiner If you have lived in Omaha, Nebraska long enough and have an interest in UFOs, you are certain to have heard ...

2-25-2009 - Italy: Air Force Head concedes UFOs possibly ET craft
Allnewsweb.com - Sydney,NSW,Australia
Last year more UFO sightings were recorded in Italy than any year prior and this is catching the attention of the media. The Vatican has recently warmed up ...

2-25-2009 - Artist of the week 30: Peter Coffin
guardian.co.uk - UK
Photograph: Carl De Souza/AFP/Getty Images Last July, the inhabitants of Gdansk were visited by a UFO; it spun across the sky over the Baltic Seabefore ...

2-25-2009 - Triangular UFOs low flying over three states
Examiner.com - USA
by Roger Marsh, UFO Examiner Triangular-shaped objects caught the attention of five witnesses from three states on Feb. 22 and 24 - while a low-flying "huge ...

2-25-2009 - I-Team: UFO Watchers Wonder What Obama Admin Will Reveal
KLAS-TV - Las Vegas,NV,USA
Will President Obama be the one to finally open the government's secret files on UFO's? That's the burning question at this year's International UFO ...

2-25-2009 - UFO in Bosnia Again, Photographed Above Mostar
Javno.hr - Zagreb,Croatia
Recently an unidentified object was photographed above Travnik, but last week it was established that the UFO was in fact Jupiter. ...

2-25-2009 - UFOs 'buzz' two US military bases
Examiner.com - USA
by Roger Marsh, UFO Examiner Witnesses are reporting UFO activity near US military bases in Arizona and Texas this week. In a neighborhood bordering Fort ...

2-22-2009 - Siberian UFO Sighted: Many Photos Taken
Inventorspot - USA
Many residents interviewed believe that a top-secret UFO base is hidden somewhere in the enormous, wide-open spaces of Siberia, while others claim that the ...

2-22-2009 - The most profitable UFO sighting in Tennessee history
Examiner.com - USA
by Eddie Middleton, Nashville UFO Examiner their job. And to think that they would have made this whole story up was beyond question. ...

2-22-2009 - Harvard astronomy professor moonlights at UFO conferences when not ...
Examiner.com - USA
The Harvard academician is quick to lend his credentials to fill the bill at UFO conferences and seminars. In 2007 Schild attended the 30th International ...

2-22-2009 - UFO exhibit extended
Odessa American - Odessa,TX,USA
"UFO" is a comprehensive informative and provocative exhibition of UFO phenomenon. This exhibit includes drawings, photo reproductions, written testimonials ...

2-10-2009 - UFO sighting near Wichita gets national attention
Kansas.com - KS,USA
BY TIM POTTER Under the online headline "Weird Object in Wichita," UFO Digest editor and publisher Dirk Vander Ploeg has posted an image of what he said ...

2-10-2009 - UFO/ET Briefings for Policy Makers
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Ed Komarek It's becoming obvious to some of us in the UFO/ET community that disclosure is accelerating. One of the beneficial effects of this accelerated ...

2-10-2009 - MOD probe into UFOs
Reading Evening Post - Reading,England,UK
The Ministry of Defence (MoD) investigated one UFO over the Reading area in 2008, according to a recent report. According to the MoD list of last year’s ...

2-10-2009 - Aliens have snatched Robbie Williams UFO-obsessed mind
Daily Telegraph - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
The pop star hasn’t shaken his UFO obsession since returning to the UK, with friends claiming that he spends most time laying on his bed or surfing the ...

2-10-2009 - Documents show Tonbridge UFO sighting
thisiskent.co.uk - Tunbridge Wells,England,UK
Defence officials examined a report of a UFO seen over Tonbridge last year, the latest documents released by the Government reveal. ...

2-10-2009 - Leaked Greek report on UFOs
The Sun - London,UK
By LEON WATSON GREECE is in the grip of UFO fever after it was revealed THREE pilots all clearly spotted the same alien craft. Frantic radio chats were ...

2-10-2009 - UFO Hunters to feature Stan Gordon and Kecksburg UFO crash
Examiner.com - USA
by Roger Marsh, UFO Examiner UFO Hunters television series on the History Channel will feature the Kecksburg UFO crash and longtime Kecksburg crash ...

2-10-2009 - I'm loving aliens instead... Robbie Williams thinks they've ...
Daily Mail - UK
For more than a week, Robbie joined other UFO believers photographing and logging what they claim to be alien activity in the night sky above the mountain. ...

2-9-2009 -
Amazing UFO incident involving Greek Air Force and airline
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Michael Cohen A remarkable UFO incident that occurred in the skies over Athens over a year ago but was kept secret by the Greek Aviation Authority and ...

2-9-2009 - Hillary Clinton desire for UFO & extraterrestrial diplomacy
Examiner.com - USA
In the 1990s, during her White House years, Hillary participated in a clandestine effort by the Clinton administration to find out the truth about UFOs and ...

2-9-2009 - 2004 - UFO year of the weird
Examiner.com - USA
by Roger Marsh, UFO Examiner The year 2004, according to Illinois Mutual UFO Network Director Sam Maranto, was the ''year of the weird. ...

2-9-2009 - Breaking News: Greek UFO cover up, smoking gun
Allnewsweb.com - Sydney,NSW,Australia
Question: According to most governments UFOs pretty much don't exist, do people hide knowledge that they don't have? Was this a blatant attempt to cut out ...

2-9-2009 - UFOs take a shine to us
Sunday Sun - Newcastle upon Tyne,England,UK
According to UFO investigator Pat Regan the lights are unlikely to have been maritime flares. He said: “The report was submitted by a man who has extensive ...

2-9-2009 - Stow artist's creations displayed at Akron Art Museum
Stow Sentry - Stow,Ohio,USA
Roswell refers to reports of a 1947 sighting of an unidentified flying object and includes items ranging from alien festivals to UFO landing pads. by Mike ...

2-9-2009 - MOORE: Did a UFO Appear at the Inauguration?
Lufkin Daily News - Lufkin,TX,USA
There are an incredibly large numbers of Americans who believe that UFOs are something that require open and public investigation. The silliness of UFOs ...

2-9-2009 - Did extraterrestrial UFOs influence Leonardo da Vinci ...
Examiner.com - USA
by Jeff Peckman, Denver UFO Examiner Extraterrestrial UFOs might have influenced Leonardo da Vinci as well as Michaelangelo, Christopher Columbus and other ...

2-5-2009 - MoD investigates Lambeth UFO sighting
Streatham Guardian - Surrey,England,UK
By Matt Watts » A UFO seen in the skies over Lambeth last year was investigated by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). The unexplained sighting is in an MOD ...

2-5-2009 - Family see 'return' of UFOs at home
Bradford Telegraph Argus - Bradford,England,UK
UFOs spotted buzzing over Bradford have mysteriously re-appeared in the night skies. Kevin Brown, 57, and his family watched in amazement as a glowing shape ...

2-5-2009 - UFO sightings above North Yorkshire town
Darlington and Stockton Times - Darlington,Northern Echo,UK
A SHOCK Ministry of Defence UFO file reveals that a North Yorkshire town was a hot-spot for alien visitors in 2008. A mysterious flying object was seen five ...

2-5-2009 - Coventry UFO: The truth is out there
Coventry Telegraph - Coventry,England,UK
MORE Telegraph readers have come forward to report strange goings on in the night sky over Coventry. Great-grandmother June Smith described how a crowd of ...
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2-5-2009 - Hoax, ET, or the Enterprise? Randolph residents among those ...
Randolph Reporter - Bernardsville,NJ,USA
He also said they have been known to create UFO sightings. But there is still no direct evidence saying what the lights are.

2-5-2009 - The truth is out there: UFO sightings over Britain 'double in a ...
Daily Mail - UK
By Graham Smith Officials have admitted the number UFO sightings more than doubled last year - including one spotted hovering over Parliament. ...

2-5-2009 - UK's Fox Mulder at UFO forum
Wiltshire Times - UK
By Craig Evry » UFO and paranormal enthusiasts will this summer descend on a Wiltshire town credited with being the nation’s hotspot for mystery sightings. ...

2-5-2009 - UFO sightings 'double in one year'
Metro - London,UK
The number of UFO sightings over Britain doubled last year, the Ministry of Defence says. A new dossier reveals one was floating above the Houses of ...

2-2-2009 -
UFOs crash Obama’s party and open door for ‘X-Files’ disclosure
Examiner.com - USA
by Jeff Peckman, Denver UFO Examiner UFO stories flooded the news during President Obama’s first ten days of office. A ‘UFO’ whizzed by the Washington ...
2-2-2009 - Denmark releases UFO archives
MarketWatch (press release) - USA
COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Jan 30, 2009 (UPI via COMTEX) -- The Danish Air Force has released 329 pages of previously classified archives on UFO sightings, ...
2-2-2009 - UFO: German Fighter Planes on Red Alert
ShortNews.com - Regensburg,Germany
An unidentified object has been observed going at great speed across the whole of Germany. Axel Raab of Germany’s air traffic safety office, the DFS, ...
2-2-2009 - Possible UFO Sighting In Stephenville
The reason I know these were not airplanes or jets is because just off to the North of the UFO's was the path that airliners and other jets arrive at DFW, ...
2-2-2009 - UFOs are back over Morris County
Dailyrecord.com - Parsippany,NJ,USA
“I believe in UFOs,” Schlosser said. “But the stuff they’ve been seeing in New Jersey are definitely sky lanterns.” He said the 34-inch tall balloons are ...

1-30-2009 - Cameron's UFO pledge welcomed
Oxford Mail - Oxford,UK
Tory Party leader David Cameron has been applauded for a pledge to be “entirely open and frank” about UFOs if he becomes Prime Minister. ...

1-30-2009 - PIRATE: UFOs over Kure Beach?
StarNewsOnline.com - Wilmington,NC,USA
For those of you who've ever considered the lack of concrete evidence that aliens are watching our every move comes a UFO sighting in our very region. ...

1-30-2009 - UFO seen off coast
Whitehaven News - Whitehaven,England,UK
By Margaret Crosby STRANGE orange lights in the sky have been reported off Ravenglass - and the North West UFO Research is very interested. ...

1-30-2009 - More UFOs over Wimbledon?
Your Local Guardian - England,UK
Another possible UFO sighting was reported by Tina de Souza in Mitcham. The Cheam resident was driving down Love Lane with her son when the pair spotted ...

1-30-2009 - Military versus Diplomatic Responses to UFOs
Examiner.com - USA
by Michael Salla, Ph.D., Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner The existence of UFOs has long been denied to be a national security concern by spokespersons of the ...

1-26-2009 - Alexander's wet blanket
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota,FL,USA
Pell also attended a symposium on UFO abductions.” “This is actually an ad hominem attack. There’s no context for that statement,” says Alexander from his ...
1-26-2009 - Hillary Clinton favors diplomatic response to extraterrestrial life
Examiner.com - USA
She was given an informal briefing in August 1995 by billionaire philanthropist Laurence Rockefeller, on the best available UFO evidence. An August 4, 1995, ...
1-26-2009 - Stow artist's work at Akron Art Museum
Hudson Hub-Times - Hudson,Ohio,USA
Image courtesy of the Akron Art Museum “Mother Teresa’s Visit to UFO Landing Pad, St. Paul, Alberta 1982,” painted in 2008, was created by Neil MacDonald of ...
1-26-2009 - Hundreds Attend UFO Conference In Bucks County.
WFMZ-TV Online - Allentown,PA,USA
The Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Network says 2008 was the year of the UFO, especially in Bucks County. WFMZ's Jaccii Farris has more on the network's ...
1-26-2009 - UFO sightings and the decline of religion.
Allnewsweb.com - Sydney,NSW,Australia
The Bible is a treasure trove of UFO sightings. As humans began to perceive of the possibility of space flight their reliance on religion waned. ...
1-26-2009 - British Royal Family Intrigued by UFOs and Crop Circles
Allnewsweb.com - Sydney,NSW,Australia
Colin states that the British public has been continually lied to in regard to the Royal Family’s interest in UFOs. He thinks it is about time the public is ...
1-26-2009 - Prince William and the UFO's
Sunday Mercury - Birmingham,West Midlands,UK
NESTLED between the pretty towns of Shrewsbury and Market Drayton, the sleepy village of Shawbury may not appear the ideal location for a party-loving royal ...

12-8-2008 -
UFO hacker faces extradition to US
RT - Moscow,Russia
Prosecutors say McKinnon caused up to $US 700000 worth of damage, while the 42-year old claims he was searching for evidence of the existence of UFOs. ...

12-8-2008 - ROBERT H. BLETCHMAN, 76, of Farmington, died June 18. (HANDOUT ...
Hartford Courant - United States
Besides teaching an adult-education course on the UFO phenomenon, he often gave lectures and wrote articles on the subject. He also appeared frequently on ...

11-19-2008 - Today's TV Highlights
Daily Press - Newport News,VA,USA
10 pm HISTORY "UFO Hunters" What's that, Lassie? ET's down the well? This new episode revisits one of the oldest reported UFO cases, from 1897. ...

11-19-2008 - Movin' On Up
San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
Will Ta'ufo'o, Cal football: The senior from St. Francis walked on at Cal five years ago and is now the starting fullback. He is a key component of Cal's ...
11-19-2008 - Faking reality
San Antonio Current - san antonio,tx,USA
There was no UFO. I did not want for it. The Kaufman I met speaks quickly, softly, often excitedly — you can hear his mind working, and it's fun to listen ...
11-19-2008 - UFO sightings over Bucks County
6abc.com - Philadelphia,PA,USA
There've been dozens of reports of UFO sightings in Bucks County over the past few months. In fact, Action News was able to find an eyewtiness. ...
11-19-2008 - See Real-Life Levitators, Captured In Mid Air!
io9 - San Francisco,CA,USA
Another Hiller show (pictured above) includes tons of UFO-shaped earpieces dangling from the ceiling, in which you can hear people describe their UFO ...
11-19-2008 - UPDATE: To Article, 'USAF Pilot Ordered To Fire Upon A UFO In UK ...
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
... about visits he made to two of our RAF Bases which are relevant to his UFO encounter and his subsequent authorisation to launch his weapons by the MoD! ...
11-19-2008 - Documented UFO Sightings Reports By Police are Consistent
NewsBlaze - Folsom,CA,USA
Sources such as Pilots both passenger and fighter have not only witnesses UFO craft, but their impossible maneuvers were recorded on ground and on-board ...
11-19-2008 - USAF Pilot Was Ordered To Fire At A UFO In UK Airspace!
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
It is patently obvious that on this occasion in 1957, the 'intruder' was clearly identified as another intrusion by an 'unknown' (UFO) otherwise the 'order' ...
11-19-2008 - After UFO sightings, alien hunters to gather here
phillyBurbs.com - Philadelphia,PA,USA
By JAMES MCGINNIS What started with a single UFO sighting over a Middletown Mexican restaurant Jan. 26 has turned into a science fiction sensation. ...

11-14-2008 -
UFO "A Flying Aircraft Carrier"
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Michael Knight Imagine a UFO as big as an aircraft carrier, hovering motionless in mid air, then traveling at speeds up to 7600 miles an hour...and ...
11-14-2008 - Oh well whatever nevermind
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota,FL,USA
In September, the Master UFO Caller formerly known as Ramon Watkins issued a press release stating UFOs would park themselves in the skies above Vegas for ...
11-14-2008 - UK Telegraph: 140 Years of UFOs | KXNet.com North Dakota News
Reiten Television KXMB Bismarck - Bismarck,ND,USA
Anyway, the Telegraph has an article up today on the history of UFO sightings, which is the above mentioned photographic history with some interesting ...
11-14-2008 - UFO Firing Red Laser At The Ground Shrouded In Mystery
Compare-Airport-Parking - Ashford,Kent,UK
A UFO spotted last week by a mother and daughter firing a red beam at the ground continues to be shrouded in mystery. Mother and daughter, Shellie and Betty ...
11-14-2008 - Killer UFOs hide in lakes
Pravda - Moscow,Russia
They are certain that witches and wizards assume the similitude of UFOs as they hunt for humans. Legend has it that a beam of light from a luminous object ...
11-14-2008 - ALIEN Grey: Zone X
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
Some of the privileges (and perks) of being the Editor of UFO Digest come in receiving invitations to attend important UFO-related public events. ...

11-11-2008 -
Exclusive: We 'Race to Witch Mountain' with Director Andy Fickman!!
FEARnet.com - Philadelphia,PA,USA
I was born in Roswell, New Mexico so I’ve lived the whole UFO legacy my entire life. [When] we started going, I wanted people like Whitley Streiber from ...
11-11-2008 - A date with fate
Minneapolis Star Tribune - Minneapolis,MN,USA
Fate was born in 1948 Chicago, the creation of former "Amazing Stories" editor Ray Palmer, who is said to have spun the first UFO hoax. ...
11-11-2008 - Town UFO expert says 'we need your photo's'
Grantham Today - Grantham,England,UK
Tuesday, noon - AMATEUR astronomer Jonathan Turner is appealing for people to keep a camera on them at all times to catch quality footage of UFO activity. ...
11-11-2008 - Robbie uses tattoos to contact aliens
Stuff.co.nz - New Zealand
UFO-loving British pop star Robbie Williams is using his tattoos to make contact with aliens. The singer has the ancient Egyptian symbol the Eye of Horus ...
11-11-2008 - Targeting UFO/ET Corporation X
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
I believe that the single most important obstacle to UFO/ET disclosure are global entrenched business interests working in concert with global intelligence ...

11-5-2008 -
Local UFO witness on TV tonight
MLive.com - MI,USA
Mueller has been told she "made the cut" and will be on the History Channel show "UFO Hunters" when it airs tonight at 10 pm (Comcast channels 56, ...
11-5-2008 - UFO making a sighting in small town Katy?
Katy Times - Katy,TX,USA
UFO-busters? A strange flying object hovering over the area last month has caused some discussion amongst the community. While some believe it is a ...

11-4-2008 -
UFO-like vehicle built on Earth with earth-friendly designs
Stuff.co.nz - New Zealand
Startled onlookers in Christchurch yesterday could have been forgiven for thinking they had seen a low-flying UFO. However, the origins of the sleek, ...
11-4-2008 - GHT woman appearing on History Channel's 'UFO Hunters' Wednesday night
Grand Haven Tribune - Grand Haven,MI,USA
The episode details incidents in March 1994 when more than 300 people in 42 counties from Michigan to Ohio allegedly saw a UFO. Many reported the sightings ...
11-4-2008 - Argentina: Alleged UFO Photographed
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
A tourist claims having photographed a UFO that disappeared shortly after. This incident is the second of its nature that has taken place in Entre Rios ...
11-4-2008 - Official Trailer of 'Monsters vs. Aliens' Comes Out
AceShowbiz - USA
A UFO has landed in America. Soon enough, the alien living inside the spaceship makes contact with the government to unveil his purpose; that is, ...
11-4-2008 - McCain wraps up crucial alien vote
Reuters - USA
UFO buffs know the city as the site of a supposed 1947 crash by an alien craft, and several in the crowd waved alien dolls plastered with McCain stickers. ...
11-4-2008 - UFO's and Extraterrestrials: Part I
Canadian National Newspaper - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Reports of so-called UFOs wonder about the erratic course they follow. – In ancient times important spiritual buildings like temples and sanctuaries were ...
11-4-2008 - UFO photographed over Patchway
Evening Post - Bristol,England,UK
"We have had quite a few UFO sightings in the last few months, in Cardiff for example when one almost crashed into a police helicopter. ...
11-4-2008 - MCIA: UFO Reported During
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
He added that the UFO moved at low speed, estimating that its frontal diameter was some 8 meters, roughly that of the airliner's cabin. ...

11-2-2008 -
UFOs in the Lower Hudson Valley: Video live chat at noon
Lower Hudson Journal news - West Harrison,NY,USA
Reported UFO sightings in the Lower Hudson Valley will be the topic of a video live chat at noon today on LoHud.com. Reporter Rob Ryser will talk about his ...
11-2-2008 - South View Junior School pupils land a UFO scoop
Basingstoke Gazette - Basingstoke,England,UK
By Chris Gregory » Green goo covered the area and the craft, cordoned off in a corner of the playing fields, was guarded by community wardens. ...
11-2-2008 - Does witnessing strange lights in the sky make one a rock star?
Southtown Star - Chicago,IL,USA
BY JASON FREEMAN Staff Writer My brief segment on The History Channel's "UFO Hunters: Invasion Illinois" episode featuring Tinley Park had just concluded ...
11-2-2008 - Planets light up sky, not UFOs
Daily Press - Newport News,VA,USA
This unsuspecting average man or woman has just seen a UFO. Don't worry. As far as I know, little alien critters from Neptune have not yet made their way ...
11-2-2008 - Rock stars and their alien encounters
Times Online - UK
We know this because Sneaky Sound System’s new single (out November 17) is called UFO, and the chorus goes like this: “I saw a UFO but nobody believes me. ...

10-29-2008 - A UFO crash landing is spotted in Carlsbad
NBC Sandiego.com - San Diego,CA,USA
For the second year in a row, Wayde Gilliam has constructed a UFO crash landing in the front yard of his Carlsbad home. Visitors from as far as Los Angeles ...

10-29-2008 - VIDEO: 'UFO' spotted over Asfordby
Melton Today - Melton Mowbray,Leicestershire,UK
Or is it a UFO? Three Melton men fishing in Asfordby were amazed when three bright lights appeared in the sky on Friday. Stuart Williams (46) went night ...

10-29-2008 - Two New UFO Reports in Central Texas
KXXV News Channel 25 - Waco,TX,USA
by Patrick Tolbert Two different reports describing similar lights in the night sky have residents in two Central Texas Cities talking. ...

10-29-2008 - READER'S PHOTOGRAPH: UFO over Worthing
Worthing Today - Worthing,England,UK
After searching the internet for Worthing UFOs Mr Grant spotted a similar photograph taken in June. What do you think the light trail might have been? ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Project SIGNAL FOUND is collaboration between Philip Mantle and the former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association, ...

10-29-2008 - SIGHTING: Picture of UFO seen over Uppingham
Rutland and Stamford Mercury - Stamford,England,UK
A READER has sent this picture of the UFO seen over Uppingham on Wednesday evening last week. Bob Hicks, who took the picture, said: "I was walking my dog ...

10-29-2008 - Film-maker to document North Wales' UFO sightings
Evening Leader - Wrexham,Wales,UK
London-based film-maker, Ben Dodd, contacted the Evening Leader to let us know about his plans to make a documentary on a spate of UFO sightings that have ...

10-29-2008 - Powder Puff Games, UFO Expert, Book Club
News@Norman - Denver,NC,USA
Fawcett has years of experience as a UFO investigator with special interest in sightings and reports from around the Carolinas. He is founder of the world’s ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
ET UFO contact basics are simply a guideline. I offer this information as a gift and as a syndicated publicist. One may claim this information as public ...

10-29-2008 - UFO investigator backs triangle 'spacecraft' claims
Louth Today - Louth,England,UK
By Gemma Gadd BRINKHILL'S 'alien spacecraft' enthusiast Eric Goring may be on to something, according to an independent UFO investigator. ...

10-28-2008 - The Stephenville UFOs Are Back - October 2008
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
by Bill Knell Page 1 of 1 page(s) The Stephenville UFOs are back and so are the military jets that chase them. A number of unidentified lights were again ...
10-28-2008 - Watercooler Stories
United Press International - USA
Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Network President John Ventre attended Saturday's conference to discuss visitors from outer space. The resident of Greensburg, Pa., ...
10-28-2008 - UFO spotted by brewery worker
Reading Evening Post - Reading,England,UK
A 42-year-old Whitley man spotted a light speeding through the sky in the early hours of Wednesday and wants to know if he was seeing things. ...
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
There are doctors and scientist who are aware of people who say they have had near death experiences (NDE), out of body experiences (OBE), and ET UFO ...
10-28-2008 - UFO hunting in Area M62, Yorkshire - by 'eck the truth is out there
Sunday Mirror - UK
By Alun Palmer 27/10/2008 Think UFO-watcher and the image that often springs to mind is a jobless, unshaven man with lank greasy hair. ...
10-28-2008 - CAUGHT ON TAPE: Balloon or UFO?
KSLA-TV - Shreveport,LA,USA
But, there's debate tonight whether it's a UFO or just a big balloon. The video of the mysterious object came to us from local flight instructor Kevin ...

10-26-2008 -
UFO - My Story And Families Encounters
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
On the return flight, this brother saw his first "UFO". From that point on, both brothers and countless other pilots saw what became known as "foo-fighters" ...
10-26-2008 - UFO eludes US pilots. Brits unperturbed
Edmonton Journal - Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Take, for instance, if someone in Britain spots a UFO. Once the Queen's government determines the alien spacecraft poses no threat to British security, ...
10-26-2008 - Pilot recalls encounter with UFO
Houston Chronicle - United States
Torres' account was included in thousands of pages of UFO-related documents recently declassified by the British Ministry of Defense and posted online by ...
10-26-2008 - Will India reveal the existence of the UFO bases in the moon?
India Daily - Whitehouse Station,NJ,USA
The debate is on telling the truth to the world about the existence of the UFO bases in the moon. The Indian spacecraft carrying 11 payloads (scientific ...
10-23-2008 - UFO Video: Stunning Tape on Hels of UFO Shoot Down (Photos, Drawings)
National Ledger - Apache Junction,AZ,USA
By Lynn Edwards Javno calls it the "Best UFO Footage Ever Recorded" and explains that the video was recorded in Turkey and the two-and-half-hour footage is ...
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
To those who are just now joining me in my communication of ET UFO information on the many levels that are required on earth and to those who have created ...
10-23-2008 - McCain drops the ball on UFO Disclosure and loses chance to win ...
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
But I have to tell you that I do not have any evidence whatsoever of aliens or UFOs." McCains´ Letter and response to a concerned Citizen – regarding the ...
10-23-2008 - Russel Callaghan: Meet Kippax's own UFO expert
Garforth Today - UK
Then there is the impressive collection of amateur video footage of apparent UFO sightings he's collected from across the globe. ...
10-23-2008 - Italian pilot recounts UFO encounter over Britain
Car Rentals - Lightwater,England,UK
Capt Zaghetti described the object as a 10ft-long UFO, saying that it came so close to the plane that he shouted to his co-pilot, “Look out! Look out! ...
Haslingden ‘UFO sighting’ revealed in old MoD files
Lancashire Telegraph - Blackburn,England,UK
By David Watkinson » REPORTS of a UFO sighting in Rossendale with a craft spotted flying at “a million miles an hour”, have been revealed. ...
10-23-2008 - VIDEO OF THE DAY - MoD UFO files
Pocket-lint.co.uk - UK
Um, well, maybe not. Not if you believe what's in these recently released files they aren't. Maybe we're not alone after all. ...
10-23-2008 - Retired pilot explains 1957 UFO incident
Seattle Times - United States
UFO, whatever it was." The account was included in thousands of pages of UFO-related documents recently declassified by the British Ministry of Defense and ...
10-23-2008 - World media takes heed of Kendall man's UFO tale
MiamiHerald.com - Miami,FL,USA
A former US Air Force fighter pilot says he was ordered to shoot down a UFO over England. BY NICHOLAS SPANGLER If you believe former fighter pilot Milton ...

