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National Junior School is one of the premier educational institutions in the city of Bangalore. Bangalore is the capital of the state of karnataka India. Bangalore is one of the fastest developing metropolises in the Asian sub continent. This city has a population of around 6.4 million. It has been recognized as the silicon capital, since large number of computer companies both software and hardware are located here. This city is known for its greenery and the people are generally conscious of environmental issues and are very much aware of various activities connected with environmental protection. National junior School is closely associated with all the activities in the metropolis and has become forerunner in many issues particularly matters connecting protection of nature.

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NJS as is popularly called is located in the outskirts of the city of Bangalore, in a fast developing suburb. The institution is located in a spacious land with enough space for play ground and a well designed building which houses the academic activities. An open air stage faces the playground. There are regular activities for the children both indoors and out door. There are special assemblies once a month and a number of contests for speaking, writing, spelling, drawing out their artistic abilities, dancing (folk and western), music (classical, western), are held.

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The School has a population of nearly 1200 children studying from class 1 to class 12. The CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION conducts examinations for the class 10 and 12, which is the apex body of the Govt. of India. The School conducts all other examinations and the Children are evaluated on the basis of their performance both in and outside the classroom.

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Each class comprises of 30 to 35 students having a class teacher and supported by the various subject teacher and the sports master. , who will be getting guidance from two teachers.

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The institution has introduced computer education for children from the age group of 6. A full fledged computer laboratory with modern computer facilities is established and a Novell NetWare is installed. For the children in the age group like 8-10 software like LOGO, and for the age group of 10-12 Q-BASIC is introduced. For the age group of 12-16 C and C++ covering theory and practicals has been introduced. There has been very active involvement of students of all age groups.

We have a very special Montessori section for tots as young as two and a half years. It has 23 tiny tots ranging from 2 and a half years to 6 years. A specially trained Montessori teacher with her able assistants runs the section. The emphasis is on music, movement, and oral ability. The four year olds enjoy paper tearing, drawing, colorings, organized games and free play. This institution has developed not as a teaching shop, which churns out nerds! But to build the "future citizens of the world".

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We are pleased to announce that our mentor is

CMR Institute of Management Studies
( affiliated with kAll India Council of Technical Education and the University of Bangalore )

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The children put up exhibitions once a year to show their creativity within them. They come out with beautiful charts and models on various aspects of scientific development. Students display their ability in sports and other cultural activities during the Sports Day, and the Annual Day function. Both these functions attract thousands of parents and public who encourage and appreciate the talent of their children.

There are one to one interactions and the teacher-student relationship is very good. The results in various National examinations and competitions has been outstanding. The students have exceeded in all spheres of activity and have established their superiority in the city of Bangalore.



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