10-22-2008 -
UFO spotted over Grantham's Area 51
Grantham Today - Grantham,England,UK
By Neil Graham Wednesday, 5.50pm - A MOTHER has told the Journal of the terrifying moment a UFO circled her car as she drove by the Prince William of ...
10-22-2008 - Real Life X-Files: (Photos, Video) Pilot Ordered to Shoot Down UFO
National Ledger - Apache Junction,AZ,USA
By Ginger Marks FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are tasked with investigating the paranormal including UFO ...
10-22-2008 - Mystery UFO glow spotted
The Sun - London,UK
By VINCE SOODIN THIS strange pink light in the sky led members of the public to wonder whether they had spotted a UFO. The Met office said they received a ...
10-22-2008 - UFO Travel: Slovenia Snags a Sighting
Jaunted - USA
A few days before Britain released a batch of UFO files, a mysterious object was seen over the skies of Ajdovščina, Slovenia. Our Slovene isn't too good, ...
10-22-2008 - UFO and Novy Most in Bratislava
Tips from the T-List - Vancouver,BC,Canada
But the tall end of it contains a structure that looks like a UFO suspended on top of a tower, and quite appropriately has a restaurant named UFO. ...
10-22-2008 - Opinion: Turkey UFO pics- Sudden interest in UFOs in media, or ...
DigitalJournal.com - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Hard on the heels of a “revelation” about a UFO over the UK years ago, recent footage has emerged from Turkey of a UFO. If this is yet another media beat up ...
10-21-2008 - Video 'shows UFO, aliens flying over Turkey'
Melbourne Herald Sun - Australia
A VIDEO that claims to show alien spacecraft has been described by one researcher as the "most important images of a UFO ever filmed". ...
10-21-2008 -Where are our UFO spotters?
North West Star - Mount Isa,Queensland,Australia
If it’s not bad enough that the north-west is short of butchers, bakers and candlestick makers – we can also add UFO hunters to the list. ...
10-21-2008 -UFO fright at pink light
Mirror.co.uk - London,UK
A strange pink light in the sky left many thinking they had spotted a UFO, the Met Office said yesterday. Weather forecasters had several calls after clouds ...
10-21-2008 -Video 'shows UFO, aliens flying over Turkey'
Melbourne Herald Sun - Australia
I was very excited when I saw them and I want the world to know that UFOs do exist,” Mr Yalman said. Almost two-and-a-half hours of footage was filmed ...
10-21-2008 - Rowley Regis UFO drama revealed
Halesowen News - Halesowen,England,UK
An egg-shaped UFO was spotted in Rowley Regis nearly 30 years ago, secret Ministry of Defence files have revealed. Documents recently made available online ...
10-21-2008 - UFO encounter described by Italian pilot
Telegraph.co.uk - United Kingdom
An Italian airliner pilot has spoken for the first time in nearly 20 years about a near miss with a UFO after a record of the encounter was released by the ...
10-21-2008 - International news of October 21, 2008 - UFO files release by the ...
CaymanMama.com (press release) - Dallas,TX,USA
London (Reuters): The Nato members have demonstrated inconsistency in the political will. The Nato commander pointed out 70 ‘caveats’ used by the individual ...
10-21-2008 - UFO archives reveal pilot's encounter
National Post - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
In a report filed 20 years ago and released to the public for the first time yesterday, Mr. Torres described being ordered to track down and destroy a UFO ...
10-21-2008 - Secret files reveal Tyneside UFO sightings
ChronicleLive - Newcastle upon Tyne,England,UK
KATY SIMPSON takes a look at some of the UFOs spotted in the North East. SECRETS of strange happenings on Tyneside have been revealed in unseen UFO files. ...
UK Express - UK
A PASSENGER jet carrying 57 people had a near miss with a UFO, newly-released Ministry of Defence files have revealed. The captain of an Alitalia airliner, ...
10-21-2008 - Were lights in the sky a UFO?
Huddersfield Examiner - Huddersfield,UK
A DEIGHTON woman spotted strange lights in the sky – and now wonders if anyone else saw what she thought could be a UFO. Tracey Britton, 37, was walking ...
10-21-2008 - Former US Pilot Confirms British Declassified Report About UFO ...
Retired US airman Milton Torres confirmed that he and a co-pilot were ordered to intercept the UFOs that appeared on the radar of the RAF airfield in ...
10-21-2008 - Hemsworth driver's UFO encounter
Hemsworth and South Elmsall Express - South Elmsall,England,UK
A Hemsworth taxi driver had a close encounter with a UFO, according to newly released Ministry of Defence files. In a report made to the MOD the unnamed man ...
10-21-2008 - UFO Photographed Above Rijeka
Javno.hr - Zagreb,Croatia
It seems that the UFO fell into the sea between the towns of Opatija and Kantrida. The emergency operator 112 had no announced aircraft or parachute ...

10-20-2008 -
Britain Publishes Once Secret Files on Alleged UFO Sightings
Voice of America - USA
... US fighter planes were scrambled over a Royal Air Force base east of London, and one of the planes was seconds away from firing 24 missiles at the UFO. ...
10-20-2008 - Documents reveal county UFO sightings
Oxford Mail - Oxford,UK
By Chris Kearney » UFOs were spotted eight times in Oxfordshire over a six year period, the latest Government 'X-file' documents reveal. ...
10-20-2008 - Commercial Jet Pilot Saw UFO in 1991: UK
International Business Times - New York,NY,USA
After an investigation, it was ruled out that the object was missile and "all the usual explanations," UFO expert David Clarke told CNN. ...
10-20-2008 - Fighter Jets Ordered to Shoot Down UFO
Wired News - USA
The incident is one of thousands of UFO-related files, declassified and released by the British government today. In one document, F-86 pilot Milton Torres ...
10-20-2008 - UFO archive release: The best pictures on file
Telegraph.co.uk - United Kingdom
If you have the faintest clue what they might mean, or have your own UFO story, then share your thoughts in the comment box at the bottom. ...
10-20-2008 - MoD release Ulster UFO sightings
Belfast Newsletter - Belfast,UK
In one instance, correspondence by the Ministry of Defence refers to three reported sights of UFOs at Aldergrove in December 1989 and January 1990. ...
10-20-2008 - British UFO Archives Giving Conspiracy Tourists New Itineraries
Jaunted - USA
The UK's National Archives released a new batch of files about UFOs today, and despite our obsession with places tied to mysterious aerial activity, ...
10-20-2008 - New Government UFO Files Describe Close Encounters
The Inquisitr - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Some newly released government documents suggest a commercial plane nearly crashed into a UFO near London in the early 90s. A set of UFO-related Ministry of ...
10-20-2008 - UK National Archives Releases UFO Sightings Reports
International Business Times - New York,NY,USA
The British Ministry of Defence has released thousands of documents about reports of UFO sightings. One report shows how an Italian commercial airline pilot ...
10-20-2008 - Britain releases batch of UFO files
Waco Tribune Herald - Waco,TX,USA
The new material covers UFO sightings between 1986 and 1992. The 1500-page batch of documents debunks a lot of UFO sightings, but others, like a near-miss ...

9-24-2008 - UFO network plans Saturday gathering
In-Forum - Fargo,ND,USA
The Minnesota chapter of the Mutual UFO Network will host the first tri-state meeting of the organization Saturday in Fergus Falls. ...

9-24-2008 - Another mass UFO sighting
NEWS.com.au - Australia
By Matt Cunningham THREE station workers and three backpackers have been left stunned after witnessing strange lights flying over a remote station in the NT ...

9-23-2008 - Confusion and Contradictions The Cardiff UFO sightings
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
When the story revolves around an alleged near-miss with a UFO and a police helicopter, then I could be forgiven for thinking they have something to hide. ...

9-23-2008 - UFO reportedly seen in Park Rapids on Friday night may be a ...
DL-Online - Detroit Lakes,MN,USA
PARK RAPIDS – Some Park Rapids residents claim to have seen a UFO Friday night south of the city. But it might be an explainable phenomenon, ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Global paranormal phenomenon as an artifact induction report is used by many for future predictions or what is psychically called a "Jump Start". ...

9-23-2008 - UFO sightings connected to Large Hadron Collider experiment?
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Gemma Gadd MORE responses to sightings of 'orange lights' UFOs near Louth have been pouring into the Leader – with some wondering if recent UFO activity ...

9-23-2008 - Flaming UFO spotted last night
Wigan Today - Wigan,England,UK
A man has emailed the wigantoday newsroom asking if anyone else saw a bizarre Unidentified Flaming Object in Shevington last night. Hi . ...

9-23-2008 - Chorley in 'UFO alert'
Chorley & Leyland Guardian - Chorley,England,UK
A strange light was seen across Chorley on Monday evening sparking a 'UFO alert' in the town. BAE Sytems worker Neil Simpson was at his home in Saville ...

9-23-2008 - Another mass UFO sighting
Northern Territory - Australia
THREE station workers and three backpackers have been left stunned after witnessing strange lights flying over a remote station in the NT outback. ...

9-22-2008 - 'Triangular' UFOs spotted near Wrexham - VIDEO
Evening Leader - Wrexham,Wales,UK
STRANGE, dazzling lights flying slowly through the night sky have been reported near Wrexham, sparking a new UFO scare. The Evening Leader has been ...

9-21-2008 - UFO photos examined with new process – MUFON investigate
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
MUFON is the world´s largest UFO investigative group and have recently completed an investigation into the Texas Stephenville Sightings. ...

9-21-2008 - Now, UFOs spotted ‘dancing in the air’ over Bristol
Newspost Online - Baroda,India
UFO researchers are investigating an apparent alien encounter in Bristol that has been causing a stir. People say that they had spotted ‘bright orange ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
By Philip Mantle At the UFO DATA conference in October 2007 I met up with veteran UFO investigator David Beezer. I´ve known David for many years and he has ...

9-20-2008 - They don't teach this in J-school
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota,FL,USA
By Billy Cox Still agog over ABC’s emasculating refusal Tuesday night to get the Air Force on record about the UFO incident Stephenville, De Void nearly ...

9-20-2008 - 'They're out there:' Farmer remembers his close encounter
Canada.com - Don Mills,Ontario,Canada
Many UFO sightings on the Prairies occur in fall, when farmers are harvesting before the frost hits. That's when reports of crop circles tend to . . . er, ...

9-20-2008 - UFO reportedly seen Friday night may be a Jupiter sighting
Park Rapids Enterprise - Park Rapids,MN,USA
Some Park Rapids residents claim to have seen a UFO Friday night south of the city. It might be an explainable phenomenon, a Hubbard County amateur ...

9-19-2008 - Was a UFO really over Lodi in 1947? Check out the government's ...
Lodi News-Sentinel - Lodi,CA,USA
Did a UFO hover over in Lodi back in 1947? According to newspaper accounts, it did! On July 7, 1947, many local residents reportedly saw a UFO. ...

9-18-2008 - Roswell residents report UFO sightings
United Press International - USA
UFOs and extraterrestrials are a major tourist draw, with the city's annual UFO Festival drawing record numbers of convention-goers in recent years, ...

9-18-2008 - Has UFO fame changed Stephenville?
WFAA - Dallas,TX,USA
By GARY REAVES / WFAA-TV But look up the town in Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, and there is an entire page on UFOs. Sightings there in January were ...

9-18-2008 - Is this really a UFO?
Metro - London,UK
It seems we might not be alone after what is claimed to be a UFO darting across the sky was filmed on a mobile phone camera. Andrew Baskeyfield spotted the ...

9-18-2008 - UFO-people visit funerals of the Zaporozhye Archbishop’s sister ...
Interfax-Religion - Moscow,Russia
I took photos from various angles, I turned around, but the UFO is at the same place in all pictures. It proves this object neither a bird nor a plane,” the ...

9-18-2008 - Here's one UFO explanation
Concord Monitor - Concord,NH,USA
Yesterday, the Monitor reported that Sherman had seen a bright light that proceeded to blink, and she wondered whether she had seen a UFO. ...

9-18-2008 - Rhino's Double-CD The UFO Has Landed: The Ry Cooder Anthology ...
All About Jazz - Philadelphia,PA,USA
On October 28, THE UFO HAS LANDED: THE RY COODER ANTHOLOGY will be available at all retail outlets, including www.rhino.com, for a suggested list price of ...

9-17-2008 - A Few Good Men Preserving UFO Secrecy
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Those that maintain the secrecy of the existence of unexplained Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are of the same disposition. Men and women like Colonel ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
CSI has earned a reputation within the Ufology community as a group of over-zealous debunkers, known for going to any length to disprove the UFO phenomena. ...

9-17-2008 - UFOs and ET activities: Blessing, threat or both?
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Tonight's ABC special "UFOs: Seeing is Believing" is a follow-up to the 2005 program "Peter Jennings Reporting – UFOs: Seeing Is Believing. ...

9-17-2008 - UFO business is booming
WTOP - Washington,DC,USA
Business is booming at the Mutual UFO Network, especially now that you can submit your reports anonymously. "Confidentiality is a big part of this business ...

9-17-2008 - UFO Sightings Stir Up Roswell
ROSWELL, NM -- UFO sightings are rare, but not uncommon in New Mexico. Monday night the Action 7 News room received several reports from viewers of an ...

9-17-2008 - A UFO over Concord?
Concord Monitor - Concord,NH,USA
The light was so unusual - Sherman noticed the light blinking before it took off in the sky - that Sherman wondered whether she'd seen a UFO. ...

9-16-2008 - The Truth Is Out There: On the Eve of Disclosure
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
While some governments have released information about their several UFO experiences, the United States has been annoyingly obtuse about its participation ...

9-16-2008 - New Information on the Condon Committee
grenzwissenschaft-aktuell.de - Germany
A more detailed report will be made by Swords who has investigated the history and internal workings of the controversial Colorado UFO project. ...

9-16-2008 - UFO mystery in Mill End
Watford Observer - Watford,England,UK
By Neil Skinner » Shocked residents in Mill End say they watched in wonder yesterday evening as a UFO circled above their homes. Four witnesses, three of ...

9-16-2008 - Now, UFOs spotted dancing in the air over Bristol
Thaindian.com - Bangkok,Bangkok,Thailand
London, Sept 16 (ANI): UFO researchers are investigating an apparent alien encounter in Bristol that has been causing a stir. ...

9-16-2008 - Lights in the Sky
ABC News - USA
"Ninety percent of most UFO reports are individuals who think they saw something and it's really an explainable object," said Robert Powell, in investigator ...

9-16-2008 - Ex-RAF man breaks his UFO silence
Shropshire Star - Telford,England,UK
He will be the keynote speaker at the International UFO Conference at Pontefract, West Yorkshire, next month. This article was posted on September 16, ...

9-15-2008 - Saturday night UFO in Aston?
Dinnington Today - Dinnington,England,UK
"We don't believe in UFOs or anything like that, but after that we certainly came close to. They were too high up in the sky to be fireworks. ...
9-14-2008 - UFO sightings lead to star role on Discovery
phillyBurbs.com - Philadelphia,PA,USA
By CHRISTOPHER RUVO A national organization that investigates alleged UFO sightings says it has collected titillating data during days of interviews with ...

9-14-2008 - RAF officer breaks 37-year silence on UFO radar mystery
Scotsman - United Kingdom
A former RAF officer has claimed that UFOs are real and may have invaded UK airspace, branding official resistance to such theories as "stupid and arrogant" ...

9-13-2008 - Tuesday's "Primetime": UFO's...Seeing Is Believing
WSOCtv.com - Charlotte,NC,USA
The 90-minute special includes interviews with scientists searching for proof of life beyond earth and UFO witnesses who claim aliens are already here. ...

9-13-2008 - RAF radar chief: I saw UFO fleet
The Sun - London,UK
Extraordinary ... map shows the UFOs' path across southern England Wing Cmdr Turner, who was a chief operator of the RAF’s radar system for 29 years, ...

9-13-2008 - Could So Many UFO Witnesses Be Right?
ABC News - USA
For decades, millions of people around the world have reported seeing UFOs hovering in their skies. It is a mystery that science has been unable to solve, ...

9-13-2008 - RAF radar chief reveals his incredible 1971 UFO fleet sighting
Fresh News - Delhi,Delhi,India
He revealed that every UFO would suddenly vanish from radar after a few seconds, and be replaced by an identical vessel moments later. ...

9-12-2008 - Was the Stephenville UFO a National Security Threat?
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Stephenville, Texas attracted worldwide attention earlier this year (Jan, 08) after residents sighted an unidentified flying object (UFO) that some say was ...

9-12-2008 - A Collection of UFO Photographs from 1870 to 2008
io9 - San Francisco,CA,USA
A UFO enthusiast has put together an 8-minute video featuring about a zillion UFO photographs culled from approximately the last century and a half. ...

9-12-2008 - PHOTO: Saucer-shaped rainbow UFO caught on camera
Louth Today - Louth,England,UK
This image of a UFO was sent to us by Brian Rust from South Cockerington in response to recent reports of orange light UFOs seen over the Louth area. ...

9-11-2008 - Second UFO alert in Derry
Derry Today - Derry,Northern Ireland,UK
The man said his mother recalled a Journal article about a UFO sighting in the Prehen area of Derry in May. He sent an email to the Journal, giving his name ...

9-9-2008 - UFO spam hides a Trojan horse
Web User - London,UK
A number of other hoax emails with rogue video files attached appearing to be sent by other news outlets such as the BBC also use topics other than UFOs to ...

9-9-2008 - Fight over famous UFO photos pits family versus newspaper
KATU - Portland,OR,USA
This famous photo taken by Paul Trent shows what appears to be a UFO flying near the family farm in McMinnville in the 1950. By Dan Tilkin and KATU Web ...

9-9-2008 - Second UFO alert in Derry
Derry Today - Derry,Northern Ireland,UK
The man said his mother recalled a Journal article about a UFO sighting in the Prehen area of Derry in May. He sent an email to the Journal, giving his name ...

9-8-2008 - Brits jeering extradition
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota,FL,USA
By Billy Cox Gary McKinnon, the computer geek who attained notoriety for hacking US military and NASA files in search of classified UFO data in 2001-2002, ...

9-8-2008 - Robbie Williams' encounter with alien
Oneindia - Tamilnadu,India
London (ANI): Robbie Williams has claimed that he has encountered a UFO. The singer said his close encounter occurred in his recording studio in Los Angeles ...

9-8-2008 - Close encounters of the wrong kind
South Bergenite - Rutherford,NJ,USA
Roseman said planes are required to have a red light on their portside and a green light on their starboard side, which the UFO in question evidently has. ...

9-8-2008 - UFO crash lands at Lee White Museum
News 10 Now - Syracuse,NY,USA
OSWEGO, NY -- Oswego is all abuzz about an invasion of UFOs at the Lee White Marine Museum. The museum held a mock UFO crash landing to mark several ...

9-7-2008 - No trace of plane or pilot - TASMANIA'S UFO MYSTERY
Examiner - Launceston,Tasmania,Australia
No trace of the 20-year-old volunteer flight instructor or his aircraft was ever found, but the manner of his disappearance has fuelled speculation by UFO ...

9-6-2008 - The UFO proof is out there
Northern Territory - Australia
THEY’RE WATCHING US: Keith Douglas runs UFO Research Alice Springs, a branch of the Australian UFO Research Network. The painting of a UFO given to Mr ...

9-6-2008 - "UFO" captured on camera over Purley Cross Tesco
Croydon Advertiser - UK
Whatever their reason, the extra terrestrial presence above Purley Cross Tesco prompted a call by UFO experts for a public inquiry. ...

9-6-2008 - Texas Official Demands Answers About Alleged UFO
CBS 11 - Dallas,TX,USA
STEPHENVILLE (CBS 11 News) ― Dozens of Stephenville residents reported seeing UFOs in the area in January. At first, the military reported there were no ...

9-6-2008 - Behind The Flying Saucers-The Truth About the Aztec UFO Crash
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
It was the first nonfiction hardback book published on the then quite new subject of crashed UFOs and holds up very well today after the passage of nearly ...

9-5-2008 - UFO Travel: Is the Northern Territory the World's New UFO Capital?
Jaunted - USA
A few months back we reported a UFO sighting off the coast of Australia's Northern Territory on Groote Eylandt, but apparently UFO season Down Under hasn't ...

9-5-2008 - UFO spotted by reader
Knaresborough Today - Knaresborough,England,UK
By Staff Copy DID you spot an unidentified flying object (UFO) over the skies of Knaresborough on Bank Holiday Monday at around 9pm? ...

9-5-2008 - UFO initiative could cost Denver $600000
Denver Post - Denver,CO,USA
Jeff Peckman, the UFO buff, met with city officials today to discuss his revamped plan to create the world's first Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission and ...

9-5-2008 - UFO Secrecy, National Security and the Freedom of Information Act ...
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
It is imperative that we learn where UFO's come from and what their purpose is..." For over 60 years, the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) phenomenon has ...

9-4-2008 - UFO mystery solved...or is it?
Sommerset County Gazette - Taunton,England,UK
But it appears the UFO was a UFL – an Unidentified Flying Lantern. Reader Grace Haskins, of Monkton Heath-field, filled us in on the lanterns, ...

9-4-2008 - The X-files economics
Livemint - Delhi,Delhi,India
But over the last several months, a series of UFO-related events — impressive enough to catch even the most hardened sceptic’s attention — have burst onto ...

9-4-2008 - UFO lovers excited by lights
Shropshire Star - Telford,England,UK
UFO experts have described Shropshire as a hive of activity and believe something “big” is going on in the county. Following dozens of reports of ...

9-4-2008 - Did close encounter light up our skies
Stockport Express - UK
FORGET Roswell - it seems Strines maybe the new Area 51 after claims a UFO was spotted in the sky on Sunday night. Pub-goers at the Royal Oak on Strines ...

9-3-2008 - The UFOs of Sussex
The Argus.co.uk - Brighton,UK
Sussex is a hotbed of UFO sightings. According to the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), there is about one sighting in the county a week. ...

9-3-2008 - 'UFO' caught on camera above city
Bradford Telegraph Argus - Bradford,England,UK
By Will Kilner » A Bradford man has described the moment he saw a UFO in the skies above his home. Richard Ing, of Westminster Avenue, Clayton, ...

UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
I was chosen as an ET UFO contact. Since 1947, there has been continuing physical contact with extraterrestrials. I was born the day after Christmas 1951. ...

9-3-2008 - Where Bigfoot treads, UFOs fly
seattlepi.com Buzzworthy - USA
States with more UFO sightings also have more Bigfoot sightings. In fact, six of the top ten UFO and Bigfoot states are the same: Washington, Oregon, ...

9-3-2008 - UFO hacker is broken man, says family
Scotsman - United Kingdom
McKinnon, an unemployed systems analyst from north London, admits accessing 97 US military and Pentagon computers, but claimed he was looking for UFO files. ...

9-3-2008 - Roswell, Your Travel Guide to the UFO Capital of the World!
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
The extended chapter entitled "On the Trail of the 1947 Roswell UFO Crash" is of most interest to UFO devotees, although the book also details locations and ...

9-3-2008 - BVM Apparitions, UFOs and Deceptions
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Regan Lee Marian apparitions are not a strictly and literal religious event, but a Fortean/UFO occurrence; a theory I share with those UFO and paranormal ...

9-2-2008 - The 2008 Alien Invasion of the UK
OhmyNews International - South Korea
It started in May, when the British government released previously secret UFO files to the National Archives. The files included corroborated reports from ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
I am speaking about a real physical connection to extra terrestrials and UFOS. This can be compared to similar past history told of reported data that is ...

9-1-2008 - UFO Exhibit in Town
WCTV - Tallahassee,FL,USA
The new Roswell Exhibit showcases an alien spotting sight, with an alien model, and gives spectators a chance to take a peek at what extra terrestrials may ...

9-1-2008 - Greensburg man documents surging reports of UFO sightings
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
We weren't ready in the '50s and '60s, but we're ready now," said Ventre, who serves as Pennsylvania coordinator for the Mutual UFO Network, in addition to ...

9-1-2008 - IN MY HOMETOWN
Grand Forks Herald - Grand Forks,ND,USA
UFO phenomenon to be revisited: People in the Warren, Minn., area are talking about UFOs again. The interest was sparked recently when producers for The ...

8-31-2008 - UFO photos reveal unusual symbols and pictographs
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
NASA, and many others, claim that the "UFO´s" seen in the video are just "ice particles or space debris", although when they first appeared after the tether ...

8-31-2008 - Cannock Chase residents want answers over UFO sightings
Sunday Mercury - Birmingham,West Midlands,UK
Last year a report from the Ministry of Defence singled out the Chase and the surrounding area as an official UFO hotspot. Our district has a long history ...

8-31-2008 - UFO Over Great Sacandaga Lake
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Brett Allen: I'ma UFO researcher and a former PYX106 disc jockey in Albany, New York- who had a number one show in Albany market. ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
ET UFO contact on communication, creation, and crop circles is only the tools of our awareness. We can focus on existence for ourselves, our family, ...

8-31-2008 - UFOs, Sovereignty and Politics
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
by Michael Salla Page 1 of 1 page(s) "UFO ignorance is political rather than scientific"- that's the conclusion of two prominent university professors who ...

8-30-2008 - Experts to Probe Mysterious 'Little Green Man' Lights Seen Over London
UFO experts in England Thursday called for a probe into this summer’s "Little Green Man" sightings — as one was spotted above a TESCO supermarket. ...

8-30-2008 - Are UFOs lighting up the skies over Australia's outback?
Scientific American - USA
New Mexico's UFO Museum and Research Center may attract more than 150000 visitors annually who are curious about the alleged 1947 alien crash landing there, ...

8-29-2008 - Pentagon-hacking UFO hunter loses extradition appeal
ABC Online - Australia
When he was caught the 42-year-old claimed he was just looking for information on UFOs. American officials claim he caused $700000 worth of damage and ...

8-29-2008 - UFO experts demand probe into Little Green Man sightings in London
Thaindian.com - Bangkok,Bangkok,Thailand
London, August 29 (ANI): UFO experts in Britain are demanding that the claims of Little Green Man sightings this summer be investigated. ...

8-29-2008 -  Tourism sees the light on UFOs
Northern Territory - Australia
REAL DEAL: Reader Roger Perner noticed a UFO in a picture he took of an eagle at Timber Creek last month. FORGET barramundi fishing and crocodiles, ...

8-29-2008 - UFO snapped above Tesco
The Sun - London,UK
By VIKKI THOMAS UFO experts yesterday called for a probe into this summer’s Little Green Man sightings — as one was spotted above a TESCO. ...

8-29-2008 - Mysterious UFO captured on film
Wigan Today - Wigan,England,UK
A keen-eyed Wiganer has captured this UFO in the skies above Wigan on his video camera. The man in his 30s, who only revealed his first name as Geoff, ...

8-29-2008 - American film maker Randall Nickerson’s film on UFO
Weekly Blitz - Dhaka,Bangladesh
Randall Nickerson is in Cape Town seeking inspiration for a documentary he is putting together about a UFO sighting in Zimbabwe in 1994. ...

8-29-2008 - UFO sighted in Mumbai
Merinews - New Delhi,India
A UFO was witnessed by the people of Mumbai today at the Gateway of India. The sighting has created a stir as the video clearly shows a flying object coming ...

8-28-2008 - UFO sighting above St Olaves
Great Yarmouth Mercury - Great Yarmouth,England,UK
A POSSIBLE UFO sighting was reported on Saturday night after a strange group of lights were spotted in the sky. A cluster of red and orange coloured ...

8-28-2008 - UFO mysteries deepen with more encounters
Scarborough Today - Scarborough,England,UK
Russ Kellett, a Filey-based UFO hunter, sent the clips to the Evening News for its website. The first clip was filmed at about 10pm from Saltersgate, ...

8-28-2008 - Cumbrae UFO story went global!
Largs and Millport Weekly News - Largs,UK
UFO: mistero all’isola di Cumbrae” was the headline on the Centro Ricerche Ufo Liguria website from Italy, while a Polish UFO website also picked up on the ...

8-28-2008 - UFO-style lights in sky confirmed
Enfield & Haringey Independent - UK
By Hannah Crown » THE SIGHTING of a strange orange rugby ball-shaped UFO in Winchmore Hill has been confirmed by more readers. Last week investment banker ...

8-27-2008 - UFO hunters head to NT for evidence
NEWS.com.au - Australia
By Matt Cunnigham AMERICAN documentary makers are set to descend on the Northern Territory to investigate a spate of UFO sightings. ...

8-27-2008 - Nothern Hemisphere Gets Ready for End of UFO Season
io9 - San Francisco,CA,USA
What you probably didn't know is that it's also the end of UFO season for the Northern Hemisphere. So if you're looking for ET, it's time to hightail it ...

8-27-2008 - UFO Hunters head to NY for evidence
Northern Territory - Australia
AMERICAN documentary makers are set to descend on the Northern Territory to investigate a spate of UFO sightings. The History Channel plans to send its team ...

8-27-2008 - Mystery lights spark UFO alert
Shields Gazette - South Shields,England,UK
COASTGUARDS were called out at the weekend – after "unusual lights" were spotted in the sky above South Tyneside. A crew was alerted just before 9.30pm on ...

8-27-2008 - UFO Hunters The
Real Movie News - USA
In January of 2008 The History Channel launched a new documentary television that investigates the existence of UFOs, the new series was called UFO Hunters. ...

8-27-2008 - UFO sighting in Creech St Michael
Sommerset County Gazette - Taunton,England,UK
“I definitely think it was a UFO – it was an unidentified flying object. “It was very strange. When they were coming over I was shaking, I was scared, ...

8-27-2008 - Denver UFO rattles Obama amid paper's 'JFK Jr faked death' claims
The Spoof (satire) - UK
Denver, Colorado - (Extraterrestrial Mess): A mystery UFO buzzed Denver's Pepsi Center today amid breaking headlines in a Californian celeb paper claiming ...

8-27-2008 - UFO hunters searching for aliens Down Under
Thaindian.com - Bangkok,Bangkok,Thailand
Melbourne, Aug 27 (ANI): The History Channel is planning to send its team of documentary makers Down Under to investigate the spate of UFO sightings. ...

8-26-2008 - International UFO Museum and Research Center
Architectural Record - USA
The International UFO Museum and Research Center, in Roswell, New Mexico, lacks a definitive answer, such as an alien spacecraft—but it does have plenty of ...

8-26-2008 - Brady: UFO or just my imagination?
The Evening Sun - Hanover,PA,USA
Having been to a recent meeting about the sky and UFOs. I noticed a red light in the sky for quite sometime. It wasn't blinking, but a steady red light and ...

8-26-2008 - Former Police Office spots UFO in California
Canadian National Newspaper - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
On the Colorado River near Topock Arizona a long time houseboat resident was stunned to see a large, bright “fiery object” hurtling from the sky toward him ...

8-26-2008 - Great Sacandaga Lake UFO
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Brett Allen and Dirk Vander Ploeg I'm a UFO researcher and a former PYX106 disc jockey in Albany, New York- who had a number one show in Albany market. ...

8-26-2008 - UFO sighting in Zimbabwe
Cape Argus (subscription) - Cape Town,South Africa
By Tom Powell American film-maker Randall Nickerson is in Cape Town this week seeking inspiration for a documentary he is putting together about a UFO ...

8-26-2008 -Two Psychiatrists Beam Down to a UFO Festival?
PR Urgent - USA
Psychiatrist Doreen Orion attends a UFO festival in Roswell, New Mexico and shares the experience in her new video trailer for her book at ...

8-25-2008 - UFO over Kaneohe Marine Base, Hawaii
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
Description and Date of incident: Shot it using tripod and nikon D60 SLR Camera my best ufo pic yet I have dozens. For the last year due to certain ...

8-25-2008 - Yuma Arizona Video - UFO or Planet?
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
This is the 2nd UFO I have seen in the past 2 months. The other UFO I saw was in Texas back in July. Although I did not have a camera at the time, ...

8-25-2008 -UFO Lobbyist Offers to Brief Obama on Extraterrestrials
io9 - San Francisco,CA,USA
This week, he invited Barack Obama to hear a briefing on UFOs and extraterrestrial life from a private citizen's perspective. Adjust your tin foil hat and ...
8-24-2008 - Get the word out
Timmins Daily Press - Timmins,Ontario,Canada
UFO Diary by Satoshi Kitamura (Andersen Press, Ages 4-8)Follow the adventure of a space alien (whom the reader actually never sees) as he travels in his UFO ...

8-23-2008 - Chilean town invites visitors on 'UFO trail'
Opodo - London,UK
The town of San Clemente in Chile could soon be welcoming some visitors with unusual interests as it opens the country's first UFO trail. ...

8-23-2008 - UFOs, Sovereignty and Politics
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
"UFO ignorance is political rather than scientific"- that's the conclusion of two prominent university professors who had the results of their research on ...

8-23-2008 - Armada of UFOs buzzing Territory
Northern Territory - Australia
The Northern Territory News has been inundated in recent weeks with readers' pictures of possible UFO sightings. The objects captured on camera have ranged ...

8-23-2008 - Man wants to give Obama UFO briefing
United Press International - USA
... Party to include a plank in their platform that includes holding "open, secrecy-free hearings on the UFO/extraterrestrial presence on and around Earth."

8-23-2008 - UFO Parody Makes Internet Debut
The Open Press (press release) - USA
It certainly is worth it to see the legendary 1956 UFO story of Jasper, Colorado." The amazing Jasper UFO incident began that summer, when a bewildered ...

8-23-2008 - Is an armada of UFOs buzzing the Northern Territory?
NEWS.com.au - Australia
By Matt Cunningham The Northern Territory News has been inundated in recent weeks with readers' pictures of possible UFO sightings. The objects captured on ...

8-22-2008 - Out of this world
Rainsville Weekly Post - Rainsville,AL,USA
By David Lusk by david lusk FYFFE—It’s almost time for UFO Days again in Fyffe. Once again, hot air balloons will dot the skies over Sand Mountain, ...

8-22-2008 - UFO believer offers ET briefing to Obama
Rocky Mountain News - Denver,CO,USA
... during the Democratic National Convention that includes holding "open, secrecy-free hearings on the UFO/extraterrestrial presence on and around Earth."

8-22-2008 - Is There Anyone Out There?
Rundtownnews.co.uk - Spain
The UFO sighting was spotted on Monday 4th August by a man on his solarium in the small village of Daya Vieja. Ray Stevens, originally from Rugby, ...

8-22-2008 - Mystery lights fuel UFO speculations throughout Calder Valley
Hebdenbridge Today - Hebden Bridge,England,UK
By Staff Copy IT'S not the first time that Calder Valley residents have seen mysterious lights in the night sky, but a number of sightings over the past few ...

8-22-2008 - Buyer keen on caravan park UFO hot spot
ABC Online - Australia
A potential buyer has been found for a caravan park in central Australia reportedly ranked fifth in the world for reportings of UFO sightings. ...

8-22-2008 - In the Nevada desert, there's something out there -- the Black Mailbox
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
It has become the subject of UFO lore and a magnet for true believers on the state-christened Extraterrestrial Highway. By Ashley Powers, Los Angeles Times ...

8-21-2008 - Black Mailbox
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
UFO enthusiast Lester Arnold of Declo, Idaho, waits for nightfall and an evening of sky watching next to the so-called Black Mailbox. ...

-21-2008 - More UFO sightings reported
LoughboroughEcho.net - Loughborough,UK
UFOS? Or a load of hot air? The Echo has this week been alerted to a spate of UFO sightings, as well as being contacted by several sceptics. ...

8-20-2008 - UFO spotted above Burnley?
Burnley Express - East Lancashire, UK
Landscape manager Mr Phil Hargreaves (49) said he was driving back to Brierfield from Bacup after picking up his 17-year-old son, Jarod. ...

8-20-2008 - Mailbox
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
The former Rachel Bar & Grill renamed itself as the tiny town became a mecca for UFO watchers, who might down an Alien Burger on their way to a night of sky

8-19-2008 - Alabama town celebrates UFO past with family festival
Macon Telegraph - Macon,GA,USA
AP The town of Fyffe attracted international attention with a string of UFO sightings nearly two decades ago and residents are expecting hundreds of ...

8-19-2008 - ARE UFOs ALIVE?
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
I had been investigating UFOs for twenty-two years, but the sighting that completely changed my view of the phenomenon occurred at Lone Pine, California. ...

8-19-2008 - UFO Sighting At Bridgnorth?
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
What is unusual about this photo is that if it is a UFO it was taken in daylight. Years past the majority of UFOs were almost all night shots. ...

8-19-2008 - UFO Days one of the best in DeKalb
Times-Journal - Fort Payne,AL,USA
Four years ago, though, Fyffe town leaders decided to embrace the past and started Fyffe’s UFO Days, which this year will be Friday and Saturday. ...

8-19-2008 - Alien Pets?
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
The Miami UFO Center describes the elusive creatures as pets of aliens left behind to fend for themselves. Other theorists claim they are the product of an ...

8-19-2008 - Canada's Ex-Defence Minister and other researchers on UFO Disclosur
Canadian National Newspaper - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Decades of repetition has deeply ingrained a certain perception amongst most people in regards to anything about UFOs, Extra Terrestrials, crop fields, ...

8-19-2008 - Local Residents Snap Pictures Of Possible UFOs
MyFox Philadelphia - Philadelphia,PA,USA
Kolpan reported that, back when he was a kid, it seemed people spotted UFOs every few minutes and there was something of a panic over them. ...

8-19-2008 - Out of this world?
Time Out Chicago - Chicago,IL,USA
As director of the Illinois branch of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Maranto’s job, like a real-life Agent Mulder, is to investigate the validity of the ...

8-18-2008 - 'UFO' is captured on film: Readers see more strange lights in the sky
Halifax Evening Courier - UK
She said Matthew, 12, and Liam, 13, thought the lights could be UFOs. "I was just coming back to the house with the dog and saw there were seven of these ...

8-18-2008 - ET UFO PARAGON- Global Paradox,
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris ET UFO Paragon Global Paradigm Paradox is being taught by the Ascension Center Extraterrestrials or acronym of ACE doing ...

-18-2008 - Hiding In Plain Sight - Watching
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
The idea in science and UFO Alien visitation is on an incline over the internet trying to explain Area 51 desert and the crash landing of planetary aliens ...|

8-18-2008 - Canadian UFO Sighting Reports 2008 - 289 Reported Sightings
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research can be reached at 250 845 2180. But please note, this number is to be used only for anyone wanting to file a UFO ...

8-18-2008 - Chupas – Mysterious Flying Menace in Brazil's Countryside
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Most people do not know a lot about the whole UFO phenomenon, except the humorous blurbs they hear on television news that tend to cast witnesses or ...

8-18-2008 - Proof that Aliens exist - The $10000 challenge!
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Some of my recent articles on the subject of UFO´s and Aliens have received a few critical comments, because I mentioned that more solid proof was needed in ...

8-17-2008 - Symposium speaker pledges continued forum for UFO facts
Lompoc Record - Lompoc,CA,USA
By Sam Womack/Staff Writer Artist and sculptor Cynthia T. Crawford sits with her art during the Central Coast UFO Symposium in Santa Maria. ...

8-17-2008 - ARE THEY HERE?
WalesOnline - United Kingdom
South Wales Police and the Ministry of Defence said there were no reports of any UFO sightings that night. MoD community relations officer for Wales, ...

8-17-2008 - Mountains and UFOs
WSAZ-TV - Huntington,WV,USA
Now add another chapter about more documented UFO activity than any other place in America. For proof, author-researcher Frank Feschino points to his ...

8-17-2008 - One Weird Weekend
The Santa Barbara Independent - Santa Barbara,CA,USA
As any regular readers already know, the Central Coast Science-UFO Symposium is in full swing in Santa Maria, and going through Sunday. No UFOs are expected ...

8-16-2008 - UFO's Targeting Bush's Crawford Ranch?
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
by Michael Salla Page 1 of 1 page(s) If confirmed, Booth's claims demonstrate the important national security concerns surrounding the Stephenville UFO ...

Daily Star - London,UK
Police had so many calls they sent officers to investigate the UFO mystery. Matthew Darsley, 31, who lives on the estate in Stretford, Manchester, ...

8-16-2008 - Two men claim to have captured Bigfoot in northern Georgia
RealVail - Vail,CO,USA
... us the 7000 pound grizzly bear, free lunar real estate, video of the UFO which buzzed New York City and, now that I think about it, this very story). ...

8-16-2008 - USAF still silent on Stephenville
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota,FL,USA
By Billy Cox It’s been five quiet and patient days now since De Void began pressing the US Air Force for a response to MUFON’s report on the UFO tracked by ...

8-16-2008 - Cloud passing behind UFO
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
I have sent these photos to two Australian UFO research facilities but they can not tell me what it is. If you have an opinion as to what the object is ...

8-15-2008 - Conspiracies, James Carville, UFOs and me
WorldNetDaily - Grants Pass,OR,USA
UFOs? They exist. One example of a living UFO, whom I don't mind revealing, is Democratic operative James Carville. How do you think former President Bill ...

8-15-2008 - UFO in Colquitt County?
By Jennifer Emert - bio | email ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Lights in the night sky over Colquitt County have some wondering if they're being visited from outer ...

8-15-2008 - 'UFO mystery' in Stretford
Manchester Evening News - Manchester,England,UK
Experts in defence intelligence staff reported in 2000 that many UFOs are in fact an atmospheric phenomenon, extremely hot gases (plasmas) created by ...

8-15-2008 - Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird: Supercarrier had strange experience
McDowell News - Marion,NC,USA
Today, we shall consider the tale of the crew of an aircraft carrier encountering a UFO while sailing through the infamous Bermuda Triangle. ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
ET UFO Armorial Heraldic Bearings may be preventing World War III and Black Holes as Weapons of Mass Destruction. There is a destructive energy taking place ...

8-14-2008 - UFO hacker McKinnon granted US extradition reprieve
The Tech Herald - Indianapolis,IN,USA
by Steve Ragan - Aug 13 2008, 13:59 When we last heard from Gary McKinnon (aka the NASA hacker), he had lost his appeal against extradition to the United ...

8-14-2008 - UFO group 'serious' over new sightings
Royston Crow - Royston,England,UK
BARELY a week has passed this summer without one national newspaper or another carrying a story about UFO sightings across Britain. And now UFOs are claimed ...

8-14-2008 - Is this a UFO?
LoughboroughEcho.net - Loughborough,UK
The UFO, which was travelling west to east before turning 90 degrees and heading south, was spotted by at least three residents independently - including ...

Largs and Millport Weekly News - Largs,UK
Did you see the strange flashing UFO object? Do you know the origins of the flashing lights on the Isle of Cumbrae. If so, contact editorial@largsnews.co.uk ...

8-14-2008 - UFO sighting reported near Calmar this morning
Gazette Online - Solon,IA,USA
By Jeff Raasch CALMAR - Take this for what it's worth: A UFO was reported early this morning along Highway 150. The Winneshiek County Sheriff's Office ...

8-14-2008 - Extradition of UFO hacking accused delayed by fortnight
The Herald - Glasgow,Scotland,UK
A Scottish UFO enthusiast accused of the "biggest military hack of all time" has won a two-week stay on his extradition to the US. ...

8-14-2008 - FAA Release of Radar Data Signals a new 'Openness Policy' on UFOs
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
by Michael Salla Page 1 of 2 page(s) Significant support for the testimony of multiple witnesses of a UFO seen near Stephenville Texas on January 8, ...

8-13-2008 - Poli Sci Fi
Inside Higher Ed - Washington,DC,USA
That argument boils down to a claim that UFO research has never achieved legitimacy because the very possibility of visitation by extraterrestrials poses ...

8-13-2008 - UFO doesn't necessarily mean alien
Times Daily (subscription) - Florence,AL,USA
Q: Am I right in saying this: A UFO doesn't have to be an alien spacecraft in order to be a UFO? A: Well, now, that's an unusual question. ...

8-12-2008 - On this week: Aug 11-18
Yahoo! Eurosport - London,UK
He seems to have dropped off the radar a bit in recent yearsa bit like that UFO he saw I suppose. Nigel Mansell's last full season in Formula One was also ...

8-12-2008 - UFO sightings in Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield
Times 24 - Welwyn Garden City,England,UK
OVER the weekend the WHT have been inundated with reports of UFO sightings across Times Territory skies. Readers have seen a mass group of lights flying in ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Now we are seeing ET UFOS overhead in the sky and this is awakening our inner processes and making us question our prior programming and belief systems. ...

8-12-2008 - An Alien Perspective
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
There is some other very good material in this account like, "About 80% of all UFO abductions and personal contacts are the result of hypnotically induced ...

8-12-2008 - Undocumented "Warwick Chamber" may be evidence of pre-columbian ...
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Could the huge bird have been a UFO or a primitive dirigible or balloon? Philip Imbrogno suggests that one possible explanation for all these mysterious ...

8-12-2008 - Gran sights UFO over New Forest
Southern Daily Echo - Southampton,England,UK
By Ash Bolton A HAMPSHIRE camper claims to have spotted a UFO that was travelling "faster than a plane" over the New Forest. Grandmother Jasmine Percy was ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
The ET UFO information may very well be the knowledge that some of the ET UFO contacts are receiving. Evolutionary enlightenment is now described as this; ...

8-11-2008 - Eyes on the sky: UFOs are real, whether the government admits it ...
The Ann Arbor News - MLive.com - Ann Arbor,MI,USA
By Harry Willnus The most recent UFO survey of Americans found that about 42 million of us have seen something in the sky that we couldn't identify. ...

8-11-2008 - NT power to rest on UFO-sighting chook farmer?
The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Mr Wood, who entered Parliament in 2001, last month reported seeing a UFO over Howard Springs, his home town. This didn't stop Mr Wood receiving 80% of the ...

8-11-2008 - Every Little Green Man Helps
Londonist - London,UK
Strange news from the East of the glittering constellation that is London: UFO sightings over a Tesco car park in Bromley-by-Bow. ...

8-11-2008 - West Virginia almost a UFO heaven?
Beckley Register-Herald (subscription) - Beckley,WV,USA
Now add another chapter to the 35th state’s storied history — more documented UFO activity than any other place in America. For proof, author-researcher ...

8-11-2008 - Will Ufology Pressure the Scientific Community for Recognition?
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Becoming a UFO investigator means that you are already involved in a heatedly debated field. UFO investigators normally start off as Ufologists, ...

8-11-2008 - Readers' Comments UFO-spotting NT pollie could hold power
Adelaidenow - Australia
A UFO-SPOTTING former chicken farmer could hold the balance of power in the Northern Territory's new government after Labor took a hammering at the polls. ...

8-10-2008 - Australian UFO sightings surge
Courier Mail - Australia
THIS year could set a record for UFO sightings across Australia as the new X-Files movie sparks renewed interest in extra terrestrial lifeforms. ...

8-10-2008 - 35 years ago, our mothership came in There's green in those little men
Biloxi Sun Herald - MS, USA
His account of the story is told in the book, 'UFO Contact at Pascagoula,'. Back in 1973, our leaders missed the chance to cash in on an extraordinary event ...

8-10-2008 - 'People should be afraid'
Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
A UFO spotting former chicken farmer from the Northern Territory outback could hold the balance of power in a new government. "People should be afraid, ...

8-10-2008 - UFO caught on Tape in Oregon
ShortNews.com - Regensburg,Germany
Over the weekend many eye witnesses reported seeing a UFO in Oregon skies. One eye witness grabbed a camera to record the unknown object. ...

8-10-2008 - The modern phenomena of UFOs and "flying saucers" began in ...
The Westender - Brisbane,Queensland,Australia
Eyewitness News Reports: "Glowing UFO Crash Near California." August 02, 2008 - apparently this sighting was not a falling meteorite. ...

8-10-2008 - UFO sightings at peak in Britain
United Press International - USA
9 (UPI) -- Some 150 unidentified flying objects have already been reported to British authorities this year, making 2008 a bumper year for UFO sightings, ...

8-10-2008 - Comet due to appear in the night sky
Littlehampton Gazette - Littlehampton,England,UK
I thought I would contact you because I was reading you're UFO story and I thought people in the town might be interested in seeing the comet for themselves ...

8-09-2008 - McKinnon UFO hack 'looked like cyberterrorist attack'
Register - London,England,UK
... involved in the long-running fight to extradite the British Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon have defended their dogged pursuit of the UFO hunter. ...

8-09-2008 - Brit's UFO sightings reach 150 this year
Newstrack India - Delhi,India
Reported 'alien' sightings are at their highest level for years - with authorities now hearing about four mysterious objects in Britain's skies every week. ...

8-09-2008 - Out of the blue, into the black
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota,FL,USA
As UFOs go, this one’s got great gams and a wicked hemline: multiple eyewitnesses, search-and-rescue operations by local fishermen and the Royal Canadian ...

8-09-2008 - They’re tired of the ‘giggle factor’
Adobe Press - Arroyo Grande,CA,USA
By Janene Scully/Associate Editor When a UFO symposium lands in Santa Maria, don’t expect participants to wear tinfoil hats, but do count on debate about ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Seeing a real extraterrestrial UFO physically and not just mentally is easier than people may think. There are many people on earth who do not get to see o

8-08-2008 - Let's Give This Geek A Medal
Glasgow Daily Record - Glasgow,Scotland,UK
GARY McKINNON, this UFO obsessive, doesn't deserve to serve 60 years in one of Uncle's Sam's rest homes after hacking into Nasa along with 97 US military ...

8-08-2008 - McKinnon's UFO hack looked like a terrorist attack
Reseller News - New Zealand
McKinnon, who claims he broke into US military computers hoping to uncover evidence of UFOs, plans to appeal the decision to the European Court of Human ...
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
The ET UFO is part of a fleet of ET UFOS. There are many types. Some are shuttles. Some are carriers, some are battle ships. This information is about one ...

8-08-2008 - UFO spotted over East End supermarket’ shock—truth is out there!
East London Advertiser - London,England,UK
THE hit series X Files returns to TV screens against a background of UFOs reported in the skies over East London this week. There could be a case for Mulder ...

8-08-2008 - Follow the Beijing Olympic on 'O-Zone'
York Daily Record - York,PA,USA
... the US men's soccer team's first game, some thoughts on Michael Phelps, and memories of Mary Decker, Zola Budd and that odd UFO at Los Angeles in 1984. ...

8-08-2008 - UFO Sighting in Romsley Near Clent Hills, Stourbridge, UK
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada

Boise Weekly - ID, USA
Mitchell, 77, a veteran of Apollo 14 and the sixth man to walk on the moon, says his information comes from old military men who were at the UFO crash site ...

8-07-2008 - Truthed.com Has Finally Arrived and Does Not Fail To Impress
PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
UFO, Conspiracy Theory, Bigfoot, Government Cover Up and Paranormal enthusiasts alike have finally found a home. Truthed.com brings a much needed modern ...

8-07-2008 - A UFO in Cumberland County? (updated 11 am)
Carlisle Sentinel - Carlisle,PA,USA
By Naomi Creason, Sentinel Reporter, August 5, 2008 All Jeana Green could think of was that something had exploded in the sky Sunday night. ...

8-05-2008 - Admiral: Never looked for UFO data
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota,FL,USA
By Billy Cox A former high-ranking military intelligence official rumored to have been snubbed in his attempts to obtain sheltered UFO data insists he never ...

8-07-2008 - British Columbia witnesses suggest clouds concealing UFO
Canadian National Newspaper - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Several people took photos of it and many people commented on how they had never seen anything like it...they said it was as if a UFO was inside of it. ...

8-07-2008 - 'UFO Hunters' invade Socorro
El Defensor Chieftain - Socorro,NM,USA
TSLAST The story of the 1964 Socorro UFO landing is about to get even more attention. A crew with the History Channel was in town this week to document the ...

8-06-2008 - Oregon Man Catches Possible UFO on Video
News10.net - Sacramento,CA,USA
SUNRIVER, OR - Home video from a man in central Oregon showing what appears to be a UFO has experts scratching their heads. "This is odd, I said, ...

8-06-2008 - A UFO in Cumberland County?
Carlisle Sentinel - Carlisle,PA,USA
A UFO? Actually, the latter is closer to the truth. At 10:16 pm on Sunday, the International Space Station made one of its many passes across the Earth, ...

8-06-2008 - The truth is out there as Scarborough residents witness UFO: VIDEO
Scarborough Today - Scarborough,England,UK
By Ian Duncan SCARBOROUGH could soon have its very own collection of X Files after the latest sighting of a UFO in Newby. Witnesses saw a white glowing ...

8-06-2008 - Truth is out there somewhere . . .
Shropshire Star - Telford,England,UK
Dave Cosnette from the The Cosmic Conspiracies team, who runs the popular website www.ufos-aliens.co.uk, receives an average of 300 emails a day from ...

8-06-2008 - A degree in strange flying objects alien no longer
The Canberra Times - Canberra,Australian Capital Territory,Australia
TALK of UFOs is often dismissed as fanciful, but at one Australian university at least, it has entered the realm of academia. Melbourne University will this ...

8-06-2008 - UFO sighting among few still unexplained
Prince George Citizen - Prince George,British Columbia,Canada
The Canadian UFO survey for 2007 shows an increase in the number of sightings of unidentified flying objects filed across the nation, but only a fraction ...

8-06-2008 - Can you solve UFO mystery?
Plymouth Evening Herald - Plymouth,England,UK
A STARGAZER who photographed a ‘glowing orb’ moving slowly over the city is appealing for the public’s help to identify the object. Chris Edwards, aged 43, ...

8-05-2008 - UFO sceptics report sightings in Kings Heath
BirminghamMail.net - Birmingham,UK
FORMER UFO sceptics have bombarded the Birmingham Mail with reports of sightings of mysterious lights above Kings Heath and Moseley. ...

8-05-2008 - UFO sightings - "It's time for an official inquiry."
Bedford Today - UK
Leading paranormal enthusiasts have called for an inquiry following a spate of claimed UFO sightings across Bedfordshire this summer. ...

8-05-2008 - UFO festival this weekend
Nova News Now - New Minas,Nova Scotia,Canada
The Municipality of Barrington has also approved $1000 for the society towards a large wall plaque, which will depict the night of the UFO sighting in 1967. ...

8-05-2008 - Four Corners Area to be site of presentation by UFO Abductee
24-7PressRelease.com (press release) - USA
Author and UFO abductee Miriam Delicado will speak on her abduction and subsequent contact with aliens. Her presentation will be the first of its kind in ...

Gladstone Observer - Australia
"And there was this round UFO with very bright lights. "It stayed there for about three seconds, turned on its side and accelerated out over the harbour and ...

8-05-2008 - Dr who? Why, it's Martin Plowman, PhD UFO
The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Photo: Jason South TALK of UFOs is often dismissed as fanciful but at one Australian university, at least, it has entered the realms of academia. ...

8-04-2008 - UFO Skeptics Throw in the Towel - How Did Meier Beat NASA by 32 Years?
PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
Meier foretold water discovery on Mars in 1976; Larry King show deluged with requests to cover the Billy Meier UFO case. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 4, ...

8-04-2008 - The Paranormal: A New Science of the 21st Century
Llewellyn Journal - St. Paul,MN,USA
I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in science, and this makes me one of the few UFO/paranormal investigators with a real scientific background. ...

8-04-2008 - Aliens and UFOs – What if........?
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
I seem to have written more than my usual number of "Alien/UFO" articles of late, but I have to say it is more interesting than writing about politics. ...

8-03-2008 - UFO sightings are just out of this world
Reading Evening Post - Reading,England,UK
A UFO? And then common sense kicked in,” she said. “Somebody must have been setting them off. There must be a rational explanation for it all. ...

8-03-2008 - Astronaut's admission sparks wave of UFO sightings
Courier Mail - Australia
UFO Research Queensland president Sheryl Gottschall said the high-profile discussion prompted Queenslanders to come forward with their own alien encounters. ...

8-03-2008 - Posted By TIM PHILP
Brantford Expositor - Canada
We are frequently mystified by what we see there, and nothing illustrates that better than the phenomenon of UFOs. UFO's, or Unidentified Flying Objects, ...

8-03-2008 - So now we know what makes the news
Tehran Times - Iran
By Greg Boone As UFO researchers and realists are aware, over the past week the most startling of disclosures occurred when Apollo 14 astronaut and sixth ...

8-03-2008 - Eyewitness News Reports: "Glowing UFO Crash Near California."
Gather.com - Boston,MA,USA
Numerous witnesses to the crashed UFO say it was speeding down towards the Earth and crashed, one witness heard a thud. Five Black helicopters were reported ...

8-01-2008 - Aliens stole my brain
Telegraph.co.uk - United Kingdom
says Malcolm Robinson, founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations, Britain's leading UFO-tracking group, "but imagine the consequences for our civilisation ...

8-03-2008 - Police flooded with UFO sightings
BBC News - UK
More than a dozen UFO sightings were reported to police after partygoers attached candles to balloons and released them into the night sky. ...

8-02-2008 - Is this the Staines UFO?
Staines News - Staines,Surrey,UK
Police received eight calls between 11pm and 12.30am about UFO sightings, and this picture was recently submitted to our website by a user, Miss Sarah Jayne ...

8-02-2008 - Socorro makes claim as UFO destination
KOB.com - Albuquerque,NM,USA
There’s another New Mexico town staking out a claim as a bona fide member of UFO territory. It was 1964 in Socorro -- with LBJ in the White House, ...

8-02-2008 - post-modern ufos
clusterflock - Fort Worth,TX,USA
Yet in fact this is not known, which makes the UFO taboo puzzling given the ET possibility. Drawing on the work of Giorgio Agamben, Michel Foucault, ...

8-02-2008 - Give 'Em Hill: Seeing (blips) is believing
Oakland Tribune - Oakland,CA,USA
It's time once again for my annual UFO report and extraterrestrial update, zooming to you through the pages of this earthbound newspaper at warp speed, ...

8-01-2008 - Astronaut's alien claims fall short, says UFO researcher
ABC Online - Australia
A former NASA astronaut stunned the scientific world and divided UFO watchers when he claimed last week that UFOs and aliens do exist. ...

8-01-2008 - City Might Recognize UFO Sighting Spot As Historical Site
Mountain Mail - Socorro,NM,USA
SOCORRO – The location of the alleged 1964 Socorro UFO sighting may be recognized by the city as a historical site, if Socorro’s Tourism Director Deborah ...

8-01-2008 - The cost of curiosity
guardian.co.uk - UK
Gary McKinnon is no terrorist – he's a UFO nerd. And the US would be wise to give him a job So Gary McKinnon, the hacker who cracked the computer systems of ...

8-01-2008 - UFO-obsessed hacker loses extradition battle
Nature.com (subscription) - London,England,UK
Wired’s blog notes that “most of the intrusions were into Army computers, when everyone knows the Air Force is hiding the UFOs”. Oh, and he was stoned most ...

8-01-2008 - UFO Hacker's computer hacked
CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA
His defense seems to consist of his insistence that all he was looking for was secret knowledge about UFOs. This blog loves secret knowledge too. ...

8-01-2008 - Alien and UFO proof – "I want to believe" but who?
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Since the recent interview with Dr. Edgar Mitchell hit the news, claiming Aliens and UFOs exist, there have been many more such reports appearing (something ...

8-01-2008 - NASA expert claims to have seen ET from UFO standing in Shuttle ...
Australia.TO - Sydney,NSW,Australia
I am ready to tell my story, but, for compensation, Clark McClelland is a bonafide expert in the field of UFO specialists. He began his investigations of ...

8-01-2008 - East Midlands Flightpath UFO Mystery Continues
Compare-Airport-Parking - Ashford,Kent,UK
Here on Compare Airport Parking we have reported on UFO sightings near airports for you and it seems that East Midlands Airport is still the target of ...

7-31-2008 - British UFO Hacker Gary McKinnon is Coming to America
Wired News - USA
In interviews, McKinnon has admitted the hacking spree (though not the damage), which he says was a search for evidence of a military UFO cover-up. ...

7-31-2008 - Followup: Ed Mitchell and UFO believers
Discover Magazine - New York,NY,USA
To wit: in the Mitchell post, and in previous UFO posts (some of which are pretty recent), I make the simple demand of actual evidence of alien spaceships ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
ET UFO REVELATIONS is to be revealed in many new books of revelation. Why not be one of the writers and authors. The time on earth is just right to write. ...

7-31-2008 - Close encounters in the capital
The Canberra Times - Canberra,Australian Capital Territory,Australia
At the time The Standard newspaper at Warrnambool reported that a UFO had been spotted flying over the local drive-in. Other sightings occurred across the ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Global denomination not global domination is an extraterrestrial UFO Theory. One repeated revelation on GOD as an ET UFO Theory is; A beings works and words ...

7-31-2008 - What UFOs Are
Australia.TO - Sydney,NSW,Australia
The “outer” explanation of the UFO phenomenon and the human activities surrounding it is as follows: The phenomenon is real, and largely inexplicable ...

UFO-chaser extradited for mother of all military hacks
New Zealand Herald - New Zealand
By Raphael G. Satter Gary McKinnon is accused of hacking US military computers - he says he was looking for UFO evidence online. ...

Is this a UFO?
Reading Evening Post - Reading,England,UK
A UFO?’ and then common sense kicked in. “I don’t think either of us believe it was a UFO and somebody must have been setting them off. ...

7-30-2008 - More UFO news.......and another book!
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
The recent revelations by Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell that Aliens and UFOs do exist, has caused quite a stir and even managed to get a mention on ...

7-30-2008 -
After years of silence, Idaho woman determined to spread word ...
Longview Daily News - Longview,WA,USA
But since she began hosting UFO meetings in April 2007, she has seen and heard so much evidence of extraterrestrial encounters that she wishes she had ...

7-30-2008 - 4.14pm - UFO spotted in county
Forester - Gloucester,England,UK
Sarah says she doesn't particularly believe in UFOs or life on other planets and wouldn't be rushing to see the new X-Files movie out this week. ...

7-30-2008 - UFO Reality
The News - Salem,AR,USA
On July 23, 2008, Dr. Mitchell made the same assertions on a London radio station interview, stating that he was aware of many UFO visits to Earth during ...

7-30-2008 - Tens of People Witnessed UFO in Kaliningrad
Russia-InfoCenter - Moscow,Russia
On the 27th of June tens of citizens of the Russian city of Kaliningrad witnessed an UFO. For nearly an hour the unknown silver object hung over the local ...

7-30-2008 - NASA Films UFO Later, Denies Visual Proof.
Gather.com - Boston,MA,USA
In September 1991 the spacecraft Discovery recorded remarkable film footage of an unidentified flying object in space. This NASA video shows visual evidence ...

7-30-2008 - Could repeated UFO sightings be proof we are not alone?
Derby Evening Telegraph - Derby,England,UK
Omar Fowler, group leader of Derby's Phenomenon Research Association, which studies UFOs, made the comment after the Evening Telegraph told him about ...

7-30-2008 - Our garden was buzzed by a UFO!
North Devon Gazette & Advertiser - Barnstaple,England,UK
BOB and Christine Bird were enjoying a lazy summer evening in their garden when they claim a UFO swooped low over their bungalow. ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
NEWSFLASH- FORMER USA ASTRONAUT REVEALS UFO PHENOMENA IS REAL. This is a global epiphany on UFO phenomena if ever there was one! ...

7-29-2008 - A former astronaut says NASA is covering up evidence of ...
KTRH - Houston,TX,USA
“I was impressed when I first met him, but I was even more impressed that he decided to come out,” says Peter Davenport, the director of the National UFO ...
Huge increase in UFO searches
Web User - London,UK
UFOs are a much loved phenomena for the British public, with barely a week going by without a sighting of a flying saucer hovering over Wembley or Waterloo ...

7-29-2008 - CIA X-files Support Astronaut Edgar Mitchell UFO Tale
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Curiously, the most important aspect of Dr. Mitchell's testimony to the "Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape" UFO affair has received little attention from most ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
UFO is considered an abbreviation for unidentified flying object. Ufology is considered a noun and is defined as the study of UFOs according to The New ...

7-29-2008 - I-Team: New UFO Mystery Surfaces
KLAS-TV - Las Vegas,NV,USA
A large object with a turquoise hue plummeted out of the sky earlier this summer and plowed into the earth south of Las Vegas near Needles, California. ...

7-29-2008 - Unidentified Flying Threats
New York Times - United States
A healthy skepticism about extraterrestrial space travelers leads people to disregard UFO sightings without a moment’s thought. But in the United States, ...

7-29-2008 - American Black Budget Projects and UFO Disclosure
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Quite a bit about the UFO and abduction phenomena puzzle me. For me, sometimes writing can bring out possibilities that otherwise stay hidden in the deepest ...

7-29-2008 - How Will We Negotiate With Extraterrestrials?
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
... deceived and brainwashed by the 60 year old UFO/ET cover-up and are going to think that speculation about negotiations with aliens is way over the top. ...

7-29-2008 - Gallery: UFO sightings in Comet Country?
Comet 24 - Welwyn Garden City,England,UK
William Rogers who was at Mr Riley's barbecue said: "I didn't believe in UFOs until Saturday. It was quite unbelievable. "The spheres were silent and ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
ALIEN ET UFO CONTACTEE on GOD or Dot the Theory of everything is based on a theory in a head of an alien et ufo Contactee. This is a proposed theory on ...

7-28-2008 - We've kept UFO proof secret to protect Hollywood
Courier Mail - Australia
By Geoff Shearer ''THE craft was triangular in shape and had at least three white lights that alternated indiscernibly and perhaps one light in the middle. ...

7-28-2008 - UFOs: Survey says we believe
The Sun - London,UK
THE record number of UFO sightings up and down the country on Saturday night has baffled experts. Mysterious objects spotted included bright orange balls ...

Daily Mirror - Colombo,Western,Sri Lanka
By Dhyan Abeyagoonasekera Many people treat UFOs or extraterrestrial (ET) life as ‘ridiculous nonsense.’ It is a case of an endless expanse of wide open ...

7-28-2008 - Most Brits believe that UFOs do exist
Fresh News - Delhi,Delhi,India
Nine per cent of those polled are convinced they have seen a UFO. Men and women are equally likely to believe, as are people living in different parts of ...

7-27-2008 - US show to see if truth is out there
WalesOnline - United Kingdom
US TV makers have set a date for when they will visit the site in Wales where a mysterious UFO was spotted by police. The unknown object, spotted by ...

7-27-2008 - Sedona: Mecca For UFOs, Nature Lovers And New Age Disciples
NewsBlaze - Folsom,CA,USA
To add to the fun Sedona is also a hot spot for UFO activity. I'm a native of San Francisco and I thought the City by the Bay had an eclectic mix, ...

7-27-2008 - The Briton facing 60 years in US prison after hacking into Pentagon
guardian.co.uk - UK
A Lords ruling in favour of McKinnon, who has become a cause célèbre for UFO enthusiasts, computer users and civil liberties groups, would force US ...

DISCLOSURE - on Google Video
Moon Lander Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Discloses the Truth

7-26-2008 - Ex-Nasa astronaut tells radio presenter he believes in UFOs
guardian.co.uk - UK
The list of those who subscribe to the theory that alien life forms and UFOs have visited Earth amid a massive government cover-up is long and varied. ...

7-26-2008 - Edgar Mitchell's now-famous UFO interview:
Australia.TO - Sydney,NSW,Australia
1) We know he has been talking for many years about his sightings of UFOs when he was an astronaut. 2) In his interview, he said that the US government has ...

7-26-2008 - RECONCILIATION - The UFO Phenomenon and My Personal Beliefs
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
How do we apply this to the study of aliens and the UFO phenomenon as a whole? God commanded Mankind to subdue the earth and have dominion over every living ...

7-26-2008 - Local UFO sightings more common than you think
Georgina Advocate - Keswick,ON,Canada
These strange sights in York Region skies are among seven UFO sightings in the newly released 2007 Canadian UFO Report. The annual report, written by ...

7-26-2008 - UFO ballot foes to rally Saturday
Denver Post - Denver,CO,USA
A UFO Debriefing" from 1 to 5 pm at John Collins United Methodist Church at 2320 South Bannock St. in Denver. The group aims to show that evidence used to ...

7-26-2008 - They really, really want to believe in UFOs
San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA
(07-25) 16:19 PDT SAN JOSE -- People who believe in UFOs are in San Jose this weekend, trying to be sensible about the whole thing. ...

7-26-2008 - They really, really want to believe in UFOs
San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA
(07-25) 16:19 PDT SAN JOSE -- People who believe in UFOs are in San Jose this weekend, trying to be sensible about the whole thing. ...

7-25-2008  -
Duchovny's UFO sighting
iAfrica.com - Cape Town,South Africa
He said: "I believe I saw a UFO once, about 1982, but I don’t know what it was. I saw something in the sky that disappeared. I was having a hard time then, ...

7-25-2008  - Paranormal believer Erik Beckjord dies at 69
San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA
Erik Beckjord, a paranormal investigator who tried to share his theories at his UFO, Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster Museum in North Beach, has died at age 69 ...

7-25-2008  - UFO Disclosure needs tighter and stronger networking - or, Project ...
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
The gift and curse of present day information production, distribution, and access presents both significant encouragement and obstacles between us and UFO ...

 7-25-2008  - UFO sightings up, believability down
NEWS.com.au - Australia
By Kim Powell A RECENT spate of UFO sightings around the world has believers in a frenzy, but even the inside scoop from a former astronaut is not enough to ...

7-25-2008  - Interpreting the MUFON Stephenville UFO radar report: What does it ...
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Steve Hammons What are some of the key points in the report released Thursday, July 10, 2008, that was prepared by Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) ...

7-25-2008  - Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, begins Official UFO Disclosure
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Joan d'Arc July 23, 2008, An historic day! I've transcribed much of the conversation. Mitchell says over 70 percent of people accept it as fact. ...

7-25-2008  - UFO Disclosure from Astronaut Edgar Mitchell
Australia.TO - Sydney,NSW,Australia
He says we have been visited, and that UFOs have been covered up by the government for a long time. The host almost has a stroke during the interview he's ...

7-25-2008  - UFO spotted in NSW's South Coast in past month claim
NEWS.com.au - Australia
By Neil Keene UFOS have been spotted on the NSW South Coast in the past month as former US astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell ignites the debate about aliens ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
At that time, I was asked to become an Investigator in order to assist others who have also had UFO sightings, abductions, and most importantly contact. ...

7-24-2008  - Family terrified by UFO
WalesOnline - United Kingdom
Cornfields are always a popular choice, as are the backwaters of the USA’s Deep South. But for Pentrebach’s Christine Williams, a terrifying first encounter ...

 7-24-2008  - Join the world beyond at UFO Days this weekend
Pierce County Herald - Ellsworth,WI,USA
ELMWOOD — No war-of-the worlds, Elmwood UFO Days promises to be a friendly gathering of earthlings and aliens alike this weekend. The celebration that’s out ...

7-24-2008  - Jonesboro Man Says He Saw a UFO and We Have the Video!
KAIT - Jonesboro,AR,USA
Kibby feels that the light, be it a UFO or not, may have been hostile. He says he trusts his dogs instincts and if they feel bad about something, ...

7-24-2008  - What to do if you see a UFO
TCPalm - West Palm Beach,FL,USA
The Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, has compiled guidelines for witnesses to report UFO sightings. 1. Remain calm. But protect yourself from any hazards, ...

 7-24-2008  - X-File odysseys and UFO adventures
NEWS.com.au - Australia
In pictures: X-File Odysseys around the world » THE UFO stories started out simply enough. A craft hovering at high altitude. Strange lights. Lasers. ...

7-24-2008  - Chopper 'chase' joins UFO files
Northern Territory - Australia
There have been several reported UFO sightings in Darwin's rural area in recent weeks. Acacia Hills resident Alan Ferguson photographed what he believed to ...

7-23-2008 - 2012, Mayan Calendar, Nibiru, Alien / UFO Disclosure
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
Our endless speculations concerning UFOs, government knowledge of them, and the alien question are answered whether the powers that be want it or not. ...

7-23-2008 - Teen shocked after UFO encounter
East Anglian Daily Times - Ipswich,England,UK
A TEENAGER has spoken of her shock after she had a close encounter with what she believed was a UFO hovering above her. Charlotte Bevan, 18, Foxhall Road in ...

7-23-2008 - UFO controversy coming to a radio near you
Pensacola News Journal - Pensacol,FL,USA
That's because the topic is the Gulf Breeze UFO controversy and, based on everything I've read about it, folks around at that time
7-23-2008 -  probably would be happy ...

7-23-2008 - Treasure Coast residents report UFO sightings
TCPalm - West Palm Beach,FL,USA
A security guard working at a Martin County Interstate 95 rest stop reported seeing UFOs four nights in a row. "They have the appearance of satellites; ...

7-23-2008 - Treasure Coast residents report UFO sightings
TCPalm - West Palm Beach,FL,USA
A security guard working at a Martin County Interstate 95 rest stop reported seeing UFOs four nights in a row. "They have the appearance of satellites; ...

7-22-2008 - Hounslow UFO's Baffling Local Residents
Compare-Airport-Parking - Ashford,Kent,UK
... phenomenon as the MInistry Of Defence do not investigate UFO cases unless a threat is apparent from the sighting - at least that is the official line! ...

7-22-2008 - Whoosh! UFO shoots across sky and MoD ask me to say nothing!
East London Advertiser - London,England,UK
I REPORTED a 'UFO' to the Ministry of Defence 29 years ago when I was a student nurse at a local hospital in Leicestershire. The object appeared to hover ...

7-22-2008 - Look, up in the sky: NB reports record number of UFOs
CBC.ca - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
"Nevertheless, it was reported as a UFO and adds to the body of cases that contribute to our understanding of what people are really seeing. ...

7-21-2008 - Earthly explanations for UFO’s? I doubt it.
Famagusta Gazette - Ayia Napa,Famagusta,Cyprus
Two days later, a local man sent an account to the Famagusta Gazette, outlining his brief encounter with a UFO. “I was on Larnaca beach on Tuesday 8th July ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Why are we now seeing so much interest in the alien ET UFO Matrix Oracle Network? We all have similar ideas that are popping in our neural networks at the ...

7-20-2008 - MONROE COUNTY: Do UFO's favor Metro East?
Monroe County Clarion - Columbia,IL,USA
It was nearly a month ago the History Channel and its "UFO Hunters" crew visited Millstadt on a fact-finding mission spurred by a former village police ...

7-20-2008 - 'UFO' lands in Potters Fields Park
London SE1 - London,England,UK
A strange crater appeared in Potters Fields Park on Saturday as part of the launch of Vauxhall's new Insignia car range. The large object had 'landed' on ...

7-20-2008 - Guided UFO dangers
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer - Columbus,GA,USA
So don't stand directly under a UFO. Or otherwise get too close to it, according to some safety tips in Chapter 13 of the book "Fire Officer's Guide to ...
7-20-2008 - Op-ed column: Story on UFO watcher raised some disturbing questions
Schenectady Gazette - Schenectady,NY,USA
July 10th’s Gazette reported on James G. Bouck, Jr., local UFO enthusiast. Although I’ve never met Bouck, 10 to 15 years ago, during my “hard-core skeptic” ...

7-19-2008 - 'UFO' claim brings MoD response
Diss Express - Diss,England,UK
A statement from the Ministry of Defence department responsible for UFO sightings, said they had not received reports of any in the area, but were unable to ...

7-18-2008 - Kitchener leads area for UFO sightings
Waterloo Record - Waterloo,Ontario,Canada
Seven UFO sightings in Kitchener, two in Guelph and one in Cambridge were among a record number of sightings in Ontario last year, according to a Manitoba ...

7-18-2008 - UFO Files: Alien Encounters:
DVD Talk - Portland,OR,USA
Yet I'm often compelled into watching something like Alien Encounters, a 45-minute episode of UFO Files from the History Channel. The days when I was bowled ...

7-18-2008 - UFO Files: Alien Encounters:
DVD Talk - Portland,OR,USA
Yet I'm often compelled into watching something like Alien Encounters, a 45-minute episode of UFO Files from the History Channel. The days when I was bowled ...

7-18-2008 - UFO Files: Alien Encounters:
DVD Talk - Portland,OR,USA
Yet I'm often compelled into watching something like Alien Encounters, a 45-minute episode of UFO Files from the History Channel. The days when I was bowled ...
7-18-2008 - Canadians report record number of UFO sightings: report
Vancouver Sun - British Columbia, Canada
The reports were filed by witnesses with government and military agencies, police and several online UFO websites. Chris Rutkowski, the lead researcher of ...

7-18-2008 - History Channel's "UFO Hunters" visit Phoenix
ABC15.com (KNXV-TV) - Phoenix,AZ,USA
Producers from the History Channel's "UFO Hunters" show arrived in the Valley five days ago to interview witnesses of the Phoenix Lights phenomenon from ...

7-18-2008 - 'Sceptic' politician saw UFO
Northern Territory - Australia
A TERRITORY politician has added weight to growing claims there are UFOs flying around in Darwin's rural area. Independent MLA Gerry Wood said he saw a ...

7-18-2008 - Mystery object caught in twister by Formby man has UFO spotters in ...
icSeftonandWestLancs - Southport,England,UK
Whatever it is, it has sent UFO hunters across the world crazy. Pat Regan who owns and runs Pine Pixies in Formby with his wife Cath, was out fishing with ...

7-18-2008 - David Beckham's sons are avid UFO spotters.
Tonight - Johannesburg,South Africa
When Robbie heard about their love of UFOs he promised to tip David off. When the call comes, David and the boys rush into the Hollywood Hills to try to ...

7-18-2008 - Psychologist/UFO researcher to speak in Cody
LocalNews8.com - Idaho Falls,ID,USA
(AP) - A Laramie psychologist who's been researching UFO phenomena for the past 45 years will be speaking in Cody this weekend. ...

7-17-2008 - Chart 3 on Scripps UFO poll
Scripps News - Washington,DC,USA
A survey of 1003 adults conducted by the Scripps Survey Research Center at Ohio University found that 56 percent say it is either "very likely" or "somewhat ...

7-17-2008 - The truth is up there - UFO sightings up in 2007, ufologists find
The Canadian Press - WINNIPEG
WINNIPEG — Marie Ford-Quigley says she isn't the kind of person who believes in UFOs and aliens, and she doesn't usually take a great interest in the skies. ...

7-17-2008 - UFO Reports
CJOB - Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada
Last year saw the second highest number of UFO reports in Canada in a single year. The 2007
Canadian UFO Survey released today.. details 836 UFO sitings. ...
7-17-2008 - Giant UFO Attacks George W. Bush’s Texas Ranch
Wonkette (satire) - Washington,DC,USA
The Mutual UFO Network just released a long investigation (PDF) of the “Stephenville Lights” incident, which briefly won the attention of our ...

7-16-2008 - UFO hovered above marshes
Rye and Battle Today - England,UK
Dukes who lives in flats behind Waitrose, Hailsham, reports two separate sightings of a strange, cone-shaped object. She told the Express: I first saw it ...

7-15-2008 - Who are the people who have seen a UFO?
Scripps News - Washington,DC,USA
The survey revealed that people living in rural areas of the country or in suburbs were twice as likely than urban dwellers to report UFOs. ...

7-15-2008 - Poll probes Americans' belief in UFOs, life on other planets
Scripps News - Washington,DC,USA
America's fascination with UFO sightings has been robust, dating at least back to 1947 with the discovery of unusual objects near Roswell, NM, ...

7-15-2008 - UFO Briefing Held At Denver's Auraria Campus
cbs4denver.com - Denver,CO,USA
By Matthew J. Buettner, cbs4denver.com DENVER (CBS4) ― A UFO Briefing was held all day Saturday in Denver with speakers from around the nation, ...

7-15-2008 - Doc probes reaction of officials to UFOs
London Free Press - Canada
By RAJU MUDHAR, THE CANADIAN PRESS TORONTO -- More than 60 years after the first reported major sighting of a UFO, we're still watching the skies. ...

7-15-2008 - Radar Data Supports Stephenville, Texas UFO Sightings
PR-CANADA.net (press release) - Murino,Montenegro
Radar data obtained by MUFON confirms that there were Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) flying above Stephenville, Texas, January 8th, 2008, ...
7-15-2008 -
7-15-2008 -
Why is UFO activity on the increase?
Blather (satire) - Dublin,Ireland
Indeed, as Daev recently detailed in our book 'A Load of Blather' had there not been a rather oddly intense period of UFO activity towards the end of the ...

7-15-2008 - UFO picture snapped
Diss Express - Diss,England,UK
Last week's mystery lights sighting over South Norfolk has brought a flood of sightings at a similar time. Dozens of readers have written to say they also ...

7-15-2008 - UPDATE: Overseas interest in Southport UFO image
Southport Visiter - Southport,UK
A UFO spotted over West Lancashire could feature on an American Sci-Fi programme after experts denied the photograph was a fake. Pat Regan, 51, of Sandbrook ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Our alien ET UFO metagalaxy friends will be sharing more with certain beings on earth as they always have in the past. Be it known as prophetic messages or ...
7-14-2008 - Whatever happened to...the ex-Marine who saw a UFO?
The Virginian-Pilot - Norfolk,VA,USA
58105" on The History Channel's new "UFO Hunters" series. There, on national TV, host Bill Birnes declared the Suffolk man to be a "hybrid" - a product of ...

7-14-2008 - If You Can Read This, You Might Be An Alien Abductee
io9 - San Francisco,CA,USA
A few days ago, the Weird Universe blog dug up a 1993 report on a UFO abduction survey, investigated by sociology professor Ted Goertzel at Rutgers ...

7-13-2008- Clarksburg author fueled America’s 1950s fascination with flying ...
Times-West Virginian - Fairmont,WV,USA
Throughout his career he published his own UFO newsletter in Clarksburg and wrote multiple books. His most-recognized book was his first one, “They Knew Too ...

7-12-2008 - UFOs over Stephenville neared Bush ranch, according to new report
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Late Thursday night, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) released an extraordinary report about radar e

7-12-2008 -Larry King to revisit Stephenville UFO sightings
Waco Tribune Herald - Waco,TX,USA
By Ken Sury | Friday, July 11, 2008, 04:20 PM The “Larry King Live” program tonight is going to look back at those UFO sightings in Stephenville from ...

7-12-2008 - UFO in Gibson County?
WTVW - Evansville,IN,USA
For the second time within a week, a UFO sighting has been reported in southwestern Indiana. The first report was on July 4th. An unidentified person near ...

7-12-2008 - Crashed UFO Claimed From Dinosaur Age
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Steve Hammons News released today about a secret US Government project to analyze an allegedly extraterrestrial craft has a unique twist. ...

7-11-2008 - Red hot ‘UFO’ falls from sky!
The Statesman - Kolkata,India
KURSEONG, July 11: A circular polymer object measuring about 3 ft in diameter and around 1.5 ft tall dropped from the sky at Lower Sirubari Busty in ...

7-11-2008 -Video footage of Hounslow UFO
Hounslow Chronicle - London,England,UK
Dozens of people have now contacted us about Sunday's night's strange lights - including a teenager with video footage. Aaron Rhys Jenkins from Osterley saw ...

7-10-2008 - UFO witnesses to be on TV
Abilene Reporter-News - Abilene,TX,USA
Stephenville native Ricky Sorrells and other witnesses who claim they saw a UFO in January will be
guests on Larry King Live today. ...
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Those beings born on earth who have been allowed to experience an ET UFO sighting have viewed sightings of spacecraft not of this world. ...

7-10-2008 - Documentary explores UFO history
insideTORONTO.com - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Swansea resident David Cherniak's documentary UFOs: The Secret History airs on History Television on July 15. BY LISA RAINFORD UFOs: The Secret History, ...

7-10-2008 - Prom sparks UFO mystery
Sussex Express - Lewes,England,UK
Strange bright lights in the Horsham night sky dazzled onlookers and sparked extraterrestrial conspiracies in the early hours of Saturday morning (July 5). ...

7-10-2008 - Mutual UFO Network - A Light Within The Darkness of Mystery
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Organized on May 31, 1969, the Midwest UFO Network, now known as the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), stands at the vanguard of the investigation into and the ...

7-10-2008 -
It's a UFO tw-stery
Lancashire Evening Post - Preston,England,UK
One of the fellows from the national press said it's one of the best UFO pictures he's ever seen – the way it is just there next to the grey funnel of the ...

7-10-2008 - UFO captured on camera in North Tyneside
News Guardian - North Tyneside,England,UK
By LIAM THOMPSON ONE man is claiming to have captured an image of a UFO ove
r the borough coast. IT manager Paul Robson, from Newcastle, was visiting ...
7-10-2008 - Poppy And The Jezebels Prep UFO Single
AngryApe - Manchester,UK
'UFO' will be a two-track 7" (plus a digital download, if that floats your boat) featuring the first new material since their Reveal Records-release mini ...

7-10-2008 - UPDATE 1-Lufthansa faces more strikes after pay talks fail
Reuters - USA
A second union, UFO, which represents the majority of Lufthansa's cabin staff, is meanwhile demanding a wage increase of 15 percent. But UFO is subject to a ...
7-10-2008 - UFO circles Hebden Bridge at 3am - local schoolteacher says it ...
Halifax Evening Courier - UK
The UFO circled the town in a slow 10 minute loop at around 3am and was said to be so loud it pulled people from their beds. Sarah Smith, Hebden Bridge ...

7-9-2008 - UFO expert admits Islington video could be aliens
Islington Gazette - London,England,UK
VIDEO footage of a mysterious triangle of lights hovering in the night skies above Islington has been verified by a UFO expert - who believes it could be an ...

7-9-2008 -
Tornado hampers UFO from landing!
Newstrack India - Delhi,India
London, July 9 (ANI): A British man from Lancashire has claimed that a tornado prevented a UFO from landing near where he stood. Pat Regan, 51, who was with ...

7-9-2008 -
Meteor sparks fears of UFO, Iranian missiles in Israel
Israel Today - Jerusalem,Israel
Just as many callers believed the celestial sighting was a UFO. Officials said the atmosphere of near hysteria was only made worse by the fact that ...

7-9-2008 -
British UFO sightings at 'bizarre' levels
Grenswetenschap.nl - Almere,Flevoland,Netherlands
Whether alien activity or natural phenomena, reports of UFOs have flooded in this summer from across the country. Plotted on a map of Britain, the sightings ...

7-9-2008 - More south Norfolk UFO sightings reported
Diss Express - Diss,England,UK
Several people have responded to the sighting of a UFO over a south Norfolk village. The original sighting was over Garboldisham but another Diss Express ...

7-9-2008 - UFO in Southport - www.southportvisiter.co.uk scoops The Sun
Southport Visiter - Southport,UK
www.southportvisiter.co.uk's story yesterday about a possible UFO sighting has been picked up in today's The Sun newspaper. Our website told yesterday how ...

7-9-2008 - UFO expert urges Denver to open doors
Denver Post - Denver,CO,USA
If Denver cracks open the door for alien beings, the rest of the world will follow, UFO expert Steven Greer told believers and near-believers in the Student ...

7-8-2008 - Doctor says feds hiding UFO energy secret
Rocky Mountain News - Denver,CO,USA
By Bill Scanlon, Rocky Mountain News (Contact) A doctor who thinks space aliens have the key to unlimited alternative energy — but that the government is ...

7-8-2008 - UFO panic grips Israel
The Jewish Journal of greater L.A - Los Angeles,CA,USA
I'm still pondering Haaretz's "Meteor sighting sparks UFO panic in Israel" headline. What does it say when Israelis, who are have been pounded by rockets ...

7-8-2008 - UFO mystery: More sightings over Harborough
Lutterworth Today - Lutterworth,England,UK
A FLYING saucer and a snake-like trail of red lights have been spotted by Mail readers looking to the skies since last week's UFO mystery. ...

7-8-2008 - Did you see UFO over Hatfield?
Times 24 - Welwyn Garden City,England,UK
Have you seen any UFOs in Times Territory or did you see either of the lights reported above? Contact reporter Simon Wesson on 01708 384185 with your ...

7-8-2008 - Mystery of Caversham ‘UFO’ light
Reading Evening Post - Reading,England,UK
Reading appears to be a hotspot for UFO sightings after another unidentified object was spotted in the skies of Caversham. Louise Davis, 26, of Managua ...

7-8-2008 - Roswell UFO festival attendance increases
Las Cruces Sun-News - Las Cruces,NM,USA
AP ROSWELL, NM—International UFO Museum and Research Center officials say attendance at Roswell's annual UFO festival jumped more than 25 percent this year. ...

7-8-2008 -  Flintshire readers report more UFO sightings
Wrexham Leader - Wrexham,Wales,UK
By Kate Forrester Keen photographer Peter Jones, of Connah's Quay, believes that he has snapped scores of pictures of UFOs across North Wales while enjoying ...

7-8-2008 -  UFO sighting in Southport during twister mayhem
Southport Visiter - Southport,UK
A UFO was captured on camera as a Southport nature enthusiast snapped away at Sunday’s twister. Father-of-four Pat Regan, 51, of Sandbrook Road, ...

7-8-2008 -  Man tells how he was abducted by UFO
Your Vale - Vale of Clwyd News - Vale of Clwyd,UK
FOLLOWING our story on UFO sightings, one reader has contacted Your Vale to share his own close encounter. Ernie Edwards speaking in his first newspaper ...

7-7-2008 - British UFO sightings at 'bizarre' levels
Telegraph.co.uk - United Kingdom
Royal Navy aircraft engineer Michael Madden said he watched the UFO for three minutes before it 'zoomed off' near Weston-super-Mare in Somerset. ...

7-7-2008 - UFOs: more madness and apocalyptic fears
Times Online - UK
Some newspapers have declared “the summer of the UFO”, as soldiers, police officers, academics and members of the public report strange sightings in the ...

7-7-2008 - UFO´S AND WOMEN - A Few Thoughts on the Multiple Sighting Witness
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
This sighting occurred shortly before a famous crashed UFO was recovered near Roswell, New Mexico on July 7, 1947. The Washington State incident is the most ...

7-7-2008 - UFO sighting in Hertford
East Herts Herald 24 - Stevenage,Engalnd,UK
The report, from 1987, relates to a similar sighting in which a Hertford resident described seeing a UFO for around two hours with the naked eye and through ...
7-6-2008 - MUFON (Mutual UFO Network)
Del Rio Live! - Del Rio,TX,USA
We will continue the discussion of the Mexican Roswell, discuss what to do when seeing a UFO, and share information among those attending. ...

7-7-2008 - Military UFOs: The Truth
Wired News - USA
What the conspiracy theorists have been saying for years is true: There are UFOs out there in space -- operated by the US military, and manufactured by ...

7-7-2008 - Close encounters with North Korea
Asia Times Online - Kowloon,Hong Kong
Although a small cadre of Americans believed deeply in these UFO abductions, the majority saw no need to displace their dread of communists onto visitors ...

7-7-2008 - Public are in denial over UFOs, says investigator
Daily Post - Llandudno Junction,UK
MARGARET Fry has never doubted that beings from outer space visit the Earth, nor the existence of UFOs, ever since she says she saw one with her own eyes 53 ...

7-6-2008 - On this Day: UFO Sighted in Roswell, NM

7-6-2008 - The UFO of Narrabeen

-6-2008 -
What on earth ...

-6-2008 -
'UFO' mystery along Cape coast

-6-2008 -
Did you see lights like these?

7-5-2008 - Hacker Obtains NASA UFO Photos, Faces Prison

7-5-2008 - Help us tackle UFO mystery

7-5-2008 - Local UFOs – the truth...

7-5-2008 - Retired meteorologist still looking skyward - for UFOs

-4-2008 -
Indian-origin Brit mum claims UFO sighting

7-4-2008 - UFO Invading Bucks County?

-3-2008 -
It WAS a UFO I saw that night

7-3-2008 - UFO sighted?

7-3-2008 - UFO investigators drawn to Bucks

7-3-2008 - New UFO witness reopens 1970s ‘Welsh Roswell’ mystery

7-3-2008 - UFO sightings in Bucks County

7-2-2008 - Mystery of Kecksburg UFO incident lost in NASA archives for good

7-2-2008 - Mystery lights or a UFO?

7-2-2008 - UFO seen above Harborough

7-2-2008 - UFO sighting over Derbyshire border

7-2-2008 - UFO watches over Roman soldiers

7-2-2008 - UNT checks authenticity of UFO claim

7-1-2008 - UFOs spotted by Navy engineer above the M5 motorway

7-1-2008 - Ancient crashed UFO claimed to be from dinosaur age, 150 million ...

7-1-2008 - Russians fear Tunguska UFO explosion centenary reprisals

7-1-2008 - UFO spotted over Worthing

7-1-2008 - Mystery surrounds UFO sighting

6-30-2008 - VIDEO: Resident captures film of UFO

6-30-2008 - UFO tape recording revealed

6-30-2008 - Plane, meteor or just a UFO?

6-29-2008 - UFO alert! Aliens everywhere

6-29-2008 - UFO photographed over Hampshire

6-29-2008 - Astronomy researcher: UFOs not rare but regular


6-29-2008 - Millions See Ufo Over City

6-29-2008 - Other UFO sightings:

6-29-2008 -A high-profile UFO search comes to Wise County

6-28-2008 -Preparing For The Upcoming UFO/ET Disclosure Crisis

6-28-2008 - Is Jimmy Carter a UFO Abductee?

6-28-2008 -The world's best ever UFO vids

6-28-2008 -UFO expert comments on mysterious objects seen over Hastings


-27-2008 -
Have you seen a UFO in Lancashire?

6-27-2008 - The baffling phenomenon of UFO sightings over Britain

-27-2008 -
'UFO' spotted in Hucknall skies

6-26-2008 -UFO Sightings In Liverpool Spark Fears of Alien Invasion

6-26-2008 -Soldier claims to have seen 13 UFOs

6-26-2008 -A UFO Lands in Downtown Nanning

6-26-2008 -Reported UFO sightings in Wales

6-25-2008 - MoD may probe UFO sightings

-25-2008 -
UFO sightings spark alien invasion fears

6-25-2008 - British officials receive UFO reports

6-25-2008 - Fishos catch sight of UFO

6-25-2008 - Are aliens the latest visitors to Hastings? UFO spotted in the ...

6-25-2008 - Against The Grain: 'UFO sightings should be taken more seriously'

6-24-2008 - June 24, 1947: They Came From ... Outer Space?


6-24-2008 - Air Force News, news from Iraq - Air Force Times

6-23-2008 - Britains 11000 UFO sightings in 30 years set to go public

6-23-2008 - Debate stirs over UFO photograph

-23-2008 -
UFO sighted in the skies above Bala

6-23-2008 - UFO is spotted over Bristol

6-23-2008 - UFO enthusiasts delve into the unexplained

6-22-2008 - Did you see a UFO over Cardiff?

6-21-2008 - Pasadena Couple Capture UFO Fireballs On Video

6-21-2008 - Gary McKinnon: Hacker or UFO Hero?

6-21-2008 - Weird Los Angeles: When UFO Hysteria Hit LA

6-20-2008 - UFO sighting put small Texas town on the map

6-20-2008 - Britain’s UFOs (Uncovered Factual Objects) Sighted

6-20-2008 - Police chopper chases UFO

6-19-2008 - UFO spotted over Colne?

6-19-2008 - HEARD AROUND TOWN: Calls pour in to UFO witness

6-19-2008 - 'UFO Hunters' to feature 1994 Muskegon County incident

6-18-2008 - More evidence of UFO anomalies at ECETI Ranch Trout Lake Washington.

6-18-2008 - UFO images and video by Dennis Whitney taken at Elk Grove, USA

6-18-2008 - Event to cast light on UFOs

6-18-2008 - WOODFORD GRN: Second witness backs up UFO sighting

6-17-2008 - UFO Symposium in Chicago Area

6-17-2008 - China-made UFO takes flight


6-16-2008 - Owner of UFO hotspot ECETI Ranch, James Gilliland speaks about ...

6-16-2008 - Local Group Claims 14 UFO Sightings Near Del Rio

6-16-2008 - NASA Jumps at Patent for Plasma-Powered UFO Technology

6-16-2008 - Wanted by the Pentagon: UFO fanatic appeals

6-15-2008 - Stephenville UFO report out

6-15-2008 - UFOs: Natural, Domestic or Alien? New Science for an Old Question

6-15-2008 - The MIG 21 airplane that was allegedly hit by an UFO

6-15-2008 - In response to Malcolm Brenner' s views I just wanted to clarify a ...

6-15-2008 - Tim Russert's UFO question: A step in acclimation?

6-14-2008 - UFO is sighted over Caerwys

6-14-2008 - UFO Hunters' rekindle local controversy History Channel show ...

6-14-2008 - Strange lights over Texas

6-14-2008 - UFO mystery deepens with more sightings

6-14-2008 - Hoax or not? UFO sighting alleged in Newbury

6-14-2008 - Did Howard Hughes View a Captured UFO and It's Occupants?

6-11-2008 - National Archives releases UFO files

6-11-2008 - 'UFO Hunters' looking for eyewitnesses

6-11-2008 - Press Release Of The Day: Robbie wIllism Not At 2008 Roswell UFO ...

6-11-2008 - UFO sighting was kept secret for 20 years

6-11-2008 - UFO Collides With Fighter Jet Over Transylvania

-10-2008 -
The National Archives Sparks UFO Mania

6-10-2008 - Fighter jet hits UFO

6-10-2008 - WOODFORD GREEN: UFO seen over Woodford Green

6-10-2008 - UFO files go down a storm

6-10-2008 - On The Road To Roswell 2008: A Discussion With Donald Burleson

6-9-2008 - “Open At Both Ends:” A discussion and analysis of the ECETI Ranch ...

6-7-2008 - Alien video man Jeff Peckman asks Barack Obama to back UFO plan
Telegraph.co.uk - United Kingdom
It would also release details of UFO sightings which it judged to be credible. His plans have met widespread amusement and scepticism, but have also ...

6-7-2008 - Stanton Friedman looks at 40 years of UFO research
Daily Gleaner - Fredericton,New Brunswick,Canada
Friedman has a solid background to conduct a scientific inquiry into the UFO field. For more than 50 years, he has studied, researched, written and lectured ...

6-6-2008 - More sightings of Flintshire's 'fireball' UFO

6-6-2008 - UFO spotted rising from Buckingham Palace lake

6-6-2008 - Reports of UFO over North Wales

6-5-2008 - Further Secret UN Meetings on UFOs/Extraterrestrial

6-5-2008 - Who needs the UFO alien when our folks built the Phoenix Mars Lander?

6-5-2008 - Dad and daughter spot 'UFO' above Preston

6-5-2008 - Area UFO witnesses make 'History'

6-4-2008 - Further Secret UN Meetings on UFOs/Extraterrestrial Life are ...

6-4-2008 - MoD reveals UFO sightings details

6-4-2008 - Couple: UFO Dive-Bombed Us on Remote Highway

6-1-2008 - Denver's UFO ambassador lands a grainy video of an alien -- and ET ...
Examiner.com - USA
“I wouldn’t say I was ever skeptical about UFOs, but about a year ago, I attended a talk” which included images captured by Stan Romanek, who has his own ...

6-1-2008 - Vietnamese Government Confirms UFO Explosion (VIDEO)
Salem-News.Com - OR,USA
Here is a video from luckymauro on YouTube showing images of the UFO wreckage. It looks very similar to aircraft footage:

6-1-2008 - Man spies ‘green UFO’ over town
Shropshire Star - Telford,England,UK
Gavin Stevens, of Malinslee, said it was his second UFO sighting since last autumn. “I was sitting in my house when I glanced out of the window and saw ...

6-1-2008 - West Fife's X-Files reveal UFO sightings
Dunferline Press - Dunfermline,Fife,UK
The most comprehensive MoD reports on sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were made available to the public in mid-May, and cover sightings ...

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald - Ardrossan,North Ayrshire,UK
“I have read your article about the possible UFO sightings in your town,” said Ron. “I am the owner of a Chinese sky lantern manufacturer in Chiang Mai, ...

6-1-2008 - UFO Investigators Check Local Sightings
TheDenverChannel.com - Denver,CO,USA
UFO sightings are not unusual, especially in Colorado. The many cloud-free days provide clear skies and an opportunity for universe gazing. ...

5-30-2008 - Real video of a blinking space alien to be shown today
Jeff Peckman, who is trying to push his ballot initiative
to set up an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver
, says he’ll also reveal other evidence ...

5-30-2008 -
Alien invasion? Proposal triggers UFO alert
AP Several people alerted authorities after spotting unusual lights drifting across the sky above the sleepy Bavarian town of Plattling on Wednesday night. ...

5-30-2008 -
Romantic Marriage Proposal Sparks UFO Scare
Spiegel Online - Berlin,Germany
Concerned residents in Bavaria, called police after spotting UFOs. But the strange lights in the night sky turned out to be nothing more than a quirky ...

5-30-2008 - UFO Video: Living, Breathing Space Alien on Tape Promised in Denver
National Ledger - Apache Junction,AZ,USA
A man is promising that he will bring forward a UFO video that will show what is described as a "living, breathing space alien" on tape in Denver on Friday. ...

5-30-2008 - UFO spotted in NE skies
Northern Echo - Darlington,England,UK
BRITISH UFO researchers are to examine a photo taken of a strange object in the sky above a North-East town. Derbyshire man Barry Knaggs found the strange ...

5-30-2008 -
'Will you marry me?' triggers UFO alert in Germany
Monsters and Critics.com - USA
Straubing, Germany - An ardent proposal of marriage by a 29- year-old suitor triggered an unidentified-flying-object (UFO) alert, police in the ...

5-30-2008 - Believer of ET, UFOs, 13 Crystal Skulls and Ascension Enlightment ...
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris Sharing Extra-terrestrial UFOs are real while desiring to be normal is a challenge. Being a believer in 13 crystal skulls as ...

5-30-2008 - European Roundup
Prague Post - Czech Republic
UK After reviewing files on UFO sightings released this month by the Defence Ministry, senior lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University David Clarke concluded ...

5-30-2008 - Expert says UFO tape no fake
Rocky Mountain News - Denver,CO,USA
"There is no doubt in my mind that (Stan Romanek, a Colorado native who has reported UFO sightings) did not post-produce this material. ...

5-30-2008 -
Unidentified flying object (UFO) explodes over Phu Quoc Island
CaymanMama.com (press release) - Dallas,TX,USA
Hanoi (CaymanMama.com) — The residents of the southern Vietnamese Island reported hearing a blast / explosion. They also reported seeing an airplane falling ...

5-28-2008 - 'UFO explodes over island'
The Sun - London,UK
By STAFF REPORTER A UFO has EXPLODED in mid-air over a southern Vietnamese island, according to reports. Villagers say they heard a loud blast yesterday and ...

5-28-2008 - Vietnam reports "UFO" explosion off Cambodia coast
Reuters - USA
... but authorities could not identify whether it was a civil or military aircraft," VNA said in a report headlined "UFO explodes over Phu Quoc Island. ...

5-27-2008 - UFO sightings, loose chickens and other incidents from the ...
Barre Montpelier Times Argus - Barre,VT,USA
By Sarah Hinckley Times Argus Staff Police received a call from a person on a cell phone on Gallison Hill Road on May 11, reporting a suspicious light in ...

5-27-2008 - Inner Awareness Believing in ET’s is not in conflict with Christianity
Inquirer.net - Philippines
The declassified UFO files of the British defense department, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer news item, included a 1983 report from a ...

5-27-2008 - Britain Releases UFO Files
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
by John R Moffett Page 1 of 1 page(s) The day that UFO proponents have been waiting for has finally arrived. Britain has finally released all of its UFO ...

5-27-2008 - New sightings lead to UFO believers
expressandstar.com - Wolverhampton,England,UK
My husband saw them too, and we are sure it was a UFO. I’ve never seen anything like it and probably never will again. “We are not the sort of people to ...

5-27-2008 - British UFO Shocker! Government Officials Were Telling the Truth
New York Times - United States
Drawings of UFO sightings reported to Britain’s Defense Ministry included a rocket-powered craft and one with colored lights. By SARAH LYALL LONDON — They ...

5-27-2008 - British UFO Shocker! Government Officials Were Telling the Truth
New York Times - United States
Which is, frankly, a letdown, as is the government’s prosaic explanation of why, for decades, it has meticulously documented reports of UFO sightings. ...

5-24-2008 - Steven Spielberg's Ghost/UFO Social Network To Be Called The Rising
Washington Post - United States
More details on Steven Spielberg's upcoming ghost and UFO based social network, which we first wrote about in early March and followed up with additional ...

5-24-2008 -Some UFO sightings
Leader Post - Don Mills,ON,Canada
December 1980 -- Known as "Britain's Roswell," the Rendlesham Forest incident is one the country's most famous UFO sightings. US officers at a military base ...

5-24-2008 - MoD lifts the lid on UFO sightings
Kent Online - United Kingdom
Dating back over decades, the files lift the lid on reported UFO sightings for the first time. Among the alleged extra-terrestrial sightings are some ...

5-24-2008 -
Space: Phoenix UFO Sighting Stirs Local Residents
NewsOXY - Orlando,FL,USA

5-22-2008 - UFO group says most Texas sightings were planets, clouds
AP - May 19, 2008 5:15 PM ET FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) - A group that investigates UFO's says most of the 300 reported sightings in Texas dairy country this ...

5-22-2008 -
UFO/ET Post Disclosure Blame Game
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
This operation has involved a huge amount of widespread criminal and unlawful activity over the past sixty or more years of the UFO/ET cover up. ...

5-22-2008 -
UFO identified
Newstalk ZB - New Zealand
The so-called UFO has been auctioned on TradeMe, but the deal lapsed when the bidding stopped at $655, $95 short of the reserve price.

5-22-2008 -
Police officers' sighting in UFO reports
Strathspey Herald - Inverness,Scotland,UK
The Government have made public 5000 files from the National Archives on UFO reports across Britain made between 1979 and 1987 to dispel conspiracies of ...

5-22-2008 -
'UFO' sightings at coast
Namibian - Windhoek,Namibia
A quick glance into the history books reveals that this weekend's "UFO" sighting is not the first of its kind in Namibia. Coastal newspaper The Namib Times ...

5-22-2008 -
UFO sightings in skies above North Devon
Devon 24 - UK
The strange occurrences are all detailed in the 1978 to 1987 UFO national archives, which have been released by the Ministry of Defence following a large ...

5-21-2008 - Stephenville UFO incidents explored in detail
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
According to a May 19 Associated Press article by Angela K. Brown, an investigation of the Stephenville and Erath County, Texas, UFO sightings has concluded ...

5-20-2008 - Investigators: Most Texas UFO reports can be explained
Houston Chronicle - United States
By ANGELA K. BROWN AP FORT WORTH — Most of the 300 reported UFO sightings in Texas dairy country earlier this year were probably planets, cloud formations ...

5-20-2008 - Stephenville UFOs ... we already knew witnesses were credible
Dallas Morning News - Dallas,TX,USA
And so it goes for UFO investigations. The state chapter of the Mutual UFO Network announced at the Valley Ranch Public Library that it was not able to ...

5-20-2008 - UFO might be wood splitter - and it's yours for $750
Hawke's Bay Today - Hastings,New Zealand
Hawke's Bay Today spoke this morning to the owner of the so-called UFO, who let a top bid of $655 lapse on Saturday. The reserve was $750, which the man ...

5-20-2008 - Investigators: Most Texas UFO reports can be explained
Houston Chronicle - United States
By ANGELA K. BROWN AP FORT WORTH, Texas — Most of the 300 reported UFO sightings in Texas dairy country earlier this year were probably planets, ...

5-20-2008 -
Stephenville UFO traveling at 27 mph apparently broke no speed limits
Pegasus News - Dallas,TX,USA
By Pegasus News wire Ken Cherry, state director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for Texas, stated on Sunday (May 18) that the numerous sightings of ...

5-20-2008 -
Former Canadian Minister of Defence Paul Hellyer talks about Bill ...
Canadian National Newspaper - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Dr Jesse Marcel, medical doctor whose father in the USA military collected the significant remnants from the Roswell 1947 UFO crash, received the Stargate ...

5-20-2008 - Cops report UFO above East End, MoD X-files reveal
East London Advertiser - London,England,UK
By Gemma Collins COPS on night duty spotted a UFO in the skies over East London, it has been revealed this week. Details have emerged for the first time ...

5-20-2008 - NBC’s Dateline Airs Misleading UFO Footage
Village Voice - New York,NY,USA
In most cases, those explanations were actually pretty good, and the “UFO experts” came off as yahoos. But when I realized that they were saving for ...

5-20-2008 - Top ten UFO images on MSNBC
iTWire - Australia
But what if you actually had a "close encounter" with a UFO? You could reach out to the "Men in Black," but more likely you'd reach for your camera. ...

5-20-2008 - Stephenville-area UFO sightings still unexplained after investigation
Fort Worth Star Telegram - Fort Worth,TX,USA
By Bryon Okada and Matt Frazier VALLEY RANCH -- Despite many eyewitnesses who can be regarded as credible, investigators from the Mutual UFO Network's state ...

5-19-2008 - Lack of clear evidence stalls investigation of Erath County UFO ...
Dallas Morning News - Dallas,TX,USA
By TAWNELL D. HOBBS / The Dallas Morning News Whether a UFO visited two Central Texas towns will remain a mystery – at least for now. ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Ascension is part of the alien UFO consciousness rising. What makes me different from all the rest of my friends and family is my alien hybrid mind and ...

5-18-2008 - The truth is out there: National Archives lifts lid on UFO files
guardian.co.uk - UK
Some of the incidents are truly bizarre, but although some UFO sightings remain unexplained there is no evidence in the files for alien contact. ...

5-18-2008 - Could Rendlesham UFO mystery be solved?
Ipswich Evening Star - Ipswich,England,UK
THE secrets of the Rendlesham UFO mystery could finally be solved as Ministry of Defence files into the incident are finally opened. ...

5-18-2008 - UFO sightings unearthed for first time
Wimbledon Guardian - Cheam,England,UK
Most, recently was a report of a UFO in Cobham on December 17, 2006. Have you ever seen a UFO in Surrey? What did it look like? Comment below or call Kerry ...

5-18-2008 -Suffolk UFO 'crash' - new files released
East Anglian Daily Times - Ipswich,England,UK
SECRET Government files released for the first time have delivered a damming verdict on the famous alleged UFO sighting at a Suffolk airbase - dubbed ...

UK Express - UK
His fascination with all things extraterrestrial stems from his first UFO sighting at the age of 15, followed by two while off duty, the second of which was ...

5-16-2008 - Over 22000 view UFO stories
Derry Today - Derry,Northern Ireland,UK
By Staff reporter Regardless of whether reports of a UFO sighting in Derry are true, stories about the incident are proving immensely popular on the 'Derry ...

5-16-2008 - The Orthodox Church negates UFO-people, a Theology professor
Interfax-Religion - Moscow,Russia
Moscow, May 15, Interfax - Orthodoxy excludes a possibility of existing extraterrestrial intelligence, the famous theologian and professor of the Moscow ...

5-16-2008 - Russian Muslims and Jews admit existence of UFO-people
Interfax-Religion - Moscow,Russia
... Vyzhanov noted that the question of UFO-people existence had nothing to do with Christian dogmatics as it considered the question of saving human soul. ...

5-16-2008 - REDBRIDGE: Government 'X-Files' lift lid on UFO sightings
Epping Forest Guardian - UK
SECRET documents detailing apparent UFO sightings in Redbridge have been released by the Government for the first time. The files, unclassified by the ...

5-16-2008 -Read England's Secret UFO Documents
io9 - San Francisco,CA,USA
Britain's Ministry of Defence (MOD) has released the first batch in a series of the government's UFO files. Now available on the internet, ...

5-16-2008 - UFO acclimation now underway?
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
On the msnbc.com site, the public is asked, "Do you think you have seen a UFO? Tell us about it and you may be featured in a future episode of Dateline NBC ...

5-16-2008 - How to crack a case from the UFO files
By James Oberg The highly publicized releases of "UFO files" from France and Britain provide more puzzling tales about anomalous aerial objects over the ...

5-16-2008 - UFO sightings
Time Out New York - New York,NY,USA
By Joe Pompeo Illustration by Meg Hunt “We get more UFO reports out of New York City than any other part of the state,” says James Bouck Jr., New York State ...

5-16-2008 - UFO: an Undeniably Fading Obsession
Times Online - UK
He had visited alien bases in Cheshire and Wirral, he said, befriended a charming alien called Algar and seen a UFO shot down next to Wallasey Town Hall, ...

5-15-2008 - Secret UFO files released by UK
CNN International - USA
LONDON, England (CNN) -- Britain's Ministry of Defense has released files on UFO sightings dating back to the 1970s, including witness accounts and the ...

5-14-2008 - UFO snapper defends spaceship photo
Derry Today - Derry,Northern Ireland,UK
Websites and UFO forums all over the world have since picked up on Derry's UFO, and Michael says he will be replying to every response with details and ...

5-14-2008 - If there's something up there, we want to know
Times Online - UK
Most of the contents of the MoD's newly released UFO files are mundane and are clearly misidentifications of ordinary objects and phenomena. ...

5-14-2008 - Air controllers reported UFO: British papers
Chicago Sun-Times - United States
The incident is one of hundreds of reported sightings contained in more than 1000 pages of formerly secret UFO documents being released Wednesday by ...

5-14-2008 - UFO expert claims Foyle a portal for E.T's
Londonderry Today - Londonderry,UK
After a photograph appeared in the local press last week, apparently showing a flying saucer hovering over houses at Prehen, the President of the UFO ...

5-14-2008 - Brazilian Air Force Brigadier says secrets about UFOs and ...
Canadian National Newspaper - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
In an unprecedented exclusive interview to AJ Gevaerd, editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, one the highest ranking and most distinguished officials of the ...

5-14-2008 - Green aliens, UFOs said to visit UK-secret files
Arab Times - Kuwait
LONDON, May 14 (Reuters) - Aliens from outer space have been visiting Britain for years and UFO sightings doubled after the film Close Encounters was ...

5-14-2008 - Flying saucers, ghosts, alien abductions and hunting Nessie - all ...
Bexhill Observer - UK
By Richard Morris A UFO expert is holding a series of lectures in St Leonards with guest speakers offering up their unique insights into the strange world ...

5-14-2008 - On radio: turkeys, gaffes and Robbie Williams's quest for aliens
Telegraph.co.uk - United Kingdom
It made you understand some of the reasons Williams went to a UFO convention in a small Nevada town. It wasn't just to meet the doctor who claimed to have ...
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5-05-2008 -
Flying Character Has UFO Watchers in Mexico Buzzing
UFO watchers said the figure appeared to be wearing a cape, leading to claims that it was a witch or wizard when it was first seen in 2006. ...

5-05-2008 - A Contactee Far Ahead of the Times
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
As an OM technical team devoted to UFO/ET investigation, analysis and open public distribution of a
finished product comes into existence I am reminded of ...
5-05-2008 - 'Phoenix lights' spark variety of local UFO-related businesses
Phoenix Business Journal (subscription) - Phoenix,AZ,USA
The lights spotted in the night sky over Phoenix last month stoked the fires within UFO believers and further fueled speculation over the mysterious ...

5-05-2008 - UFO buzz puts NT into flap
Northern Territory - Australia
A "UFO flap'' is taking place and Territorians are needed to help scan the skies during a national spotting session tomorrow. The Australian UFO Research ...

'UFO sighting could be real'
Times Now.tv - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
In Mexico, the country's leading UFO expert claimed that a sensational sightings of a flying human above the skies of Mexico captured on video could be ...

5-01-2008 - Northern Territory - Australia
FIVE mine workers are convinced they saw a UFO fly over them on a remote Territory island. Mine maintenance worker Arnold Murray said a bright object ...

5-01-2008 - Wales UFO Crash
About - News & Issues - New York,NY,USA
Summary: In Llandrillo, North Wales, United Kingdom, on January 23, 1974, an extremely compelling UFO event began. Many of the residents of the village ...

5-01-2008 - Strange lights reported in the sky
Greeley Tribune - Greeley,CO,USA
He said the UFO group has been in contact with the Federal Aviation Administration to see if air traffic controllers have reported any strange activity, ...

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald - Ardrossan,North Ayrshire,UK
He doesn;t believe in UFO's and so he went outside to investigate and took some shocking footage which can be seen below. Alison Kelly was in Adams Road in ...

5-01-2008 - UFO sighting or just a prank?
ReporterHerald.com - Loveland,CO,USA
On a UFO sightings Web site, www.ufoinfo.com, she found a report that seemed eerily similar. According to the report, an unnamed air traffic controller from ...

5-01-2008 - "All UFO Secrets Must Be Disclosed"
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by AJ Gevaerd In an unprecedented exclusive interview to AJ Gevaerd, editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, one the highest ranking and most distinguished ...

5-01-2008 - "All UFO Secrets Must Be Disclosed"
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by AJ Gevaerd In an unprecedented exclusive interview to AJ Gevaerd, editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, one the highest ranking and most distinguished ...

5-01-2008 - UFO sighting or just a prank?
ReporterHerald.com - Loveland,CO,USA
On a UFO sightings Web site, www.ufoinfo.com, she found a report that seemed eerily similar. According to the report, an unnamed air traffic controller from ...

5-01-2008 - Was light shining through cloud a UFO?
Kent Online - United Kingdom
And it was odd enough for them to believe it was a UFO. Henry Smith and his friends were in Westbrook, Thanet, on Sunday when they saw the light at 8.45pm. ...

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald - Ardrossan,North Ayrshire,UK
He doesn;t believe in UFO's and so he went outside to investigate and took some shocking footage which can be seen below. Alison Kelly was in Adams Road in ...

5-01-2008 - Strange lights reported in the sky
Greeley Tribune - Greeley,CO,USA
He said the UFO group has been in contact with the Federal Aviation Administration to see if air traffic controllers have reported any strange activity, ...

5-01-2008 - Wales UFO Crash
About - News & Issues - New York,NY,USA
Summary: In Llandrillo, North Wales, United Kingdom, on January 23, 1974, an extremely compelling UFO event began. Many of the residents of the village ...

4-30-2008 - Miners 'saw UFO'
Northern Territory - Australia
FIVE mine workers are convinced they saw a UFO fly over them on a remote Territory island. Mine maintenance worker Arnold Murray said a bright object ...

4-27-2008 - Bright lights, big city: UFO reported over Baytown skies
KHOU - Houston,TX,USA
I mean, it just disappeared,” Fogt added. A recent UFO sighting in Arizona turned out to be a hoax. A man had tied road flares to a series of helium balloons.

4-27-2008 - JOHN L. SMITH: Nighthawk may vanish but Nevada desert will still ...
Las Vegas Review - Journal - Las Vegas,NV,USA
I'll argue there might not be a UFO phenomenon in Nevada without the top-secret development of the shadowy Nighthawk and other technologically advanced ...

4-27-2008 - UFO Alert: FAA Silences Air Traffic Controllers and Hoax Theory ...
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
She has extensive experience examining UFO photos for legitimacy and has been able to identify many hoaxes involving balloons, dry cleaning bags and flares. ...

Contactmusic.com - Ilkley,England,UK
... to record a radio documentary about extraterrestrials, in which the pair attend a UFO conference in Laughlin, Nevada to hear stories about alien abductions.

4-26-2008 - Are Ethical ETs Fighting and Dying For Our Freedom?
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
The UFO/ET activity over Indiana this spring confirms what I have been told. I just read an article by UFO investigator Bill Knell and I have heard that ...

4-26-2008 - Tourist snaps UFO
The Sun - London,UK
By VINCE SOODIN A FOREIGN student taking tourist snaps believes she photographed a spooky sightseeing attraction – a UFO. Teenager Anastasiya Gavrilenko ...

4-25-2008 -
Denogean: Hey, Phoenix, we've got first dibs on UFOs
Tucson Citizen - Tucson,AZ,USA
But Tucson has always laid claim to arguably the richest history in the state when it comes to UFO sightings and, umm, research. Until 1988, Tucson was home ...

4-24-2008 - No further investigation into UFO
Chetek Alert - WI, United States
On Monday, April 13, around 9:30 pm, the Barron County Dispatch received calls about a possible UFO sighting. Law enforcement officers observed strange ...

4-23-2008 - UFO sighting causes stir in Florida, Arizona
SAINT AUGUSTINE, Florida and PHOENIX, Arizona - Hundreds of people claimed to have seen a UFO near Saint Augustine, Florida last weekend. ...

4-22-2008 - UFO hunter for Clinton: 'X-Conference'
Chicago Tribune - United States
Various heavyweights in the UFO community came to the event to speak about their work and to discuss a conspiracy to cover up encounters with the third kind ...

4-22-2008 - UFO's spotted over St. Augustine
Tampa Bay's 10 - St. Petersburg,FL,USA
Brandon Puckett, a 12-year-old resident of St. Augustine Beach thinks it was pretty neat he got to see a UFO. He and his mom, Laura, saw two identical ...

4-22-2008 - Two UFO Sightings in St. Augustine in Two Weeks
First Coast News - Jacksonville,FL,USA
Monday, First Coast News learned that Saturday's sighting is the second UFO report in two weeks in the St. Augustine area. This other sighting was in St. ...

4-21-2008 - Aviation officials: Source of strange red lights unknown
Arizona Republic, AZ - 1 hour ago
The incident is similar to the "Phoenix Lights" seen on March 13, 1997. Thousands of residents reported seeing a mile-wide, v-shaped formation of lights ...

4-20-2008 -
St. Augustine Residents Say a UFO Flew Over Their Homes
First Coast News - Jacksonville,FL,USA
ST. AUGUSTINE, FL – Locals in St. Augustine are used to planes flying over head, after all they are close to an airport. But, on Saturday night, ...

4-19-2008 - Close call with UFO
New Zealand Herald - New Zealand
By Nicola Shepheard Experts are mystified by an unidentified flying object that crashed through the roof of a Hawke's Bay home. ...

4-19-2008 - Couple chronicle close encounters
Redditch Advertiser - Redditch,UK
John Hanson and his partner Dawn Holloway are working on a series of volumes dating from 1940 to 2008 which catalogue a day-by-day account of UFO activity ...

4-19-2008 - WE ARE THEY - UFO and CHEMTRAILS
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris A photo was just sent to me by Barry Gaunt of Bowling Green, Kentucky taken yesterday while we were on a phone line speaking ...

4-19-2008 - Jet Chases UFO Over Tehran
About - News & Issues - New York,NY,USA
Summary: A UFO case must have a lot of validity for it to reach the United States from Iran. But such is the case regarding a UFO and plane dogfight that ...

4-19-2008 - I'm loving aliens instead
Guardian - UK
Today he unexpectedly calls me to ask if I want to go with him to the desert in Nevada to meet UFO abductees. "I've been spending so much time at home on ...

4-17-2008 - Area UFO sighting under investigation
Chetek Alert - WI, United States
... Barron County Sheriff Tom Richie, the dispatch center received numerous calls from individuals at approximately 10 pm Monday reporting a possible UFO. ...

4-17-2008 - What2Watch: Showbiz Kids On The Real World? Say It Ain't So!
Film.com - Seattle,WA,USA
UFO Hunters (History, 10 PM): The team interviews a former military pilot in Peru who claims he tried following a UFO in 1980.

4-17-2008 - Mysterious UFO invades lounge
The Dominion Post - Wellington,New Zealand
Mystery today surrounded an unidentified flying object that smashed through the roof of a Hawke's Bay house, landing on the lounge floor yesterday. ...

4-16-2008 - Saginaw, Michigan, man discovers UFOs do exist; and he's got on film
MLive.com - MI,USA
Mook first thought the UFO was a smudge in the lens or a defect in the camera. He changed his mind when he noticed video footage he took at the same time of ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
UFO-AT STEPHENVILLE, TX.-RE-CAP WHAT IS IT..? This is an update on the event of a UFO that happened at Stephenville, Texas on or about January 8th, 2008. ...

4-16-2008 - UFO Crash in North Texas
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Mark Murphy and Noe Torres When dozens of people in Erath County, Texas spotted a half mile-long UFO in the skies above them in January 2008, ...

4-16-2008 - Divers search for UFO
KOAA - Pueblo,CO,USA
Over the winter, this farm pond south of Knoxville was the site of a UFO, an unidentified falling object, that appeared to have made a giant hole in the ice ...

4-15-2008 - I saw another “UFO”, maybe two
Earth & Sky - Austin,TX,USA
I saw another UFO Saturday night. Once again in the car headed west, I spied a bright starlike object in the reddish post-sunset sky, low to the mountains. ...

4-15-2008 - Argentina: UFO Wasn't Photographed
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
Yet there it was, out of focus and in the distance: an unidentified flying object (UFO). The event occurred on April 6, 2008 at Quebrada del Condor in ...

4-15-2008 - UFO mystery in the sky at night
Edinburgh Evening News - Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
It could have been a genuine UFO sighting." An Edinburgh Airport spokesman said a recent switch to another runway had led to an increasing number of planes ...

4-14-2008 - Air Force Sitting Tight-Lipped
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
By ET ) After the Stephenville UFO sighting and Ricky Sorrells's sighting became public, I called Karl Lewis who is the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) for the ...

4-14-2008 - EUREKA SPRINGS : UFO watchers find fewer saucers
Arkansas Democrat Gazette - AR,USA
Another of the lectures focused on recent UFO sightings in Texas that gained international attention. Video of scattered lights in the sky above a rural ...

4-14-2008 - UFO sighting over Gran Canaria
Fortnightly Tenerife News - Tenerife,Spain
The woman, who preferred not to be named, said the UFO hovered stationary for some time over the El Águila barranco in San Bartolomé de Tirajana. ...

4-14-2008 - Penza hermits have taken UFO in the night sky for their leader's soul
Interfax-Religion - Moscow,Russia
Moscow, April 14, Interfax - Cultists took an unidentified flashing object recently observed in the night sky above their cave in the Penza region for the ...

4-13-2008 - UFO: what the nurse saw
Denbighshire Free Press - Denbigh,Wales,UK
By Natalie Jones THE nurse who witnessed the UFO crash near Bala 34 years ago has spoken exclusively about her experience. Last week the Free Press revealed ...

4-13-2008 - Future unclear for proposed UFO theme park in Roswell
San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
AP ALBUQUERQUE, NM - For now, plans for a proposed UFO-themed amusement park in Roswell have been sucked into a black hole. The project is going nowhere ...

4-12-2008 - UFO 'gave me the heebie-jeebies'
Fenland Today - Wisbech,England,UK
A RING'S End man has described how a strange light in the sky gave him the 'heebie-jeebies' on Thursday night. Andrew Warren and his son, Stephen Whitrod, ...

4-12-2008 - Some mysteries never die or even fade away
The Post-Standard - Syracuse.com - Syracuse,NY,USA
First, the UFO subject: Although strange objects in the sky have been reported throughout history, a spate of sightings occurred especially in the mid-1950s ...

4-12-2008 - UFO Video From Moultrie Georgia
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
I thought readers of the American Chronicle might be interested in a UFO case that I have been involved in for years. We recently got some fairly good video ...

4-12-2008 - Robbie Williams to present alien documentary
Thaindian.com - Bangkok,Bangkok,Thailand
It was earlier this year that the duo recorded the documentary near Robbie’s home in Los Angeles and at a UFO conference in Nevada . ...

4-10-2008 - UFOs over Dakota County?
Coon Rapids ECM Publishers - Coon Rapids,MN,USA
As a field investigator with the Mutual UFO Network, Bill McNeff has collected data at the scenes of more than 50 UFO sightings. ...

4-10-2008 - In all modes of play:
WorthPlaying.com - Oakland,CA,USA
Fix for camera not focusing on UFO attack after focusing on Fire (However, it is still possible for the camera to be below the UFO if the UFO is very high ...

4-10-2008 - Are We Covertly Being Colonized By Aliens?
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
I believe the stakes are very high for all of humanity that we collectively understand our situation relative to UFO/ET reality. ...

4-10-2008 - Future unclear for proposed UFO theme park in Roswell
AP - April 9, 2008 3:55 PM ET ALBUQUERQUE (AP) - Plans for a proposed UFO-themed amusement park in Roswell are stalled now that state officials have ...

4-10-2008 - UFO story on CNN's 2007 'News to Me' contest
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
CNN's News to Me program has selected Web Scout's UFO Hoax story as one of its favorites stories of the last year, to be included in its one-year ...

UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Philip Mantle The UFO subject made its way into popular culture many years ago. It has been used extensively in advertising, movies and of course music. ...

4-09-2008 -UFO Spotted above Alice
The woman believes it was a UFO, so she called Three News to investigate it. We have received several calls about UFO's ever since we aired a special report ...

4-07-2008 -Article Says Disclosure of ET/UFO Cover-up Has Already Taken Place ...
Emailwire - USA
COM, April 06, 2008 ) Mountain Lakes, NJ – An article on the home page of SuperLife (superlife.ws) proclaims, “Over 400 Insiders Join to Expose ET/UFO ...

4-06-2008 -Canadian Members of Parliament Receive Award Winning UFO Film ...
PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
Exopolitics Toronto, one of Canada's leading UFO research organizations, has taken dramatic and substantive political action to end the UFO cover-up. ...

4-06-2008 -The UN Plan for UFO Disclosure and the International Year of Astronomy
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
Whether this was purposeful or just a coincidence, it lines up perfectly with their alleged plan to encourage disclosure of information about the UFO ...

4-06-2008 -Missile site gets new mission as UFO Central
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) - Minneapolis,MN,USA
The National UFO Reporting Center, a one-man operation, moved into the decommissioned site two years ago. By TOMAS ALEX TIZON, Los Angeles Times 'That door ...

4-05-2008 -Increased Sightings Spark UFO and Paranormal Conference in Kansas City
PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
The conference is the first of its type to be held in the area, and was sparked by the recent flurry of UFO activity in the US and increased reports of ...

4-05-2008 - UFO Sighting Salem Oregon - Travelers From Beyond
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
By JD Adams Our UFO sighting was in 1988, but it was years before we told anybody. Amongst ourselves it was rarely mentioned, as if we didn't want to ...

American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
About the UFO- at Stephenville, TX. Each time the photo has basically had some aspects about it re-enhanced. Now we present even greater tangible new

4-05-2008 - Study: UFOs Have Been Visiting Earth for Years
Javno.hr - Zagreb,Croatia
From Alaska to Arizona, Florida, and all around the world, there have been cases and testimonies of people who witnessed the arrival of UFOs. ...

UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
This aspect of the observation of a UFO by several peace officers and dozens of citizens was reported
March 30 on StephenvilleLights.com by journalist and ...
4-04-2008 - Uncover the Cover-up as Roswell, New Mexico Celebrates Famed 1947 ...
PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA
ROSWELL, NM, April 3, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Uncover the mystery and help discover the truth at The Amazing Roswell UFO Festival. The City of Roswell invites ...

4-04-2008 - The great UFO cover up
Denbighshire Free Press - Denbigh,Wales,UK
Hundreds of documented sightings of UFOs across the UK will be released by the MoD to the National
Archive in the coming weeks. To read the full story see ...
4-04-2008 - Old fallacies are hard to break
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota,FL,USA
In 1969, one of journalism’s leading lights, New York Times science editor Walter Sullivan, wrote an introduction to a UFO study that came to be known as ...

4-04-2008 - UFO sighting 'no hoax,' experts say
Southtown Star - Chicago,IL,USA
But Sam Maranto, state director for the Illinois Mutual UFO Network, doesn't put much credence into those theories. "We're pretty well convinced that they ...

4-03-2008 - Further Observations on the Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO Report
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
By Dave Morton I'm forwarding this post to you since it evidently didn't make it into UFO Updates. I also sent it to Mr. Hilkevitch at the Chicago Tribune. ...

4-03-2008 - There WILL be an 'upcoming unambiguous appearance of UFOs over US ...
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Stephen Yulish PhD It may shock some of you to hear me say this but I am not surprised that Dr. Michael Salla spoke of a secret UFO working group at the ...

UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Philip Mantle Project SIGNAL FOUND is collaboration between Philip Mantle and the former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research ...

4-02-2008 -
UFOs: Is the truth out there?
The Sun - London,UK
By CHRIS DEARY The Sun's April Fool's gag about a UFO sighting in Wales may have turned out to be a spoof, but that hasn't deterred MY Sun's army of little ...

4-02-2008 - NASA says thousands could lose jobs after shuttle program ends
The Canadian Press - MIAMI
NASA is moving toward the Constellation Program, which is developing the vehicle and rockets to go to the moon and later to Mars. ...

4-01-2008 - CGI Artist Did Not Create UFO Pics -- Who Did?
io9 - San Francisco,CA,USA
On Friday, I posted about a series of mysterious UFO pictures that have been circulating on the internet, suggesting they were part of a viral marketing ...

4-01-2008 - UFO causes power cuts in US: Report
NDTV.com - New Delhi,India
Reports coming in say that the power outage occurred seconds after an unidentified flying object (UFO) was seen hovering in the sky. ...

4-01-2008 - The limits of Those Who Know
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota,FL,USA
Sadly, given more than 50 years of UFO data accumulating in government files and dribbling out through Freedom of Information Act declassification, ...

UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Steve Hammons The alleged manual is titled "SOM1-01 Special Operations Manual: Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal. ...

3-31-2008 - We are not alone: UFOs, aliens no strangers to Grand Valley
Grand Junction Sentinel - Grand Junction,CO,USA
They’re part of the cultural lexicon: UFOs. But the skies above western Colorado and the Grand Valley
might be a little different, unusual, even. ...
3-31-2008 - Adak Island, Alaska UFO Hovers (Letter, Envelope, Audio Interview)
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Brian Vike Director of *HBCC UFO Research* had a nice telephone conversation with an ex-serviceman by the name of Art. Art was stationed on Adak Island ...

3-31-2008 - Texas officer tracked Stephenville UFO's speed with police radar gun
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
This element of the observation of a UFO by several peace officers and dozens of citizens was reported March 30 on StephenvilleLights.com by journalist and ...

3-30-2008 - Old nuclear-missile silo now houses UFO research center
Seattle Times - United States
Davenport, longtime director of the National UFO Reporting Center, a nonprofit clearinghouse and 24-hour hotline for UFO sightings, bought it for $100000 ...

3-30-2008 - 'A real phenomenon'
Southtown Star - Chicago,IL,USA
If you didn't experience the alleged mass UFO sightings above Tinley Park on Aug. 21 and Oct. 31, 2004, the video captured by Crestwood resident TJ Japcon ...

UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
UFO sightings and Bigfoot encounters were also common place. I had crystal clear close up pictures that a friend of mine had given to me of a metallic UFO ...

3-29-2008 - Mysterious New UFO Pics Probably from X-Files
io9 - San Francisco,CA,USA
A set of photographs depicting a beautiful, steampunk-looking UFO hovering over a small Northern California town are most likely from an X-Files viral ...

3-29-2008 - UFO/ET Cover-up Favors Developed Nations
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
Thus the UFO/ET cover up seems to favor the developed countries technological innovation at the expense of the developing countries. ...

3-28-2008 - Seeking UFOs, deep underground
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
Peter Davenport runs the National UFO Reporting Center from an abandoned missile complex in Washington state. He is passionate that there is something out ...

3-27-2008 - Alien UFO Mission - Roswell
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
The two have to know how to work telepathically and even then must be chosen by the Allied high Council of the alien UFO spacecraft kept by the governments ...

3-27-2008 - Alleged UFO Pictures Cause Controversy On Net
KNBC.com - Los Angeles,CA,USA
Still photographs of alleged UFOs have been appearing on multiple Web sites across the Internet. Some UFO researchers believe the pictures show an ...

3-27-2008 - South Texas UFO Stories
Emails from viewers who saw our story on the UFO above Holly and Everhart on Saturday night, March 22. I feel silly for telling this, but I don't feel like ...

3-26-2008 - UFO's and The National Security State: Chronology of a Cover-up ...
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
By Richard Dolan What more can possibly be said about Richard Dolan's, "UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup, 1941-1973" {Keyhole ...

3-26-2008 - Diagram, description of UFO by law officers released to public
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
... readers can see Hammons' many articles on unconventional and conventional areas, including many about the Stephenville UFO sightings. ...

3-26-2008 - More People Saw UFO!
On Monday night a viewer came by the station with video of a UFO he captured on his cellphone Saturday night. He says it was in the northern part of the sky ...

3-26-2008 - Anonymous Source Revealing Secret United Nations Meeting on ...
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
by Michael Salla Page 1 of 1 page(s) Veteran UFO researcher Robert VanDerClock has confirmed that he has met with and seen the credentials of an anonymous ...

3-26-2008 - ANOTHER UFO has been spotted in Corby.
Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph - Kettering,England,UK
THIS amazing picture was taken by a friend of our resident UFO spotter Krzysztof Dreczkowski, wo was a member of a UFO club in his native homeland of Poland ...

3-26-2008 - Are we alone? Symposium to talk UFOs
Southtown Star - Chicago,IL,USA
Check out the footage during the UFO Symposium Saturday at the Tinley Park Convention Center, 18501 S. Harlem Avenue. "We're trying to get people engaged in ...

3-25-2008 - Was it a UFO above Corpus Christi skies?
Is it a UFO? It could have been anything. But then, we went back and looked at the video caputred by residents in Stephenville and look for yourself. ...

3-25-2008 - UFOs Continue to Invade CNN's Air Time
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
We were able to watch debate about 60th Anniversary of Roswell and annoucment of the exclusive press conference in National Press Club about UFO's that ...

3-25-2008 - Aztec prepares for 60th anniversary of UFO symposium Friday
Farmington Daily Times - Farmington,NM,USA
By Debra Mayeux The Daily Times AZTEC — The tall tale has it that 60 years ago this month, a UFO crashed in Hart Canyon, north of Aztec. ...

3-24-2008 - THE REAL KGB UFO FILES An interview with the former Deputy ...
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
These files contained copies of UFO reports sent to the infamous KGB. An accompanying letter was written by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee for State ...

3-24-2008 - Tulsa Conference to Highlight Changing World, Bible Predictions
Christian News Wire (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
Most who study the UFO phenomenon agree that we are in the midst of what could be the largest UFO flap in history. Many will find The Nephilim Imperatives ...

3-24-2008 - Tale of a close encounter
Winnipeg Sun - Canada
After watching it fly overhead, he ran inside and woke his family up, then exited the house just in time to see the UFO disappearing to the west of the farm ...

3-24-2008 - Private moon flights coming, NASA official says
London Free Press - Canada
By DEBORA VAN BRENK, SUN MEDIA Private flights to the moon may be available to wealthy citizens “by the end of the 2020s,” a NASA official said in London ...

3-24-2008 - Alien UFO Mission Extraterrestrial Extrasensory Extrapolation (EEE)
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
The alien beings as we know them, or those who come and go in UFOs have a mission. For now awareness will have to do. There are many who are wanting to go ...


3-23-2008 - US Navy's Admiral Fallon Linked To UFO/ET Disclosure
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
There may be more to Admiral Fallon's resignation than meets the eye if UFO investigators are correct. The leaking of a recent secret UFO UN meeting to the ...

3-23-2008 - AN ILLUSION: YES OR NO
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
I asked him if he had ever seen a UFO. Well, sure, he had replied. I have seen an unidentified flying object. He went on to describe an incident that took ...

3-23-2008 - Why is Easter so early? Blame it on the moon.
Fort Worth Star Telegram - Fort Worth,TX,USA
The date of Easter shifts each year so that it falls in the same season and phase of the moon that occurred at Christ's resurrection. ...

3-23-2008 - 'UFO' caught on camera in Sussex
The Argus.co.uk - Brighton,UK
They entitled the video 'UFO caught on my camera'. What do you make of the clip? Watch it by clicking here and you can also leave your comments. ...

3-23-2008 - UH finds water clues on Mars
Honolulu Star-Bulletin - Honolulu,HI,USA
Research by a University of Hawaii graduate student has provided new evidence that Mars once had abundant water and the potential for some sort of life. ...

3-22-2008 - Mars orbiter finds salt deposits
Whittier Daily News - Whittier,CA,USA
So far, the search for water on Mars has focused on areas where clay or sulfate minerals have formed. But the latest data from the Mars Odyssey orbiter has ...

3-21-2008 - Where the Navy Leads Will the Air Force Follow?
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
According to sources leaking information to UFO/ET researchers as to a secret UN UFO meeting recently there exists a United States Navy working group that ...

3-21-2008 - Full moon heralds early Easter
USA Today - USA
By Joe Rao, SPACE.com Skywatching Columnist Friday, March 21 brings us the first full moon of the new spring season, the vernal equinox having already ...

3-21-2008 - Lancashire and the UFOs
This Is Lancashire - Blackburn,England,UK
A UFO is any object that cannot initially be identified as an airplane, helicopter, blimp, balloon, kite, or any other object that normally flies. ...

3-20-2008 - Bonnybridge UFO claim
Falkirk Herald - Falkirk,Scotland,UK
It is the latest unexplained sighting in the village, which has become known as Scotland's 'UFO capital.' Colin Doyle, (28), from Hallglen, ...

3-20-2008 - US Air Force Drops Flares to Quell UFO Reports?
Canadian National Newspaper - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
by Ed Komarek I had intended to circulate a press release to local newspapers in the South Georgia area where UFO/ET sightings are taking place so they can ...

3-20-2008 - UFO buff explores Chandler 'crop circles'
Arizona Republic - Phoenix,AZ,USA
Polani, who moved to Chandler from San Francisco five years ago, said he has participated in California UFO expositions. He described most crop circles as ...

3-20-2008 - Prof Michio Kaku on the science behind UFOs and time travel
Telegraph.co.uk - United Kingdom
Some people claim that extraterrestrials have already visited Earth in the form of UFOs. Scientists usually dismiss the possibility of UFOs because the ...

3-20-2008 - Private Eyes on the Case After UFO Photographer
A duo of California private eyes have taken on the unusual case of a UFO photographer who mysteriously vanished into cyberspace after posting his photos on ...

3-20-2008 - Melting Snow Created Mars Gullies, Expert Says
National Geographic - Washington,DC,USA
Gullies were first discovered on Mars eight years ago, and experts have been debating since then about what created them. Despite initial theories that they ...

3-19-2008 - Detectives seek UFO answers
United Press International - USA
CAPITOLA, Calif., March 18 (UPI) -- Private investigators are searching for the origins of a photograph that allegedly depicts a UFO flying over a Capitola, ...

3-19-2008 - Strange night sightings in ‘Pan!
Amandala - Belize City,Belize
Could UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects) be visiting Belize? That’s what some residents of Belmopan and the surrounding areas are wondering after a strange ...

3-19-2008 - UFOs and what to do
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
No matter what your opinion is on the topic of UFOs - whether alien or governmental, both or neither – we agree we need more information on what's really ...

3-19-2008 - Global warming explains the harsh winter we've been having
Cheboygan Daily Tribune (subscription) - Cheboygan,MI,USA
Now, however, you rarely hear of UFO reports and look at the condition the climate is in. We have more floods and hurricanes and blizzards and tsunamis than ...

3-19-2008 - Want To See UFOs Just Follow the Jets!
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Ed Komarek I think the UFO/ET activity going on in my local area is not unrelated to recent national and international politics involving ...

3-19-2008 - UFO could be top secret plane
Grantham Today - Grantham,England,UK
Last week the Journal reported on a UFO sighting over Saskatchewan, Canada, that was eerily similar to other sightings by Allan Spick, who lives in Great ...

3-19-2008 - New images reveal 'violent upheavals' on Mars
VNUNet.com - UK
New analysis of Mars reveals that the planet has undergone a “series of global volcanic upheavals†. These violent episodes spewed lava and water onto ...

3-19-2008 - The spring equinox... and a full moon
Earth & Sky - Austin,TX,USA
Thursday, March 20th, is the day of the equinox, and one day later, this month’s full moon. On Thursday, the sun stands directly overhead at Earth’s equator ...

3-19-2008 - Earth, Mars, Moon Have Different Origin, Study Says
National Geographic - Washington,DC,USA
Until now most scientists had believed that the inner solar system bodies—Mercury, Venus, Earth, its moon, and Mars—had the same composition as primitive ...

3-19-2008 - Saturn's moon Rhea may have rings, too
HULIQ - Hickory,NC,USA
This finding is the first time rings may have been found around a moon. Their results are reported in the journal ‘Science’. A broad debris disk and at ...

Lincolnshire Echo - Lincoln,England,UK
And other people have contacted the Echo to say they saw lights on the same night - with some wondering at first whether it was a 'UFO' from an RAF base. ...

3-18-2008 -Bury named UFO 'hot spot'
Bury Free Press - Bury St. Edmunds,England,UK
By Bury Free Press reporter Strange spheres hovering above Bury St Edmunds have helped to make Suffolk a 'hot spot' for UFOs, according to an expert on the ...

3-18-2008 - US Navy´s Admiral Fallon Linked To UFO/ET Disclosure
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
"Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to ...

3-17-2008 - At Auction, UFO Home Didn't Take Off
The Associated Press -
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) — The sale price for a Chattanooga, Tenn., house shaped like a flying saucer is nothing to phone home about. ...

3-17-2008 - County hotspot for UFO sightings
Shropshire Star - Telford,England,UK
Shropshire is one of the country’s UFO hotspots with more than 20 sightings in the county over the last 40-odd years, it was revealed today. ...

3-17-2008 - Discussion on UFOs
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
strictly dealt with the black triangle / V issue and in no way implied blanket statements regarding the other 99% of the UFO mystery. ...

3-16-2008 - Exopolitics: Heyday for Lawyers!
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
Today as UFO/ET disclosure quickens the rule of law and constitutional authority is bound to return to cover extraterrestrial reality. ...

3-16-2008 - New Mexico and Wisconsin UFO hotbeds
OnMilwaukee.com - Milwaukee,USA
Wisconsin ranks second to New Mexico in number of UFO sightings. The two states are considered hotbeds of interest for those fascinated by such phenomena, ...

3-15-2008 - The Kaolinovy Creature: Is It Alien or Human (only the Geneticists ...
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
Claiming a Police Investigator contacted her; UFO Researcher Galina Semenkova traveled about one
hundred and forty miles from Kamensk-Uralsky to investigate ...
3-15-2008 - Saturn's Moon Tethys May Once Have Had Ocean
Houston, TX (AHN) - Tethys, one of Saturn's many moons, may once have has a liquid ocean beneath its frozen surface, new research has shown. ...

3-15-2008 - Lanarkshire Is Scotland's UFO Capital
Glasgow Daily Record - Glasgow,Scotland,UK
But Britain's spookiest site for UFOs is West Yorkshire, which reported 34 unexplained incidents over the same period. The strange sightings include an ...

3-15-2008 - Aerojet, Boeing team up on rocket for missions to moon, Mars
Sacramento Bee - CA, USA
... Co. to build a launch booster rocket for NASA's Orion program, which plans to land astronauts on the moon during the next decade and then later on Mars. ...

3-14-2008 - Boffins claim cyanobacteria will grow on the Moon
VNUNet.com - UK
Scientists have discovered bacteria which they claim can grow in lunar soil, suggesting that it could be used on a future Moon base. ...

3-14-2008 - Announcing the UFO Report Database
The Open Press (press release) - USA
The UFO Reports Database goes back through the entirety of the 1970’s up to the current date. This one of a kind Database has been sorely missed and desired ...

3-14-2008 - County is 'UFO hotspot'
Halifax Evening Courier - UK
People are more likely to spot a UFO in the skies over West Yorkshire than any other region in the UK, new research suggests. There is a UFO sighting every ...

3-14-2008 - Plenty more UFO sightings to report in Luton area
Luton Today - Luton,England,UK
By Dave Burke In the varied world of local newspapers, we find that there are few things that get pe

3-14-2008 - UFO captured on tape in Pasco
MyFox Tampa Bay - Tampa,FL,USA
Many described the object -- a rotating triangle of three white lights plus a flashing red light that stayed put -- as a UFO. The Pasco County Sheriff's ...

3-13-2008 -Exopolitics: No Mercy for the Global Elite!
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
Sixty years of UFO/ET cover up have come and gone and still the brainwashed public asks: So what if aliens exist, I don’t see how it’s affecting me? ...

3-13-2008 -Are Psychological Operations (PSYOPs) Used to Influence Public ...
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
by Franklin Fields Page 1 of 1 page(s) An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) is a reported sighting of an object or light usually seen in the sky whose ...

3-13-2008 -Alien Swarms Descend On Camera-Happy Argentina
io9 - San Francisco,CA,USA
Argentina has been having a huge UFO boom, with 64 reported sightings in 2008 alone. And some of the UFO photos have become remarkably detailed, ...

3-13-2008 -Spacecraft zips over Saturn's geyser-spurting moon
Reuters India - Mumbai,India
By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A spacecraft whizzed past Saturn's moon Enceladus on Wednesday and through a huge geyser spurting from its south pole, ...

3-13-2008 - UFO sighting?
Kapuskasing Northern Times (subscription) - Ontario, Canada
Back to main page — Was it a UFO that streaked across the Northern Ontario sky on a sunny Monday afternoon? Was it a meteor? Was it debris from a US spy ...

3-13-2008 -Fazile ZAHİR
Londra Toplum Postası - London,UK
The sighting of a UFO this week has excited the Turkish media with pictures appearing in both tabloid style and more serious broadsheet papers this week. ...

3-13-2008 -Is the US Navy Pushing UFO/ET Disclosure?
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Now it appears that factions of the military may be waking up and nipping on the heels of global elites in regards to UFO/ET disclosure. ...

United Nations Secret Meeting on UFOs
About - News & Issues - New York,NY,USA
A lot has been said as of late on the apparent trend of UFO reports being treated with more respect by mainstream media. This trend seems to have begun with ...

3-11-2008 - Bad timing for MoD
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota,FL,USA
The British Ministry of Defence has just given The History Channel’s “UFO Hunters” the sort of publicity windfall that money just can’t buy. On Feb. ...

3-11-2008 - NASA probe to fly through 'geyser' from Saturn moon
Canada.com - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
A NASA spacecraft will make a daring pass through plumes of water vapour erupting from a moon of Saturn on Wednesday. The school bus-sized Cassini ...

3-11-2008 - China's recoverable moon rover expected in 2017
Xinhua - China
BEIJING, March 11 (Xinhua) -- China will have a recoverable moon rover, which will carry back lunar soil

3-10-2008 - UFO book authors to present findings
Times Record News - Wichita Falls,TX,USA
By Judith McGinnis Publishing their book “Mexico’s Roswell: The Chihuahua UFO Crash” was pretty exciting for authors Ruben Uriarte and Noe Torres. ...

3-10-2008 - March full moon and equinox set date of Easter
Earth & Sky - Austin,TX,USA
This full moon gives people in the northern hemisphere their first full moon of spring. And south of the equator, this is the first full moon of autumn. ...

3-10-2008 - Plans for 'doomsday ark' on the moon
Telegraph.co.uk - United Kingdom
By Roger Highfield, Science Editor Plans are being made for the first experiments to pave the way for a "doomsday ark" on the moon. The ark would contain ...

3-09-2008 - Did Buzz walk on the moon?
The Huntsville Times - al.com - Huntsville,AL,USA
The crew members were in town to see if Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and the rest of the men involved with the Apollo missions actually landed on the moon. ...

3-09-2008 - New podcast: Space sounds hint of Moon rings
North Texas e-News - TX,USA
By NASA NASA's Cassini spacecraft has found evidence of rings around Saturn's second largest moon, Rhea. This would be the first discovery ever of rings ...

3-09-2008 - Mankind's secrets kept in lunar ark
Times Online - UK
Plans are being drawn up for a “Doomsday ark” on the moon containing the essentials of life and civilisation, to be activated in the event of earth being ...

3-08-2008 - Robbie Williams claims he has seen UFOs three times
Showbiz Spy - Guildford,England,UK
Former ‘Take That’ star Robbie insists that the first time he saw a UFO was when he was a kid in Britain. His second sighting was above a hotel in Beverly ...

3-07-2008 - UFO group finds no answer for PEI mystery
CBC Prince Edward Island - Charlottetown,Prince Edward Island,Canada
A UFO research group in Manitoba has been unable to identify a mysterious sighting in the sky over PEI on Boxing Day. The long, smoky spiral was videotaped ...

3-06-2008 - Some Of The Things We Saw Were Literally Out Of This World
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
HBCC UFO Research received another fasinating look back in history, a letter from a gentleman who was kind enough to take the time and write up and submit ...

3-06-2008 - Secret UN meetings discussing UFOs Chaired by President of the ...
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
by Michael Salla Page 1 of 1 page(s) The names of three senior officials who attended a series of secret United Nations meetings discussing recent UFO ...

3-06-2008 - Missing Roswell Archaeologist FOUND! Second Crashed UFO with Alien ...
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
theUFOstore.com today announced the details on the long rumored Roswell Archaeologist said to have found a second Roswell UFO crash site in 1947 on the ...

3-06-2008 - Secret UFO Meeting At The United Nations
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
12/02/2008 GILLES LORANT is present at the UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK, on other business observing UN operations, unaware of the secret UFO meeting. ...

3-06-2008 - Quasi-governmental UN/UFO Body Now Needed
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
by Ed Komarek Page 1 of 1 page(s) In this article I would like to address the need for a International Quasi-governmental UN/UFO body. ...

3-05-2008 - Spielberg to launch UFO and paranormal social network?
LIVENEWS.com.au - Sydney,NSW,Australia
... or have experienced paranormal phenomena, and the network may feature multimedia content of UFO sightings, paranormal activity and user-based content. ...

3-05-2008 - Mysterious object no UFO: expert
StarPhoenix - Saskatoon,Saskatchewan,Canada
One thing's for sure when it comes to a mysterious object over the skies of Prince Edward Island: No one knows what it was -- not even the UFO experts. ...

3-05-2008 - Patrol car videotape, news media are factors in Texas UFO case
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Steve Hammons Several of these new elements are of interest for people curious about UFOs as well as Americans and journalism professionals concerned ...

3-05-2008 - Moon hides its face as hundreds watch, at OMSI
The Bee - Portland,OR,USA
As the moon turned dark red as it went into eclipse, spectators enjoyed views of Saturn, too. Although the full lunar eclipse in the early evening hours of ...

3-04-2008 - MoD release confidential UFO file
BBC News - UK
Confidential Ministry of Defence (Mod) files on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are set to be made public. Hundreds of documented sightings of UFOs ...

3-04-2008 - WOODFORD GREEN: UFO spotter claims cover-up
This is Local London - UK
A man who spotted a UFO in the skies above Woodford Green believes there is a conspiracy to cover up "something strange" about Woodford. ...

3-04-2008 - UFO 'seen hovering over village' near Wrexham
Wrexham Leader - Wrexham,Wales,UK
This is the latest in a string of UFO sightings in the Wrexham area in recent months, prompting one flying saucer enthusiast to dub the region "a UFO hot ...

3-04-2008 -Space agency sets sights on moon
ChronicleHerald.ca - Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada
By CHRIS LAMBIE Staff Reporter Canada is making plans to explore the moon, but one local expert is skeptical that the work will go ahead any time soon. ...

3-04-2008 -Moon doesn't get any younger
Press of Atlantic City - Atlantic City,NJ,USA
By FRED SCHAAF For The Press ulus, to the moon's upper right and a bright planet, Saturn, to the moon's left. This week, we don't have an eclipse. ...

3-04-2008 - PHOTO IN THE NEWS: First Mars Avalanches Seen In Action
National Geographic - Washington,DC,USA
March 3, 2008—The first-ever picture of avalanches occurring on Mars might have had scientists yodeling for joy when they found it among the latest batch of ...

3-04-2008 - The Cadillac of Mars rovers
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
The Mars Science Laboratory, or MSL, will strip away billions of years of Martian history to reveal its watery childhood. The atomic-powered craft, ...

3-03-2008 - Google pays $1 billion to advertise on the moon
Scenta.co.uk - London,England,UK
In what's being described as the most wide-scale advertising attempt ever known, Google is planing to "brand" its logo into the surface of the moon so that ...

3-03-2008 - Reports: China to Launch Second Moon Probe in 2009
Space Com - USA
By Tariq Malik China is planning to launch a second spacecraft to explore the moon even as its first lunar orbiter continues to orbit map the lunar surface, ...

3-03-2008 - NASA Releases New Footage Of The Moon
Gizmodo Australia - Sydney,NSW,Australia
NASA has just released new imaging data from the moon's south pole—the area they believe to be best suited for future landings and even colonisation. ...

3-03-2008 - Third Texas officer comes forward on UFO sightings
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Gaitan and other local citizens spoke to representatives of the local, national and international media who covered the Stephenville UFO sightings. ...

3-02-2008 - Air Force Drops Flares to Quell UFO Reports?
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
by Ed Komarek Page 1 of 1 page(s) The following is a press release that I intend to send to local newspapers in the South Georgia area where UFO/ET ...

3-02-2008 - Third Texas officer comes forward on UFO sightings
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Gaitan and other local citizens spoke to the local, national and international media who covered the Stephenville UFO sightings. By mid-February, Gaitan was ...

3-02-2008 - French Expert Publicly Emerges to Confirm Secret United Nations ...
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
A report released by a French UFO organization (Federation of European Airplane ), of which Lorant is an executive member, contained a summary of the UN ...

3-02-2008 - Unearthing the truth of UFOs
Boston Globe - United States
Mystified, the woman, whose name was not released for confidentiality reasons, went home and filed an online report with the Massachusetts Mutual UFO ...

3-02-2008 - 3 orbiters being moved into position to watch Mars mission
Xinhua - China
LOS ANGELES, March 1 (Xinhua) -- Three satellites from Earth orbiting Mars are getting moved into position to watch the mission of NASA's latest Mars lander ...

3-01-2008 - Future Site of the Moon's First Domed City
io9 - San Francisco,CA,USA
You're looking at the future site of the Earth's first permanent base on the Moon's south pole. This
picture was created this week using NASA Jet Propulsion ..
3-01-2008 - New Radar Maps of Moon
Slashdot - USA
SpaceAdmiral writes to mention that NASA has some new high-resolution radar maps of the Moon
obtained by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. ...
3-01-2008 - Kucinich's UFO Explained
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
There's an explanation for the UFO Dennis Kucinich was reported to have seen in the early 1980s. Here it is. Yapping media pundits made much fun of former ...

3-01-2008 - UFO disclosure overdue
Prince George Citizen - Prince George,British Columbia,Canada
The global movement of "disclosure" is demanding the release of the classified UFO documents and patents to allow public consumption and implementatio
n. ...

3-01-2008 - Why should people and media care about UFOs?
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Steve Hammons When we read UFO news reports or see coverage of incid
ents on TV, such as in Stephenville, Texas, some people may ask themselves,
3-01-2008 - Mars Lander program to air in prime time
Tucson Citizen - Tucson,AZ,USA
An hourlong program on the University of Arizona-led Phoenix Mars Lander mission has been selected for national prime time showing. ...

3-01-2008 - Mars Surface Too Acidic for Life To Exist
Harvard Crimson - Cambridge,MA,USA
By Kevin C. Leu NASA researchers, including one Harvard professor, have found that the surface of Mars has been too acidic to sustain life for the past four ...

2-29-2008 - Nasa craft on crash course for the Moon
VNUNet.com - UK
Nasa is planning to smash a spacecraft into the south pole of the Moon in order to discover whether there is water at the location.


2-29-2008 - WOODFORD GREEN: MOD appeals for calm after UFO sighting
Epping Forest Guardian - UK
By Daniel Binns THE Ministry of Defence has appealed for calm after a UFO was spotted over Woodford Green. Two residents have contacted the Guardian saying ...

2-29-2008 - Truth about how UFOs affect cars is out there
Driving.ca - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
June 21, 1954 -- Ridgeway, Ont.: A couple spotted a UFO while driving near Lake Erie. The UFO was metallic, shaped like a flattened sphere and the witnesses ...

2-29-2008 - Liquid water found flowing on Mars? Not yet
EurekAlert (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
Pelletier and his colleagues used topographic data derived from images of Mars from the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA's ...

2-2-92008 -
Trio of Mars orbiters to monitor Phoenix probe's landing
New Scientist (subscription) - UK
NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are now moving three Mars-orbiting spacecraft into position to watch over the landing of NASA's Phoenix probe in ...

2-29-2008 - Spacecraft at Mars Prepare to Welcome New Kid on the Block
Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Pasadena,CA,USA
Three Mars spacecraft are adjusting their orbits to be over the right place at the right time to listen to NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander as it enters the ...

2-29-2008 - Flagship Mars Mission Faces Problems
The Associated Press -
LOS ANGELES (AP) — NASA's flagship mission to land a nuclear-powered, next-generation rover on Mars is facing development problems and ballooning costs that ...

2-28-2008 - Who to believe: UFO sightings
Columbia Missourian - Columbia,MO,USA
In 1952, in an attempt to cope with the public outcry concerning hundreds of reports of UFOs, the US Air Force organized “Project Blue Book” whose primary ...

2-28-2008 - Religious Activism and UFOs
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
by Ed Komarek Page 1 of 1 page(s) Both secular and religious people have been drawn to exopolitics and the UFO/ET field in general. ...

2-28-2008 -UFO sightings reported in Texas town
Mister Info - Hong Kong,Hong Kong
With the sun's angle, it can play tricks on you." Lewis said. The Mutual UFO Network, a UFO investigative organization, plans to visit the town next weekend.

2-28-2008 - UFO mystery two decades old
Grantham Today - Grantham,England,UK
Thursday, 10am - UFO sightings reported in the Journal in recent weeks brought memories flooding back for Trevor Rickards. Trevor took this picture on the ...

2-28-2008 - UFO snapped over Thames
The Sun - London,UK
But when she looked back at the night time pictures of Tower Bridge and the London Eye, she was shocked to see a UFO. And experts are convinced it is the ...

2-27-2008 - NASA Takes Aim at Moon with Double Sledgehammer
Space.com - USA
By Jeremy Hsu Scientists are priming two spacecraft to slam into the moon's South Pole to see if the lunar double whammy reveals hidden water ice. ...

2-27-2008 - NASA to demonstrate moon rover’s vital features
NetworkWorld.com - Southborough,MA,USA
NASA will this week demonstrate its lunar robot rover equipped with a drill designed to find water and oxygen-rich soil on the moon. ...

2-27-2008 - Lone Boy Sees a Flying Saucer Cigar-Shaped UFO Over St. Paul
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Dave Morton It was February 1960, in St. Paul Minnesota, when my high school friend LB and I stopped at a local dairy store on Grand Avenue, ...

2-27-2008 - Special ops manual describes UFO, ET situation
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
This section provides details of each UFO type, based on observations and radar readings. In the section "Description of Extraterrestrial Biological ...

2-27-2008 - Freelance photographer snaps 'UFO'
PeoplePerHour.com - London,England,UK
A freelance photographer has captured an image that is simply out of this world - a UFO. Hab Rahman was driving through fog in Portsmouth when he stopped to ...

2-27-2008 - Mars mission possible before 2015
Hindu - Chennai,India
Udhagamandalam: After the Moon, it could be Mars before 2015 for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) if the ambitious space missions drawn up by ...

2-26-2008 - Science: Telescopes on the Far Side of the Moon
Washington Post - United States
Since the beginning of the space age, astromers have dreamed of put
ting telescopes and other instruments on the far side of the moon, and now with NASA .
2-26-2008 - NASA To Launch Mobile Network On The Moon
Dialaphone - London,England,UK
It’s designed to further our progress in exploring moon activity, but additionally will also allow robots and astronauts to communication with each other ...

2-26-2008 - Full Disclosure: UFOs No Longer Unidentified
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
by Luke Fortune Page 1 of 1 page(s) Texas UFOs. The Cascade Mountain range of Washington State. Mexico city. Peru. Virtually every major UFO hotspot that ...

2-26-2008 - A program by any other name ...
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota,FL,USA
After all, there’s still a chance the Sci-Fi Channel could come back and greenlight more episodes of “UFO Hunters.” One never knows. ...

2-26-2008 - Dom Armentano: UFOs and censorship
why Cato Institute dumped me
TCPalm - West Palm Beach,FL,USA
10, just one day after my article on UFO secrecy appeared in this newspaper and on this Web site (“Intelligent Extraterrestrial life: The Other Inconvenient ...

2-24-2008 - UFOs and Global Warming
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
by Ed Komarek Page 1 of 1 page(s) Environmental activists might wonder what in the world do UFOs have to do with massive global environmental degradation in ...

2-24-2008 - UFOs: Is seeing believing?
Laconia Citizen - Laconia,NH,USA
The British Ministry of Defense revealed this month that the number of reported UFO sightings there rose to 135 last year from 97 in 2006. ...

2-24-2008 - Abductees share their stories at UFO Congress
Mohave Valley News - Laughlin,NV,USA
Three decades later, telling his story during the International UFO Congress Convention, Foltz still gets goosebumps on his arms when he talks about that ...

2-24-2008 - Aztec to be part of upcoming Disney movie
Farmington Daily Times - Farmington,NM,USA
By Lindsay Whitehurst The Daily Times AZTEC — If Hollywood is like another planet, the Aztec UFO Symposium should fit in perfectly. ...

2-24-2008 - UFO Occupants Questionnaire
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
by Jannice Fadely One constant with UFO occupants is their secrecy about themselves. If anyone does know any facts about them they are not sharing them. ...

2-24-2008 - Disaster Control: Firefighters in Phoenix Train for UFO Encounters?
National Ledger - Apache Junction,AZ,USA
Everyone in the Valley of the Sun recalls the biggest UFO sighting in history and now a report from a local news station in Phoenix has revealed that local ...

2-21-2008 - The truth is in a TV appearance for UFO detective
Wakefield Express - UK
And now Det Con Gary Heseltine has shared his knowledge of all things alien by filming for a major international documentary about UFO sightings for the ...

2-21-2008 -
Automotive close encounters
Driving.ca - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
June 21, 1954 -- Ridgeway, Ont. A couple spotted a UFO while driving near Lake Erie. The UFO was metallic, shaped like a flattened sphere and the witnesses ...

2-21-2008 -
Mass Media Lapdogs and UFO/ET Reality
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA
At the height of widespread UFO activity in the early 1950s, an interesting film emerged out of the entertainment industry called The Day The Earth Stood ...

2-21-2008 -
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
Aliens have secrets, yet their UFOs are as common as automobiles on earth. People in the intelligence community do not have to inform the presidents due to

2-19-2008 - A bird? A plane? A UFO? No, that was a meteorite streaking the ...
The Oregonian - OregonLive.com - Portland,OR,USA
And no, it wasn't a UFO. Turns out it was a meteorite blazing across the sky about 5:30 am Calls started pouring into the Federal Aviation Administration ...

2-19-2008 - New Books Expose Patented UFO Technology, Exotic Propulsion Systems
Emediawire (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
New technology discovered in the patent office details amazing UFO type vehicles and exotic propulsion systems. Use of this technology will revolutionize ...

2-19-2008 -
Suspected UFO Identified As Part Of Pyrotechnic Air Show
WFtv.com - Orlando,FL,USA
A video showing a purported UFO over Tampa Bay on January 20, 2008 has been indentified. The unusual, dueling fireballs rocketing and curling through the ...

2-19-2008 - US skies were as deadly as Korea
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota,FL,USA
He also establishes a pattern between UFO sightings and routine-mission “accidents.” Feschino’s riskiest scenario occurs on Sept. 12, 1952, when sightings ...

2-10-2008 - A month later, UFO town starts to settle down
Fort Worth Star Telegram - Fort Worth,TX,USA
Since then, investigators have interviewed more than 100 witnesses and dug their way through grainy pictures and shaky video of supposed UFOs. ...

2-10-2008 - Kecksburg cashes in on UFO mystery
Monessen Valley Independent - Monessen,PA,USA
By Richard Gazarik Ronnie Struble of Kecksburg presides over a growing financial empire UFO buffs are calling the "Roswell of the East. ...

2-10-2008 - 'World's biggest' UFO convention descending on HK
South China Morning Post (subscription) - Hong Kong
The world's biggest UFO conference is set to be held in the city next year. Hong Kong alienophiles and their global brethren who believe we are not alone ...

2-10-2008 - Local reporter on Texas UFO case leaves newspaper; integrity of ...
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
By Steve Hammons The local newspaper reporter in Stephenville, Texas, who helped cover a UFO sighting case there is no longer working at the Stephenville ...

2-8-2008 - Alien Worlds Found On Earth!
2-8-2008 -  UFO sightings on the rise
2-8-2008 - UFO sightings in Britain rocket
2-8-2008 - Texas UFO witnesses threatened for talking to media?
2-8-2008 - UFO sightings soar
2-8-2008 - Flood of calls over UFO
2008 -
Air Force officials re-evaluate past UFO sightings
1-17-2008 -
Pilot Says He Can Explain Stephenville UFO Sightings

1-17-2008 -
Dozens Claim They Spotted UFO in Texas

2-19-2007 -
Police UFO sightings database
2-21-2007 -ET Cover-up; Press ...
2-17-2007 -He believes in UFOs. Do you-
2-17-2007 -The truth is out there
2-17-2007 -Guest columnist- Chicago phenomenon rekindles UFO debate
2-16-2007 -Classic Phoenix Lights Sighting in Maine
2-16-2007 -UFO Reports From HBCC UFO Research

2-16-2007 -UFOs and Space Travel
2-14-2007 -UFOs & Low 'Jet' Sounds Over Maine Cause Stir
2-9-2007 -The Reality of Recent UFO Sightings
2-8-2007 -Take Command of the UFO- Afterlight Task Force
2-7-2007 -Mystery in the sky- Supposed UFO caught on tape
2-6-2007 -Major space agencies of the world cooperating to reveal the truth ...
2-6-2007 -Roswell offers official logo for UFO fest
2-6-2007 -Crowds spooked by UFO mystery
1-9-2007 -A purported UFO sighting at O'Hare gives flight to hopes that we ...
1-7-2007 -ET tried to land at O'Hare- Not too smart
1-7-2007 -Chicago UFO- O'Hare Sighting Turns Up Curiosity, Burns Bandwidth
1-7-2007 -Scientists Say New Jersey UFO is a Meteorite
1-5-2007 -O'Hare UFO and the Phoenix Lights- The Difference May be Video
1-5-2007 -Disc-shaped UFO over Chicago’sO’Hare Airport triggers national ...
1-5-2007 -About Those Chicago UFO Sightings
1-5-2007 -UFO is really a Russian rocket
1-5-2007 -Local Watchdogs Seeking Info on O'Hare UFO Sighting
1-5-2007 -French put UFO archives online
1-5-2007 -UFO ’seen burning up in sky’
1-5-2007 -France to Release UFO Info
1-5-2007 -Film to examine UFO summoner’s claims
1-5-2007 -UFO- Unidentified Fallen Object
1-5-2007 -UFO Filmmaker Visits
1-5-2007 -ENTER THE HAGGIS "Soapbox Heroes" UFO
1-5-2007 -French to put UFO archive online
1-5-2007 -People claim seeing a UFO in Istanbul
1-5-2007 -Airline staff swear UFO 'visited' airport
1-5-2007 -UFO crash still a mystery
1-5-2007 -O’Hare UFO Controversy- Witnesses Say Yes, Feds No
1-2-2007 -Airline employees report UFO sighting at O'Hare; FAA unconvinced
1-2-2007 -
A Surprising and Entertaining Novel of the UFO Phenomenon— Told ...
1-2-2007 -UFO Cult Predicts End of the World in July 2007
(hate to put this up, but it is news)
1-2-2007 -
UFO Sighting Archive Planned for 2007
1-1-2007 - UFO Over O'Hare Airport
12-30-2006 -
Montana a UFO hotspot dating back to 1950s
12-27-2006 -‘False prophet phenomenon’
12-27-2006 -Gerald R. Ford Dead-UFO Proponent
12-27-2006 -Gerald Ford's UFO Legacy
12-27-2006 -Penrose-Hawking singularity theorems manifest esistence of higher ...
12-25-2006 -Readers should get tipsy
12-25-2006 -
No alien takers for sub-orbital offerings
12-14-2006 - Student spots UFO over Swindon
12-14-2006 - UFO ‘secrets’ could land UK hacker in Gitmo
12-13-2006 -
Mysterious object brightens night sky
12-13-2006 - Crop Circles - Makers or Fakers-
12-2-2006 -Salisbury's UFO alert for Forest
11-29-2006 - Roger Patterson Bigfoot Film Target for UFO Parody
11-28-2006 - Riddle of UFO 'invasion'
11-27-2006 - UFO seen for 45 minutes over California 
11-24-2006 -
Scientific Data Supports Theory That Mutilated Montana Cow Dropped from Sky and Bounced
11-24-2006 - Night UFO at the Pyramids
11-23-2006 - UFO Believer
11-22-2006 - UFOs Over The Canary Islands
11-21-2006 - Investigation Uncovers Spy Game Surrounding UFO Mystery
11-16-2006 - The Lost Scorpion Found-Photo Analysis
UFO Photographed during Carnival Flyby!
Paper publishes UFO footage online as it ventures into the world ...
11-10-2006 -
Flight of fancy – or a real UFO?
11-10-2006 -
UFO Ignorance

11-10-2006 -Britain Unprepared for UFO Attack
11-10-2006 - British UFO chief finds evidence credible
8-23-006-UFO lit up northern skies
8-23-006-Crop Circles Puzzle Geneseo Officials
8-23-006-‘UFO’ frenzy over mystery lights
8-21-006-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
8-17-006-Hawaii UFO looked like a wayward missile
8-17-006-Celestial sight remains a puzzle
8-17-006-Borough’s close encounter with third kind
8-14-006-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
8-12-06-Three Crop Formations Near Uffington White Horse
8-11-006-The Week's UFO Sighting Reports

8-11-006-UFO spotted over the Tree of Life
8-10-006-UFO mystery
8-9-006-Military aircraft chased UFO over Slupsk
8-9-006-Something's out there- Rutkowski
8-9-006-UFO over Bahrain
8-5-006-UFO Filmed From An Aircraft - Video
8-4-006-'UFO sightings' reported in Manawatu
8-4-006-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
8-4-006-Ministry to Investigate UFO Light Sightings
8-1-006-UFO Mockrumentary Lamns Roswpooell Weather Balloon Theory
7-26-006-Mexico UFO Photograph UndeInvestigr ation
7-26-006-First Men on Moon Saw UFOs
7-24-006-17 Crop Patterns Between July 4 - 20 in UK
7-24-006-Buzz Aldrin Says They Saw UFO On Trip To Moon
7-19-006-Patch of Saturn's Moon Resembles Earth
7-18-006-'UFO sighting' in Auckland
7-18-006-UFO Symposium Speaker Shares Family Secret 7-18-006-World's 1st 3-D crop circle in England
 7-14-2006-UFOr s OveAlaska
7-13-2006-UFO, Venus or something else-
7-13-2006-Russian Cameraman Records Flight of UFO
7-12-2006-Fresh investigation into Wilmslow UFO
7-10-2006 - Giant Ice Balls falling from the sky
7-10-06-An Alien Abductee Shares Proof That We are Not Alone
7-10-06-Cattle Mutilation and Glowing Discs in Saskatchewan, Canada
UFO caught on camera
Heflin UFO Photos Interview
7-7-06-Wheat Pictogram
UFO caught on camera
7-5-06-australian ufo wave
7-5-06UFO Craze of 1947 Inspires Muckrumentary
7-4-06HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
7-4-06-UFOs in SA aren't as rare as you think
7-3-06-UFO mystery sightings were balloons
7-3-06-2006 International UFO Symposium Comes To Denver
7-1-06-Cattle Mutilation and Glowing Discs in Saskatchewan, Canadar
6-1-06-Seen a UFO- Who you gonna call- A UFOologist!
6-30-06-UFO Video Footage From Australia - 7 Video Clips
6-30-06-UFO festival lands in Roswell
6-30-06-So Michigan police investigate UFO report
6-30-06-Theorists unmoved by UFO denial
6-30-06-Rocket Launch, UFO & Radiohead
6-30-06-UFO buffs say official denial 'alien to us'
6-29-06-Conspiracy theorists unmoved by UFO denial
6-29-06-Roswell UFO Festival Lampooned in Mockrumentary
6-28-06-Hovering UFO Said Fired On By Guards At NAS Memphis
6-23-06-Secret Flying Saucers - The Gateway to the Stars
6-23-06-Temple Productions Announces New Mock Documentary Film About an Alleged UFO Coverup
6-23-06Will Cannon AFB And UFOs Compete For Airspace
6-22-06UFO Pentagon Hacker Tells What He Found
6-14-06-Dan Ankroyd states his case on UFO's
06-Hawking says Humans must go into space          
6-13-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sighting

UFO - The Secret Government
Billy Mier video

UFO Video about Flying Saucers)
UFO Disclosure - Dr. Greer
6-10-06-Great Salt Lake UFO
6-5-06-UFaOs Over Scred Sites
6-1-06-Dan Aykroyd New Video - Worldwide UFO Footage
6-1-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
5-20-06-Music Remix- Area 51 Call
5-20-06-Skinwalker Ranch Encounter
5-20-06-UFO crashes off coast of South Africa
5-20-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings #1
5-20-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings #2
4-26-06-Mojave Desert UFO
4-16-06-UFO devotees to gather in Landers
4-16-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
4-16-06-UFO Ignorance Part I
4-16-06-UFO Ignorance Part II
4-16-06-Loring AFB UFO Incident - Ex-Military Serviceman Speaks
4-14-06-Carter UFO guru puts faith in crop circles
4-3-06-Oz Crop Circle Appears
4-3-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
3-30-06-Rash of UFO sightings cause a stir ...
3-30-06-Quebec Uystery Over FO M- Video Explained
3-30-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
3-23-06-Barry Goldwater On UFOs, ETs And Roswell
3-23-06-Russian Researchers Open UFO School
3-23-06-Extraterrestrial Biological Entities"
in TOP SECRET/MAJIC Photographs

3-21-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
3-15-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
3-15-06-UFO Performs Acrobatics Over Phoenix
3-14-06-UFO sighting really took my breath away’
3-12-06-The yellow amber lights resembling sparkling pearls ...
3-12-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
3-12-06-THE UFO THING Is Back!
3-12-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
2-27-06-Military Voices Complain About Gov't Interaction with UFO's
2-26-06-Child UFO/ET Evidence Due At UN Affiliated Conference
2-26-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
2-22-06-Military Voices Reply About Gov't Interaction With UFO's
2-22-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
2-22-06-Multiple UFO Sighting In Nuevo Leon, Mexico
2-20-06-Brazilian UFO
2-20-06- UFOs spotted in Middle Tenn.
2-17-06- Navy Operator Saw Discs Circle
2-16-06-Witness's Amazing UFO Sightings Around The World
2-14-06-UK SF4 UFO Ministry Releases Data
2-14-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
2-13-06-Are Aliens 'Droning' Earth?
2-12-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
2-12-06-UK UFO Photos Get Man Visit From MOD And Police
2-06-Is There An Underwater UFO Base Off Southern Cal Coast?
2-06-Secret NASA Videos - UFOs Everywhere, See For Yourself
2-15-06-Biggest Lightening Storm Ever Detected on Saturn
2-8-06-Do Other Worlds Exist?
2-7-06-Military Voices Reply About Government Interaction with UFOs
2-7-06-Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
2-06-(Military Voice Who Saw Roswell Photos, "Ebens," and Area 51 "Anti-Gravity."   Report upcoming)

2-7-06-Brisbane, Australia - Amazing Mega Lighting Storm & UFOs
2-6-06-Six-Hour UFO Sighting Over Milan
2-6-06-Mystery of the alien in the attic
2-3-06-Mystery UFO Taped Near Sonora, California
2-3-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
1-31-06-UFO Fleet Over Phoenix, Arizona
1-31-06-UFO Encounter Eyewitness John Tosti On Television
1-30-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
1-30-06-'UFO' at Balloon Festival
1-27-06- Navy Physicist and Geophysicist discuss UFO's and ET's
Two Decades on the UFO Beat
1-25-06-BLIZZARD in Hawaii?
1-25-06-Flying Object
1-25-06-Predictions with George Noory
1-25-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
1-21-06-UFO Flotilla Photographed Over Spain?
1-20-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
1-18-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
1-17-06-Prophetic UFO Signs Precede Hurricane Katrina
1-17-06-The 1966 Westall UFO Incident
1-14-06-Costa Rica - Daylight UFO Causes Commontion In San Jose  
1-14-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
1-14-06-Mexico - Spherical UFOs Over Mexico City
1-7-06-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
1-6-06-Art Bell's Wife, Ramona, Dies Suddenly At 47
12-28-05-At Last: The TRUTH About Crop Circles?
12-27-05-KGB's Secret UFO Files Finally Made Public
HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
12-23-05-Triangular UFO Over Mexico
12-7-05-Psychic Browne Misses Hallmarks Of Severe Abduction Case
12-7-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
12-3-05-Cannon AFB - UFOs, Burned Circles And Mutilated Cow
12-3-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
11-30-05-Confirmation US ICBM Filmed Being Destroyed By UFO
11-28-05-Canada defense minister in UFO shocker
11-25-05-Hong Kong people skeptical about UFOs
 11-23-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
11-16-05-X Files Opened: The National Security Agency's UFO Investigations Unearthed
11-16-05-UFOs Like 'Inverted Meteors' Caught On Film
11-15-05-Saucers Photographed In ET Zone, Puerto Rico
11-10-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
11-10-05-UFOs - The Truth Is In MetroWest?
11-10-05-He sees Maya link in UFOs, natural disasters
11-9-05-Internet Killed the Alien Star
11-9-05-Spain - Daylight UFO Disc Photographed Over Castellon
11-05What Aliens Know About Earth 
11-4-05Mexico - New UFO Reports
11-4-05-Valparaiso, Chile - UFO Photos
11-3-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
10-19-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
10-17-05-Guatemala UFO Photographed In 2003
10-14-05-Bolivia - Multiple UFOs Dazzle Residents In Eastern Region
10-12-05-UFO Tracking Site Uses Google Map System
10-11-05-Noisy UFO Hovers Over UK Homes For Half An Hour
9-29-05-Puerto Rico town to build UFO landing strip
9-28-05-Global Warming: Viruses Will Escape from Melting Ice
9-27-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
9-24-05-They're coming. Are we ready?
9-23-05-Does The Tulli Papyrus Describe UFOs In Ancient Egypt?
9-15-05-Astounding Daylight UFO Photos
8-29-05-Discs In The Night Sky Over Dryden
8-28-05-Phoenix Lights Back in Arizona
8-27-05-Is There A UFO Freeway Above Earth?
8-15-05-Mexico UFO Video February 2004
8-11-05-Death of a Skeptic
HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
8-9-05-Click for crop formations report.
8-8-05-Amazing ET JFK Connection
8-8-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
8-8-05-No UFO - But Two Strange Circular Imprints In The Ground
7-29-05-Cordoba, Argentina Daylight UFO Groups Videotaped
7-28-05-UFOs Dump Debris Over Mexican Town
7-27-05-Gigantic UFO Sighting In Exeter - Again
7-27-05- UFO Photographs - Eccles, Manchester UK
7-13-05-Historic UFOs DataBase
 7-12-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
7-11-05-Argentina - UFOs And Transmission Towers
7-10-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
7-2-05-Crop Patterns
6-28-05-Crop Circles in Poland
6-27-05-New MPEG - Hundreds of UFOs In Sky!
6-25-05-Massive Sighting Of UFO Fleet Over Xalapa, Mexico
6-21-05-UFO Photographed Over Cozumel (Mexico)
6-19-05-First Crop Circles In US In 200
6-15-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
6-15-05-Mutilated cow found near Paradise Hill
6-14-05-Bird Flu Found on Duck Farm in Upstate New York
6-09-05- Close Encounter With Comet Set For Independence Day
6-08-05-Amazing UFO Footage, Phoenix, AZ
6-07-05-More UFOs At The Arecibo Radio Observatory
6-06-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
6-01-05-UFO Captured On 15 Frames At Popo Volcano Webcam
5-29-05-UFOs Spotted Over Melbourne, Australia
5-25-05-Mid-Air UFO Collision
5-25-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
5-24-05-Wales UFO Encounter In Late 1800's
5-23-05-Brazil Releases Classified Data - Recognizes UFO Research
5-15-05-Mysterious Sightings in the Skies of MetroWest
5-15-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
5-13-5-Expert Says East Texas Is Hotbed For UFOs
5-10-5-UFO Sightings In China On The Rise
5-8-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
5-5-05-1/2 The Planets Outside Milky Way Could Harbor Alien Life
5-5-05-Dickinson, ND - Excellent UFO Footage
5-5-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
5-4-05-Close encounters as interest in UFOs takes hold
5-3-05-How ETs Control Abductees?
5-3-05-Scientists: Life on Mars Likely
4-30-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
4-29-05-Alien abduction accounts actually allowable
4-28-05-1,000 Cane Toads Explode to Death
4-24-05-UFO tales unite the curious
4-23-05-Dr. Burisch Elaborates On 2 Types Of ET Physiology
4-9-05-Video Shows UFO in Sky Behind St. Peter's
4-7-05-Did A Congressman Find Data Confirming The Roswell Crash?
4-3-05-Another Cattle Mutilation In Argentina
4-3-05-Recent UFO Reports From Mexico City
4-1-05-Not Even Presidents Know The Truth!
3-29-05-Inside The ABC News UFO Documentary Hoax
3-28-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
3-27-05-Kaufman County, Texas Triangular Shaped Object
3-23-05- Glow Of Alien Planets Detected For First Time
3-23-05- UFO Propulsion System - Bending Time And Space  
UFOs And ETs In India's Culture And Arts
3-20-05- Aliens take over Fort Myers museum
3-20-05-Asian Tsunami Could Strike Again
3-16-05- Daylight 'Lit Up' UFO Over Texas
3-16-05- King Tut Wasn't Murdered
3-14-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
3-13-05-Seattle Fireball, Quake, Power Outage
3-11-05-Extra-terrestrial underwater experiments near Sumatra – are they ...
3-10-05-Is a Supervolcano on the Way?
3-9-05-Black UFO Hovers Silently For 5 Hours Over OZ Town
3-8-05-186 MPH Cyclone Aims at Australia
3-7-05-Earthquake Swarm Off Oregon Coast
3-7-05-Advanced guidance systems from UFO flight patterns and navigation ...
3-4-05-We're Not Prepared for Upcoming Flu Epidemic
3-4-05-UFO Secrecy
3-3-05-Local claims UFO sighting
3-3-05-UFOlogy In Cuba
3-2-05-UFO Video
Are We Alone?
3-1-05-Computer models predict magnetic pole reversal
3-1-05-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
3-1-05-We Can Now Be Invisible
2-28-05-Gov't Disinformation Programs
2-28-05-Project Blue Book Archive.
2-27-05 -Bizarre Greenland Winter Heat Wave
2-27-05 -Budd Hopkins - 'AWhitewash...BrutalSuppression Of Evidence'
2-25-05 -UFOs Stories Get More Media Coverage
2-25-05 -Roswell Was NOT In Review Copy Of Jennings' UFO Special
2-25-05 -The Secret of Project Blue Book
2-25-05 -Aliens Changed Roswell, Even Without Proof
2-25-05 -Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs
2-23-05 -"Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs — Seeing is Believing"
2-23-05 -Is he a believer? Jennings hosts special on UFOs
2-23-05 -AZ UFOs - Lights And Fire At Palo Verde Nuke Plant
2-23-05 -The Great UFO Debate Friedman V Shostak -Part One
2-22-05 -Mystery Of Tasmanian UFO Deepens
2-22-05 -ABC puts UFOs on its radar screen
2-21-05 - Record number of UFO sightings
2-21-05 - Canadian UFO Sightings Soar, Researchers Puzzled
2-21-05 -UFO Fleet Over Chile
2-21-05 -The 2004 CANADIAN UFO SURVEY
2-18-05 -UFO - Boca Raton, Florida - Fast Moving Glowing Ball
2-17-05 -Peter Jennings Gives UFOlogists A Hand
2-17-05 -UFOs hidden under electromagnetic flux
2-17-05 -File on UFO at airbase opened
2-16-05 - NASA says LIFE ON MARS NOW
2-15-05 -
Scientists gravitate toward E.T. notions
2-15-05 -What's on Peter Jennings' radar? The truth about UFOs
2-14-05 -Invisible tiny UFO caught on chemical-imaging camera 2-14-05 -UNEXPLAINED SIGHTINGS: UFO hunters closer to the 'X files' truth
2-14-05 -Inflation-Theory & Extraterrestrial Visitation
2-11-05 -Sunspot 720 --Strongest Solar Radiation Since '89
2-10-05 -Texas Amazing Red Triangular Lights Video Taped
2-10-05 -Mystery Streak Above Hawaii
2-10-05 -Science, The UFO Phenomenon -- Seeing Is Believing
2-10-05 -Investigation probes report of UFO in sky over region
2-9-05 -Triangular UFOs Seen Over Paris
FEB 24th, 2005*** UFO Report on ABC News
2-7-05 -
This Week's Free Presentation At Rvml
2-4-05 -Declassified UFO Reports Reveal 88 Sightings Last Year
2-3-05 -Speeding UFO
2-2-05 -Tribute To A Great UFO Researcher And Investigator
2-2-05 -Threat Of 16 Ft. Rise In Sea Levels
2-1-05 -Filers - Sightings Pick Up After Holidays
2-1-05 -NASA unveils radical new Space Shuttle design
1-31-05 -UFO Over Mexico City - Video
1-31-05 -Rumor of a UFO crash in Nepal China border
1-25-05 -How UFOs Fly
1-25-05 -Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy
1-25-05 -Varginha, Brazil ET Case - More Incredible New Revelations
1-25-05 -UFO Ignorance - Part One
1-24-05 -Bush Appointee Warns About Climate Change
1-24-05 -UFO Sightings, Strange Signals Again In Indian Ocean
1-24-05 -HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings 
1-23-05 - Revealed: X-files on UFOs
1-22-05 - UK's Ministry Of Defense UFO Files Released
-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
1-20-05 -Satellite Mysteriously Quits
1-20-05 -Balls of Fire in India
1-19-05 -Mysterious Lights in the Sky
1-19-05 -Mysterious Object Seen Over East Texas
1-19-05 -Nine Quakes Strike New Zealand, Japan
1-19-05 -Night Time UFO
1-18-05 -Our World is Changing—Soon Yours Will Be Too
1-15-05 -Serious Scientists Say ET is Here
1-15-05 -Area 51 Golden Anniversary Coming In May
1-14-05 -ET Visitors: Scientists See High Likelihood
1-14-05 -Texas Glowing Object
1-13-05 -Why The Sun Seem To Be Dimming
1-13-05 -Huge Icebergs Collide
1-12-05 -UFO's over Washington, ET's on Earth - Conspiracy or Fact?
1-12-05 -UFO passes over Chinese city, explodes in the suburbs: report
1-11-05 -Argentina - UFO Over La Pampa
1-11-05 -First direct sighting of an extrasolar planet
1-11-05 -Santa Barbara UFOs
1-10-05 -Record Number of Tornadoes in 2004
1-10-05 -Gigantic Cosmic Explosion Discovered
1-10-05 -Crop Circle discussions in Pueblo
1-9-05 - Evidence of Extra-terrestrial mind control in India – like in ...
1-6-05 - Tsunami spawns conspiracy theories
1-6-05 - India may be the first country to explain to the world about  E.T.
-UFO Chasing KC 135 Tanker
-4-05-More Tsunami Tales
-2-05-Is anyone out there?
-2-05-Earthquakes, Tsunamis And Nuclear Testing
-1-05-Searing New Anne's Diary on Scientists Whose Warnings are Ignored
12-30-04-Russia Joins Iran in Fighting UFO’s
12-30-04-Filer's - Happy New Year UFO Photos
12-30-04-Vortex & UFO
12-29-04-Over a Hundred Thousand Dead...but NOT THE ANIMALS
12-28-04-Are Cosmic Rays Changing Our Weather?
12-27-04-'Great' Quake has Earth Vibrating
12-26-04-UFO Sightings over Iranian nuclear installations
Monks Remote View 2012
12-26-04-Strongest quake in forty years rocks Asia
12-26-04-Calls flood NORAD about jingling UFO
12-25-04-Asteroid Being Watched 'Very Carefully'
12-21-04-Water Clearly Visible On Mars?
12-21-04-Will We Soon Be Able to Create Life?
12-19-04-More evidence of Extra Terrestrial contacts with Indian and government and military
12-19-04-Artic lights blamed on climate change
12-16-04-Violent 2004 4th Warmest Year on Record
12-16-04-Earthquake Sinkholes
12-16-04-Filer's - UFO Reports
12-16-04-Alien boom spawns theories
12-16-04-St. Louis UFOs?
12-16-04-Illinois Object
12-17-04-Human extinction within100 years warns scientist
12-15-04-12-15-04-A Guide Into The UFO Wilderness
12-14-04-Strange booms, or Seneca Guns, being heard along coast in NC
12-14-04-Mysterious booms have shattered stillness for hundreds of years
12-14-04-Australia - UFO Over Sunraysia?
12-13-04-UFO Appears to Explode in China
12-13-04- UFO Over Pacific Ocean
12-13-04- Seismic Data: Two Huge Energy Bursts Under WTC Towers
12-13-04-UFO spotted in northwest Chinese city: report
12-10-04-Sonic Boom Perhaps
12-7-2004 -High UFO Strangeness in Australia, Canada
12-7-2004 -A Strange Streak Imaged in Australia
12-7-2004 -Filer's Files #50 - UFO Sightings And Reports
12-7-2004 -Filer's Files #49 - California UFO Wave 
12-7-2004 -Filer's Files #48 - UFO Sightings Worldwide 
12-5-2004 -Mystery lights in sky
12-5-2004 -Peculiar Phenomena," V-2 Rockets - and UFOB Retaliation?
12-5-2004 -BBC Drama Says Yellowstone Could Kill a Billion
12-5-2004 -UFO Hovers Over Darwin, Australia
12-3-2004 -Powerful UFO Case on Dreamland This Week
12-2-2004 -Are you a believer? Video might make you wonder
12-2-2004 -Mystery Tremors in US, Australia
12-2-2004 -UFOs in the UK
12-1-2004 -Himalayan UFO Story Won't Quit
12-1-2004 -UFOs In the UK
12-1-2004 -'Sonic Boom' rattles Opp
11-30-2004 -Roswell Explained
11-30-2004 -Chapala Jalisco, Mexico - Saucer Shaped Craft Photographed 
11-30-2004 -Chapala Jalisco, Mexico - Another UFO Captured On Film
11-29-2004 -The Mysterious Miracle Worker
11-29-2004 -Alien Implants
11-28-2004 -
DNA Proves Extinctions not Due to Man
11-27-2004 - UFO Photographed Over Puerto Rico
11-26-2004 -Dolphins save humans
11-25-2004 -
Close encounters with silent ultrasonic Flying Triangles in the Indian side of Himalayas?

11-22-2004 - More Mystery BOOMS in Richmond
Police interviews of the Illinoise UFO sighting
11/21/04-Top Secret Black Triangles
11/21/04-Alien Beef
Fierce Storm Whips Across Europe
11/19/04-HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings
11/19/04-Peterborough, Ontario Triangular Craft
11/19/04-Mystery Booms in US and UK
11/18/04-Tune In - The History Channel November 29, 2004 for documentary on cattle mutilations
11/17/04-Anniversary of 1st UFO Sighting

11/17/04-Air Force Looks at Teleportation
11/16/04-Dan Aykroyd, Gets Spaced Out
11/16/04-UFO Expert: Aliens May Be Preparing Us For Ultimate Encounter
11/13/04-UFO Chasing Planes
11/12/04-Mt. Ranier Earthquake Swarm

11/11/04-Chemtrails: A Fortean View
11/11/04-The UFO guy comes to Boise
Not Another UFO Flap? This Time It's Uh...Halloween
11/10/04-Grim Signs Mark Global Warming
2nd Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference
11/10/04-China in for Extreme Weather
Experts say slow-moving lights probably Venus, Jupiter
11/9/04-Another Unexplained Ice Block Crashes Through a Roof
11/8/04-Panama "UFO" Rock
11/7/04-God Particle...or God Himself?
11/5/04-Apollo 15 Image Mystery
11/5/04-Chasing aliens perfectly paranormal
11/5/04-Air Force report calls for $7.5M to study psychic teleportation
11/4/04-Is Dugway's expansion an alien concept?

11/4/04-Is Contact Under Way in India?
11/3/04-Was Wesley Clark Briefed About UFOs?
 HBCC UFO Recently Reported Sightings

11/3/04-Minority UFO Report
Quadriplegic man sends email with his mind
11/2/04-SciScoop Reader Describes UFO Encounter
UFO's Over Veracruz, Mexico
-Alien Skull Mystery Continues

Editor completes book on UFOs, mysteries
10/28/2004-Paranormal research shares haunting tales
10/27/2004-Strange Caller on Coast to Coast
Filer's Files - Ohio UFO Flap
Around Broadneck: Check out the UFOlogist's workshop
10/25/2004-Frederic, Wisconsin Continuing UFO Encounters

10/22/2004-Mount St. Helens UFO?
10/20/2004-Experts Bring Startling Evidence About UFOs to October Conference
10/20/2004-'4400' Will Make Return Voyage
10/18/2004-Cleveland UFO
10/18/2004-Black Sea slowly gives up ancient secrets
10/17/2004-American Crop Formations: 1880-2004
10/17/2004-Betty Hill Passes Away At Age 85
10/15/2004 -UFO's or Military Base
10/15/2004 -A Missed UFO Becomes Centerpiece For Evidence
10/14/2004 -
Another "Chupacacbra" Shot in Texas
10/14/2004 -Triangular Craft
10/14/2004 -Multiple Ohio UFO Sightings - Summary Update
10/14/2004 - Crop circle not a prank, group says
10/14/2004 -
Rapid Increase of Carbon Dioxide in 2003-2004
10/13/2004 -
Boy claimed UFO landed in yard
10/11/2004 - US Spies On Chat Rooms
10/11/2004 -
People Are Human-Bacteria Hybrid
10/11/2004 -
'UFO' Spotted Near Fort Wayne
10/7/2004 -
 Giant Toxic Algae Bloom 30 Miles Wide Off WA Coast
10/7/2004 -Is NRC Making Terrorist Work Easier?
10/6/2004 -A Superbug Escapes
10/5/2004 -UFOs Worldwide
10/5/2004 -Astronaut Cooper Dies at At 77
10/5/2004 -
Mexican DoD Acknowledges UFOs In Mexico
9/29/2004 -
Quake Strikes Central Calif.; No Injuries Reported
9/28/2004 -Crop circle gives off bad vibe
9/27/2004 -Earthquake Swarms At Mt. St. Helens
9/27/2004 - UFO Expert Perishes In Crash
9/27/2004 -
Laser Beamed at Plane injures DELTA pilot's eye
 9/27/2004 - Mysterious fireballs ram the Earth
9/24/2004 -
SD Tech hosts UFO lecture
9/17/2004 -
Surfin': Tracking Spacecraft Online
9/8/2004 -
Mystery BOOMS
9/8/2004 -
US Crop Circles
9/8/2004 - Hillsboro, Ohio ... Crop Circles
9/8/2004 -
Scientist: Extre9/8/2004 -  Weather Will Kill Millions
9/8/2004 -
Researchers: ET should write, not call
9/7/2004 - UFOs better cash cow than farming

9/2/2004 -
Silent Running: 'Black Triangle' Sightings on the Rise
9/2/2004 -
‘MSNBC - Flying Triangle’ sightings on the rise
9/1/2004 -
FLASH  - Mysterious signals from 1000 light years away

9/1/2004 - FLASH: At approximately 1830 hrs. (PDT) on Tuesday, August 31, 2004, the National UFO Reporting Center began receiving the first of what has proven to be many reports of a bizarre looking object, which reportedly has been seen over FL, TN, KY, PA, NY, OH, NH, VT, and Washington, D.C.. Some of the witnesses include a police officer, an astronomer (Ph.D), an experienced UFO investigator with MUFON, and several public employees.
9/1/2004 -
Cow Mutilation and Loud, Unidentified Sound
9/1/2004 -
Loud sounds from the sky
9/1/2004 - Flying Triangle Enigma
8/31/2004 -  
Earth may not be alone
August 18, 2004 -
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson Wants
More Investigation of 1947 Roswell UFO Crash.

7/5/2004 -
New UFO Sightings Worldwide
7/5/2004 -
Speed of light getting faster?
7/5/2004 -
Spaceship closes on Titan
7/5/2004 -
California Crop Circle
7/5/2004 -
Crop Circle in UTAH 
5/28/2004 -
Venus 'could support life'
5/28/2004 -
'Youngest planet' discovered
5/13/2004 - CAUTION -
the Shepard Smith interview will take 4 or 5 minutes to Download  
 FOX News Coverage of UFO Disclosure
5/12/2004 -
Mexican DoD Acknowledges UFOs
5/12/2004 -
Global Warming Movie
5/12/2004 - UFOs filmed by Mexican Government 
4/20/2004 -
CIA Warns of Future BioTerror
4/20/2004 -
Another Rosetta Stone Located
4/10/2004 -
A Hat that makes you Smarter !
4/10/2004 - Five Signs of Big Trouble here on Earth
4/09/2004 -
FBI Investigating Strange Animal Deaths in North Carolina
4/09/2004 -
Mystery Village evacuation
4/07/2004 -
Vampire bats kill 13 people in Brazil
4/07/2004 -
Life on other Planets easily detected in coming decade 
4/07/2004 -  Bird Beak Deformities Concern Scientists
4/07/2004 -
Is Another Nuclear Plant Disaster Inevitable?
4/07/2004 -
New Crop Circles in Australia
3/30/2004 -
Danger at Yellowstone
3/30/2004 -
Mysterious HUM in Indiana
3/30/2004 - 
Prime minister's plane has close encounter
3/30/2004 - Green Flash from the Sun
3/30/2004 -
Methane Discovered on Mars .... Could be Life !
3/30/2004 -
The Mystery of the Wyoming Elk Deaths
3/30/2004 -
Science on the Verge of Creating Life
3/11/2004 -
Scientist Claims Proof Of Afterlife
3/11/2004 -  "We Face Climate Disaster"
3/11/2004  - 
Mass  cattle deaths in Colorado
3/10/2004  - SENATE to study Climate Changes !  
3/10/2004 -  LIFE - Crinoid Stem found on Mars ?
  3/10/2004 -  Over 300 Elk Mysteriously Dead
3/10/2004 -   Tenet warns of al Qaeda's 'spectacular attacks'
  3/10/2004 -  The Pentagon's Secret Scream: Sonic devices
PENTAGON Climate REPORT (pdf file)
Lost Probe Maybe ? .... AND IF not WHAT ???
Gas Prices on the RISE !
Amazing Blue Band Suddenly Appears Around Jupiter!
Insurer warns of Global Warming
Downing St 'gags chief adviser on global warming'
Iraq could rewrite archaeology books
NASA Warnings ! - Global Warming
Plan your trip to Area 51
West Nile Virus - Hybrid Mosquitos

Reindeer on the Sun

Pole Reversal Underway 
Humans can Live on Mars

Blood could repair body  
Mars Pictures Start Coming In Again
We are going back to the Moon 
Deadly FLU heading our way

Stem Cells May Cure Everything

Cracks in Earth's Magnetic Shield
Solar Storm Again
Earth's Magnetic Field Weakens

The Big Sun Spots Return
The Strange Spot on Jupiter
Strange Noise on Space Station

Man has No Food or Water for Years
Christmas High Tech Buying Guide
The MIND creates its own Universe
Fish that Glow in the Dark
OB1 Live on OMNI ~ Alien Autopsy Film

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